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Chilly End To Weekend

The forecast for Dothan, AL panned out as expected, precip-wise anyways. Saturday was pleasantly sunny, perhaps just a couple degrees cooler than expected. Sunday morning, the light rain showers moved on in, but overcast skies behind it kept temperatures WAY below what was expected. Like 10 degrees lower. Oops. Oh well, people probably weren’t going out much Sunday anyways. VW, TWC, and AW all tied for the win, albeit not with a score we’re particularly proud of.

Saturday: High 69, Low 45.
Sunday: 0.17″ of rain. High 54, Low 46.
Forecast Grade: D

Dothan, Alabama

Today we head off to the Deep South, someplace much warmer than VW HQ. Will they see some precip in the liquid form this weekend? Or will Spring Break start off hot and sunny?

At 1053pm CST, the temperature at Dothan, AL was 56 degrees under fair skies. A bit of high pressure continues to linger over the Southeast, but a pattern change is about to happen. There’s a ill-organized area of low pressure found pushing into the Central Plains tonight and will continue to ride the base of an upper-level trough, shifting its way into the Southeast during the early morning hours on Sunday. Some rain showers will start pushing into southeastern Alabama during the early morning hours and last until the early afternoon before continuing off to the east. Late Sunday evening should clear out precip-wise, but clouds are expected to linger. So, kind of a half-and-half weekend shaping up. Enjoy Saturday!

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 72, Low 46.
Sunday: Cloudy, morning showers expected. High 64, Low 48.

TWC: Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 72, Low 45.
Sunday: Cloudy, scattered showers. High 63, Low 50.

AW: Saturday: Thickening clouds. High 71, Low 46.
Sunday: Cooler with showers around. High 63, Low 50.

NWS: Saturday: Sunny, increasing clouds late. High 71, Low 46.
Sunday: Rain likely in morning, then decreasing by evening. High 63, Low 51.

WB: Saturday: Sunny. High 71, Low 46.
Sunday: Showers expected. High 63, Low 52.

WN: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 72, Low 46.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy with rain likely. High 63, Low 51.

FIO: Saturday: Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon. High 76, Low 46.
Sunday: Light rain starting in the afternoon. High 63, Low 50.

Southeastern AL is pretty quiet today, while rain showers and some thunderstorms continue to stir over the far Western GOM. Eventually it will make its way to Dothan, but first, a nice start to the weekend!

Dothan, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee

On this college football Saturday, we’re forecasting for a drive through the heart of SEC country. Of course, the drive will be done on Sunday, so no game action will be missed. The two cities are 6 hours and 385 miles apart. That means we can expect a pace of about 62.5mph. Let’s take care of this little adventure, shall we?


We couldn’t have picked a better day for driving. A cold front moved through yesterday, and a clean, crisp, northwesterly flow followed suit. Sunny skies, light winds and a refreshing atmosphere will embody all of Alabama, as well as Tennessee. A great day for the open road.


Sunny Scores

The forecasts for Dothan had lots of sun for both days, and they panned out pretty well. However, temperatures never did make it into the 60s on Friday despite the sunny skies, which was the biggest flaw in most forecasts. Victoria Weather came out on top by virtue of the cooler Friday forecast.

Thursday: High 58, Low 34.
Friday: High 57, Low 30.
Forecast Grade: B

Dothan, Alabama

We’re moving away from the snow and cold of the Great Lakes and shifting our attention towards the Gulf Coast, where I imagine it isn’t snowing.

At 1053AM, CT, Dothan was reporting a temperature of 53 degrees with sunny skies. Upper level troughing has arrived in the Great Lakes, bringing about some very cold air, but high pressure has built in at the surface in the southeast. There was unseasonably cool air over Dothan as well, but a couple of sunny days should rectify that.
The next upper level trough will be formed as a bundle of energy over the Desert Southwest phases with a short wave moving into the northern Rockies. As this wave strengthens, so to will surface low pressure over the Plains. In southern Alabama, the response will be a southerly flow that helps to create warmer temperatures and generates a few more clouds.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 57, Low 37
Friday – Partly cloudy, High 60, Low 32

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 59, Low 39
Friday – Mostly Cloudy High 63, Low 32

AW: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 58, Low 38
Friday – Rather cloudy High 61, Low 33

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 59, Low 39
Friday – Mostly sunny, High 62, Low 33

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 60, Low 39
Friday – Partly cloudy in the morning then becoming mostly cloudy. High 62, Low 33

We are all pretty consistent on temperatures, it appears. That’s heartening. Satellite is pretty quiet as well.

