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Jonesboro, Arkansas to Athens, Georgia

As a Midwesterner, I love driving through the southeast. The weather is warmer, the drivers are faster and the roadside attractions are different. This one day trek seems fairly ordinary at first glance, but I can tell you that I would enjoy it. We’ll move through our route at a clip of 61.9mph, but I bet you we could go faster because slow drivers will stay in the right lane!

The weather in the southeastern US has been quite stormy over the last several days, and while that is going to continue tomorrow as we drive through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, it will be considerably less active. High pressure is going to shift further to the east, opening up the back end and the Plains for showers and storms. This means that our best threat for rain and thunderstorms will be in northern Mississippi early Iin the day, but by the time we pass Hamilton, MS, the threat for persistent, heavy storms will have been lessened. In fact, I would say that after we have passed through Atlanta, the threat for showers and storms will be virtually nonexistent. Hotter than the dickens, though.

Weather Wayback…. Summer approaches

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Arkansas, especially in the spring and summer, I think a hot, sticky, verdant land, that is as physically beautiful as it is uncomfortable. Well, for a northerner, anyways. In the middle of May, at least in Jonesboro, it wasn’t quite that sultry. It helped that a cold front, beset with a great deal of spring rains, had just swept through the region, dropping a couple of inches of rain late in the week, leaving the weekend of the 13th and 14th much more tolerable. Temperatures were in the 70s and dew points were reasonable, sitting in the low 60s. It was Accuweather that claimed the top forecast, while there was a tight cluster just behind them, way back in mid-May.
Actuals: Saturday – May 13th – High 78, Low 55
Sunday – May 14th, High 80, Low 53

Grade: A-B

Jonesboro, Arkansas to Gulfport, Mississippi

Let’s take a quick little jaunt southeast towards the Gulf Coast. Fortunately, it looks like we are safe from the specter of tropical storms for a while, at least, after a very rough stretch. Our drive will only be about 7 hours, covering 436 miles, and all of it will be on interstate, mostly through Mississippi. Memphis might slow us down, but traffic isn’t that bad in Mississippi. Maybe speed limits are lower, because out average pace will be 63.5mph.


The weather doesn’t actually get taken into consideration for our pace forecasts in the intro here, but it certainly will slow down. As Irma fades, she will rock back to the west. Rain will be falling over eastern Arkansas and northern Mississippi in a steady, uninterrupted manner. We’ll need the wipers at least until Jackson, but potentially, there may be a stray shower all the way to Hattiesburg. The nature of tropical systems is that the wet weather will dry out very quickly, so Gulfport may have some high surf, but it will be sunny and warm when reach the coast.

Jonesboro, Arkansas

A storm system has been affecting the south the last few days, but will it finally give way to the residents of Jonesboro?! Or will it be a soggy Mother’s Day weekend?

At 953pm CDT, the temperature at Jonesboro, AR was 64 degrees under overcast skies. A slow-moving low pressure system brought plenty of rain and storms to the area over the last couple of days, but as that moves off to the east overnight tonight, high pressure will be building over the region. Clouds should dissipate overnight, giving way to a sunny morning. These clear skies are expected to last throughout the Mother’s Day Weekend, with temperatures perking up a few degrees for Sunday. What a lovely weekend!

Saturday: Sunny. High 78, Low 55.
Sunday: Sunny and warmer. High 83, Low 55.

TWC: Saturday: Sunny. High 77, Low 54.
Sunday: Sunny. High 82, Low 58.

AW: Saturday: Pleasant and warmer. High 77, Low 54.
Sunday: Mostly sunny and pleasant. High 81, Low 55.

NWS: Saturday: Sunny. High 77, Low 55.
Sunday: Sunny. High 82, Low 57.

WB: Saturday: Sunny. High 76, Low 56.
Sunday: Sunny. High 80, Low 57.

WN: Saturday: Sunny. High 77, Low 55.
Sunday: Sunny. High 82, Low 57.

FIO: Saturday: Clear throughout the day. High 79, Low 56.
Sunday: Clear thoughout the day. High 84, Low 56.

Here we see some rain showers off to the south of Jonesboro, the last vestiges of the low pressure system pulling away from the area.

Gloomy day, gloomy forecast

A combination of factors led to an interesting mix of “overcast and depressing” while at the same time “not raining” in Jonesboro on Sunday and Monday. A cold front moving through the Mississippi Valley ushered in some clouds, while a developing feature along the Gulf Coast robbed that system of moisture. No rain. Then, before the wave along the coast could rise into northeastern Arkansas, the same cold front steered it into Mississippi. More clouds, no rain. The temperature spreads were very narrow, and as it turned out, the forecasts were actually pretty bad. Weathernation and Weatherbug had the same forecast, which turned out to be a winner.
Actuals: Sunday – High 60, Low 55
Monday – High 62, Low 58
Grade: C – D

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Hello, Happy Halloween! Should we see what kind of weather is out there?

