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No Battle in Battle Creek

As expected, some light rain fell late Sunday night and lingered into Monday morning. Luckily it wasn’t a washout for Battle Creek, as amounts stayed under 0.05″ total. Weather Channel ran away with the win, as their slightly warmer forecast proved to be the difference.

Sunday: 0.02″ of rain. High 55, Low 41.
Monday: 0.02″ of rain. High 51, Low 47.
Forecast Grade: A-

Battle Creek, Michigan

As we enter Standard Time, let’s take a look at what it’ll be like in Michigan for the first couple post-DST days.

At 953pm EST, the temperature at Battle Creek, MI was 41 degrees under overcast skies. An area of low pressure shifting into the Mid-MS River Valley extends a warm front of sorts into Lower Michigan, which is bringing some light rain showers with it. These light morning showers should trail off by the late morning, with cloudy skies persisting throughout the day. As the low pressure lifts into the Upper Midwest, rain chances increase as the cold front swings through Michigan. Heavy rains aren’t expected though, as the front seems to want to dissipate as it traverses the region. Rain showers trail off early Monday morning as the system pushes off to the northeast, leading to fairly quiet daytime hours. Another quick moving low pressure system is on its heels, however, and looks to move into Lower Michigan late Monday night, bringing in some more rain showers before midnight.

Sunday: Rain chances increase throughout the day. High 51, Low 37.
Monday: Early morning showers, cloudy in afternoon, light night rain chances again. High 53, Low 44.

TWC: Sunday: Showers. High 54, Low 38.
Monday: Mostly cloudy, few showers. High 51, Low 46.

AW: Sunday: Periods of rain; windy. High 52, Low 38.
Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 52, Low 45.

NWS: Sunday: Chance of showers then rain likely. High 51, Low 34.
Monday: Rain likely then mostly cloudy. High 52, Low 44.

WB: Sunday: 80% chance of rain. High 52, Low 36.
Monday: Mostly cloudy, scattered showers. High 50, Low 47.

WN: Sunday: Cloudy with chance of light showers. High 51, Low 34.
Monday: Mostly cloudy with light rain likely. High 52, Low 44.

FIO: Sunday: Overcast throughout the day and breezy in evening, late night rain showers. High 53, Low 37.
Monday: Light rain overnight. High 49, Low 43.

Here we see the light rain showers lifting up over WI and through Lake Michigan into northern Indiana. This activity will be the start of a rather soggy next couple of days.

EmBattled in Michigan

The clouds parted a bit early Sunday morning in Battle Creek, causing temperatures to drop a few degrees lower than most anticipated. Temperatures rebounded quite nicely on Monday, and the isolated showers that were forecast by some luckily avoided the area. Accuweather lived up to its name with a solid forecast.

Sunday: High 41, Low 19.
Monday: High 58, Low 39.
Forecast Grade: B

El Paso, Texas to Battle Creek, Michigan

It’s time for a trip! It’s a 3 day trip from El Paso to Battle Creek. It will take us through a slice of the country that isn’t often traversed. That in itself makes it fun, right? It will cover 1654 miles, which puts us at a pace of 70.1mph. Holy smokes. The first day will be a little shorter than Sunday and Monday, but at that blistering pace, it will still be a long day’s journey. The first two days will have a goal of 561 miles behind us. We will be hauling.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
We’re going to start with a warm, clear day in far western Texas, but we will likely encounter some clouds on I-20 near Monahans. The dry line will be making it’s first appearance of the season, but it won’t make for much more than those clouds and a very isolated shower from Monahans to Sweetwater. As we continue to Holliday, southwest of Wichita Falls, expect things to really clear out before our stop for the night.

DAY TWO (Monday)
That dry line will hook up with a cold front emerging from the High Plains on Monday, and start touching off a few isolated showers and storms. That activity may indeed be stronger or even severe as we pass through eastern Oklahoma fairly early in the day. This activity will not be moving terribly quickly, so regardless of how many of the storms cross our path between Chickashaw and Tulsa, we will be in good shape by the time we reach Missouri. We’ll make it all the way to St. James, Missouri, just east of Rolla, before the day ends.

