Charlotte, North Carolina to Allentown, Pennsylvania

Charlotte and Allentown are definitely Eastern cities, but they have the good fortune of not being along the Coast. This means that our route can take I-81, which is windier, hillier and otherwise more scenic, while also avoiding the traffic of I-95. It will take a day to get from North Carolina to our destination in Pennsylvania, at a pace of 66.4mph.

Charlotte, North Carolina

There are a few clouds streaming across the Coastal Plains as low pressure churns off the coast of New England. The low will drift to Nova Scotia, while breezier and relatively cool air continues to press south. The flow will be coming up an over the Appalachians, so relative to the conditions throughout the rest of Vieginia, expect clearer skies. As we pass west of Baltimore, we will get north of the front, which will shear away the remaining threat of wet weather. Allentown will be delightful and awaits our arrival.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Charlotte, North Carolina to Florence, Alabama

On this Saturday evening, all I can think is that this drive is going to take us right through SEC country. We’ll depart from ACC territory, I suppose, as we take an 8 hour, somewhat circuitous drive to northern Alabama. We will be on the road covering 507 miles at a pace of only 64.9mph. But really, check out this route.

Charlotte, North Carolina

There is a small, tightly wound area of low pressure shuttling through the southeastern US towards the Mid-Atlantic overnight tonight. By the time we wake up to get on the road, the low will be a thing of the past, leaving only a shallow lee trough, which may aid in the development of some fog in the wee hours. After we get to the higher terrain in South Carolina, and then head through north Georgia in the daylight, we will only be concerned with traffic and the sun shining in our eyes. All in all, Saturday will be the better day to travel this weekend.

Florence, Alabama