Quality conditions

Dothan, ahead of a cold front slowly slugging it’s way across the southern US, enjoyed a very nice weekend. Temperatures were in the 80s, the sun was shining and aside from a little bit of haze in the morning, the days were largely unblemished. The top forecast belonged to Victoria-Weather. after a rough start to the month, we’re figuring this thing out.
Actuals: Saturday – High 82, Low 62
Sunday – High 85, Low 63

Grade: B

Dothan, Alabama to Sandusky, Ohio

Are you energized by the baseball playoffs? If not, then this is the perfect trip for you! It doesn’t pass near any site that is hosting a series! I guess it does finish fairly near Detroit. Oh well. It’s going to take two days to complete the trip, with an average speed of about 60.3mph. The day one drive will be done after 482.7 miles. Let’s head to Lake Erie!


We will leave Dothan without a problem, headed north through Alabama with sunny skies and warm temperatures. An area of low pressure moving into the Great Lakes is organizing itself, however, and a strong cold front will move into the Mississippi Valley. We will see some isolated thunderstorms on the horizon around Huntsville and north into Tennessee. As we make our way north, the front will approach, and storms will become stronger. The stretch between Nashville and Cave City, Kentucky (so named because of the nearby Mammoth Caves) will get a little dicey. Wind and isolated tornadoes will be the greatest threat. Get to a hotel in Cave City and stay indoors! Or, you know, get into a cave!
There will be some leftover clouds across Ohio when we eventually arrive there, but our time in Kentucky will be much sunnier and drier. It will take until we reach the Springfield and Dayton area before we have to worry about the threat for light rain mixing in with the ever increasing clouds. It will probably be dreary in Sandusky upon our arrival, but don’t expect that to last long. Cedar Point tomorrow!

Dothan, Alabama

Our weekend forecast takes us to southeastern Alabama. I know almost nothing about this part of the world.

At 1053AM, CT, Dothan was reporting a temperature of 80 degrees with clear skies. A developing warm front through the Tennessee Valley will be the focal point for showers and storms today, and southern Alabama will avoid any of the showery activity associated with the developing disturbance.
The low will strengthen in the High Plains as a ridge builds in the Eastern US. A cold front is expected to emerge through the Mississippi Valley, but it won’t advance into Alabama through the weekend. A warm, sunny time is expected in Dothan.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 84, Low 63
Sunday – Sunny, with a bit of a breeze, High 83, Low 61

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 85, Low 64
Sunday – Partly Cloudy High 83, Low 62

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and warm High 85, Low 63
Sunday – Partly sunny and pleasant High 82, Low 62

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 85, Low 63
Sunday – Mostly sunny High 82, Low 61

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy High 86, Low 64
Sunday – Partly cloudy High 82, Low 61

Looks like a good weekend to be in Dothan. Showers and storms are setting up well off to the north, however.

Flight from Dothan, Alabama to Honolulu, Hawai’i

Yeah, this little bugger certainly can’t be a road trip, can it? Instead, we’ll be flying from Dothan to Atlanta tomorrow at 2pm, then flying to Portland, Oregon at 6 and arrive their at 10 local time. Following that, we will unfortunately be laid over in Oregon (not that Oregon is a bad place) overnight before finishing the flight to Hawaii at 9 the next morning. So let’s head out on this lengthy, three part flight. (Flight was the cheapest found on www.kayak.com)

Flying from Dothan to Atlanta will likely be pretty easy on our stomachs and our watch, as there won’t be much turbulence, even for our prop plane to Atlanta. There won’t be any limiting conditions, and wind will be calm for the duration of our brief flight.
Heading from Atlanta to Portland will be a somewhat different story. A jet is running along the eastern slope of the Rockies, which should cause a bit of turbulence, amplifying what we typically would see over the Rockies with mountain waves. Turbulence won’t be severe, but we will probably have to buckle up for the last third of the trip. Some lingering moisture will cause snow in the Cascades as we land in Portland tomorrow night, but we shouldn’t have any delays.
The last leg of the journey will be pretty harmless in it’s middle. After we get off the coast, there will be another cold front trying to work it’s way ashore, and we may have to contend with the jet slowing us down for the first hour or two, generally during the ascent on our flight out to Honolulu. There will likely be a thunderstorm or two north of the Hawaiian Islands as we make our descent, but Oahu and Honolulu itself are going to be left alone, and we should land mostly problem free. Winds to 15mph could cause a little side to side pitch on descent, but no real turbulence. After that, enjoy Honolulu!