DAY THREE (Tuesday)
Our route will reach a directly south-north segment at very nearly the exact wrong time. The cold front will be coming into its own over Illinois, and showers and potentially thunderstorms will be increasingly more likely as the day wears on in the Land of Lincoln. Expect rain with some embedded thunderstorms from the moment we set out from St. James all the way until we turn to the east around Joliet, just outside of Chicago. That’s a most-of-the-day storm for your drive in Illinois. Fortunately, we should beat it to Chicago, and make our way around Lake Michigan to Battle Creek in incredibly balmy early March weather.

Battle Creek, Michigan

Just a day late on this. That’s not too bad, right?

At 753PM, ET, Battle Creek was reporting a temperature of 32 degrees with overcast skies. Battle Creek and the rest of Michigan found itself at the tail end of a retreating upper level trough. Encroaching warm weather in conjunction with the departing trough are leading to a broad swath of low clouds over Michigan, which will prevent much of a cool down overnight. Fortunately, the clouds are thin, and they will burn off quickly tomorrow morning.
An upper level ridge is moving into the region, and is going to bring about some unseasonably warm weather to the Lower Peninsula. A sharp, very springlike trough will develop over the northern High Plains Sunday night into Monday morning. This will induce a bona fide warm front that will bring a few showers into the Battle Creek area on Monday evening.
Tomorrow – Clearing, increasingly warm, High 39, Low 26
Monday – Increasingly cloudy, with an isolated shower, High 49, Low 35

TWC: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine in the morning with more clouds later in the day, High 43, Low 22
Monday – Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. High 59, Low 37

AW: Tomorrow – Times of clouds and sun High 42, Low 19
Monday – Partly sunny, breezy and not as cool with a shower in spots late in the afternoon High 55, Low 38

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 43, Low 23
Monday – A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, High 56, Low 38

WB: Tomorrow – Partly Sunny, High 43, Low 23
Monday – Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of light rain showers, High 56, Low 38

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 43, Low 23
Monday – Mostly Cloudy with Isolated Showers High 55, Low 37

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 43, Low 24
Monday – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 54, Low 36

A warm front! That’s terrific. For the time being, there isn’t a lot on satellite right now. There are low clouds smothering Michigan, but the tops are low enough that they aren’t really showing up on satellite.
Battle Creek

Battle Creek, Michigan to Lima, Ohio

We are making up a post today, so we will actually have another road trip later. This was to have been put together on Saturday, but was moved because of the 4th of July. It’s just a few hours between the two cities and a grand total of 161 miles, giving us an average speed of 59mph. We have another quick trip later, so lets get this shorty out of the way!

Battle Creek
For as short as this trip is, it will be pretty adventurous. A strong trough moving through the Great Lakes is forecast to arrive in Michigan and Ohio by tomorrow morning. The heaviest of the thunderstorms are universally forecast to be in northeast Indiana around the time we pass through the region, and then following us into northwest Ohio. Taking a composite of the most widely respected models, heavy rain will be possible south from Coldwater, Michigan, and the chance increases around US-6 in Indiana. The quick drive around Fort Wayne looks like it will be the best shot at severe weather, though frankly, some early afternoon severity will be possible all the way from Battle Creek to Lima.

Battle Creek, Michigan to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our trip through the Midwest will cover 829 miles over the course of a day and a half. It’s pretty much the perfect road trip, if you ask me. We will drive through the open Plains, which is good for rocking out with the windows down, see some terrain around the Ozarks and pass through some metropolises in Chicago and St. Louis. Our speed will be 64.7mph, which is fairly remarkable given the cities we are headed through, which means the first day will be done after 517 miles of travelling. There will be some nasty storms to navigate through, so lets make sure to keep our eyes on the road.