At 318PM, CT, Jonesboro was reporting a temperature of 58 degrees with overcast skies and a light south wind. An elongated frontal boundary is technically just a stationary front in Atkansas, where temperatures are mostly in the mid to upper 60s, except in Mississippi and Alabama, temperatures are cooler, as they are also n Oklahoma and Kansas. This is a function of a ridge being replaced by an upper level trough with almost no cold air behind it. All of the warm air is directly under the jet.
An upper level vorticity maximum will develop along the Red River Valley, and a more organized surface feature will emerge out of the northern Gulf Coast. Rain found east of the area will depart this evening, however the Gulf low will replace it by tomorrow morning. Jonesboro will see scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow, but the shortness of the wave indicates how quickly it will; shift out of town. There may be an isolated drip of rain before sunrise, but Monday looks like a pretty decent day to begin November.
Tomorrow – Scattered showers, High 67, Low 58
Monday – Early morning sprinkles, but oterwise brighter and warmer. Hugh 71, Low 57

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy, High 66, Low 54
Monday – AM Clouds/PM Sun, High 71, Low 52

AW: Tomorrow – Patchy morning fog; variable cloudiness with a shower in places High 68, Low 55
Monday – Pleasant with partial sunshine High 71, Low 53

NWS: Tomorrow – A 40 percent chance of showers, mainly before 8am. Mostly cloudy, High 65, Low 54
Monday – A 30 percent chance of showers before 8am. Partly sunny High 70, Low 54

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers, High 66, Low 55
Monday – Partly sunny in the morning, High 70, Low 55

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy with Isolated Showers High 66, Low 55
Monday – Partly Cloudy High 70, Low 55

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy in the morning.High 66, Low 43
Monday – Clear throughout the day. High 70, Low 45

I hope it’s as dry in Arkansas as many have in their forecast, though I’m not optimistic. Here is a look at the satellite imagery, showing clouds shifting out of Jonesboro.

Jonesboro, Arkansas to Hartford, Connecticut

Today we trek on a 1,256-mile journey from eastern Arkansas to New England. It’ll take 3 days to cover the route, so lets see what the skies have in store for us as we push through the heart of summer!



Some lingering clouds and spotty fog are possible to start the day off as we depart Jonesboro towards the northeast, quickly experiencing northwestern TN before we cross into the Bluegrass state. High pressure controls much of the region, but with abundant low-level moisture over the area, the intense daytime heat is enought to pop off some scattered thunderstorms over the region, especially over the Appalachians. We might have to dodge one or two of these storms as we traverse I-69 and finish the day in Lexington.


High pressure persists over the region, but will be weakening throughout the day as it pushes out over the Atlantic. Before it does though, sunny skies should greet us as we head out of Lexington towards Charleston, WV, then continue up I-79 to Morgantown before taking I-68 eastwards into Hagerstown. There could be a few scattered thunderstorms over far western Maryland as we head through the Appalachians, but outside of that, it should be a fairly easy travel day as we finish in Hagerstown for the night.


This will be the shortest of the 3 legs, but road construction could slow us down some. Showers and thunderstorms are increasing over the OH/TN Valleys behind us, but thankfully, coastal areas of the Northeast and New England are still somewhat under the influence of high pressure sitting offshore. Some scattered thunderstorms are expected over the mountains once again, but once we make it past Allentown and into northern New Jersey, we should be in the clear for the rest of the trip into Hartford.


Autumn steam bath

As low pressure developed in the plains, southerly flow moved into Arkansas. Dew points climbed all the way to 70 in some locations in northeastern Arkansas. These muggy conditions didn’t slow down temperatures either. On Wednesday, it climbed all the way to 91 degrees in Jonesboro! There were a few thunderstorms in the area thanks to the moisture and the instability that it brought about, but fortunately for our forecasts, none of them actually hit Jonesboro. The top forecast belonged to Victoria Weather, as we edged out The Weather Channel because of a morning low, ironically enough.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 88, Low 57
Wednesday – HIgh 91, Low 60

Grade: B

Jonesboro, Arkansas to St. Joseph, Missouri

We’re on the road once again. Today’s trip doesn’t seem very long, but it will be over seven hours to cover the ground between our two cities. The mileage is only 442 miles, and the cause of our slowdown will be winding country roads and a pace of only 60mph. We are going to cover a lot of Missouri, so let’s see what the weather will be like in the Show Me State.


A sharp surface trough is spiraling out of the High Plains, and a cold front will be moving from Kansas into Missouri by the time we start our drive tomorrow. Expect mostly cloudy conditions in northeastern Arkansas, and likely through Springfield, Missouri, with things taking a turn towards the damp north of Bolivar. These autumn systems that are infused with a lot of cooler air, moving into a cooler environment, especially when during the morning, are generally rainy as opposed to stormy, and I would expect a rainy afternoon from Bolivar to St. Joseph, with the heaviest activity likely coming in the last hour of the drive from Kansas City to our destination.
St Joseph

Steubenville, Ohio to Jonesboro, Arkansas

We’re zipping through the Ohio Valley for this adventure, taking about a day and a half to do so. Most of the drive will be in Ohio and Kentcuky, and ALL of it will be fun. The trip covers 742.65 miles, which we will do at a pace of 62.6mph. That means that on the first day, we can expect to get almost 501 miles. Let’s see where we get to.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
As I said, a lot of our drive will take place in Ohio, and I’m not so sure we can navigate the Buckeye State before rain moves in from the north. The system brining rain south is weakening dramatically and will struggle to carry showers as far as our route. I think the best chance for a stray raindrop will be around Columbus, but it is possible as far east as Zanesville. By the time we pass Cincinnati, we’ll be in the clear, driving through some late season warmth to Nortonville in western Kentucky.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
The short 4 hours we spend driving from western Kentucky to northeastern Arkansas will by idyllic. Temperatures will be warm, scenery will be nice and the skies will be clear. Enjoy Jonesboro