It won’t be long until we reach the cold front on our drive tomorrow. The occlusion will actually be in southwestern Michigan, which means it will be plenty warm, and precipitation will be falling as thunderstorms rage in the area. The heaviest precipitation will fall from Kalamazoo to Gary, Indiana, and there is a fair chance some of those storms will be severe with gusty winds. The heavy downpours will certainly tie up traffic through Chicago. More generalized rain will be possible after we pass through the Windy City, and will continue through Illinois and St. Louis. The rain will be much more intermittent and light by the time we arrive in Cuba, Missouri, which is southwest of the St. Louis metro, getting closer to Rolla.

A standing lee trough is developing in the southern Plains, so even though we will be post frontal at the beginning of the day, a southerly flow through some recently dampened terrain will mean overcast skies and some isolated showers through the Ozarks. I would like to promise at least one solid day of dry driving, but I’m afraid I can’t this time.

Hardly A Battle

With such a mix of precip and rising temperatures expected for Battle Creek, one would think that the forecasts would be pretty varied and tough to nail down. Well, that did prove correct… for the opposition! Victoria Weather crushed the competition by having a mention of frozen mix Tuesday morning then having a warm Wednesday forecast.

Tuesday: 0.04″ of liquid precip. Snow, Freezing rain, evening rain shower. High 43, Low 30.
Wednesday: Trace of rain in couple of evening showers. High 59, Low 41.
Forecast Grade: B

Battle Creek, Michigan

This is the first of a double forecast to start the week. Expect Anthony to post a forecast for State College, PA this evening.

At 1053AM, ET, Battle Creek was reporting clear skies and a temperature of 33 degrees. There were reports of fog and clouds around them, but with a southeasterly flow into Battle Creek, the threat for snow was nonexistent. The jet was angled south of Michigan, but there was a ripple of a trough over the Pacific Northwest. While there was an upper level trough overhead, it was the ripple that bears watching in Battle Creek and across the country.
The broader yet weaker trough caused by the jet angling south of Battle Creek was actually fostering a system off of the Carolina coast. The stronger portion of the jet, albeit with the shorter wave, will interact with the Rockies and a surface low over Montana will deepen quickly and slide into Western Nebraska. As the low gets organized, a warm push will move into Southern Michigan overnight and by tomorrow morning, there will be a wintry mix which could include freezing rain. Precipitation will turn to rain, and winds will pick up as the low moves into the Upper Midwest. With the wind will come increased precipitation and warmer temperatures as a broad, strong upper level trough structure sets up. As the trough and surface low continue overnight into the day Wednesday, rain will become lighter, triggered by a strong cold front. It will be trailed by a significant Arcitc blast that will make the period beyond the forecast period very cold in Michigan.
Tomorrow – Frozen mix early, turning to rain. Rain will be steady in the evening, High 44, Low 30
Wednesday – Rain, tapering off in the afternoon, High 53, Low 41

TWC: Tomorrow – Showers High 44, Low 31
Wednesday – Showers High 46, Low 40

AW: Tomorrow – Mainly cloudy with a shower in places High 46, Low 31
Wednesday – Rather cloudy and windy with a shower in places High 51, Low 32

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of snow showers before 8am, then a chance of sleet between 8am and 10am, then a chance of rain showers after 10am (snow and sleet early) High 46, Low 31
Wednesday – Showers likely after 1pm. Cloudy, High 51, Low 38

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain (snow early). High 45, Low 31
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain. High 50, Low 41

I’m surprised that The Weather Channel and Accuweather aren’t on board with an icy mix early. I’m really surprised at how fast Accuweather brings in cold air. Accuweather, NWS and ourselves all have non standard days on Wednesday, but I thought the day would be warmer and cooling would be slower. Satellite shows that the low off the Carolinas is the ore well organized (for now).
Battle Creek

Calm and toasty

Battle Creek sounds like it should be a pretty rough and tumble metropolis, but it turns out that it’s pretty tranquil. Well, at the very least, it was pretty calm the last couple of days, with sunny skies and increasingly summerlike temperatures. The Weather Channel had the top forecast, narrowly.
Actuals: Friday – High 79, Low 49
Saturday – High 85, Low 53

Grade: A