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Terre Haute, Indiana to Bakersfield, California

The most challenging part of a cross country drive, if you ask me, is the well traveled roads along the east coast, so therefore, we’re going to cut that part of the journey out, and simply trek from Indiana to the west coast. It will be a nearly 4 day drive, though the last day won’t be nearly as challenging. We will cover 2009 miles on our trek at a pace of about 67mph, with those first three days netting, we hope, nearly 536 miles a day.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)

Our big area of low pressure headed towards New England will be leaving a tail in the mid-Mississippi Valley that we will enjoy the fruits of throughout our first day of driving. Fortunately, the fact that it will be the day time, and the early hours of spring, temperatures should be warm enough to prevent flurries. A light drizzle will be possible for a good chunk of the morning. The clouds will be cloudy one way or another, with a threat of a break over eastern Missouri, including around St. Louis. Towards the end of the day, a finger of snow is possible over western Missouri, and we could see a flake around Springfield and Joplin, but we’ll make it back to dry weather in Claremore, Oklahoma, just to the northeast of Tulsa.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
High pressure and a sometimes brisk south wind will be our companion on Wednesday. We’ll move through the Panhandle of Texas and into New Mexico as part of the journey, stopping for the night in Cuervo, New Mexico. It sounds like there should be some tequila there, or something.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
Hoo boy, there is a strong area of low pressure looming off the west coast. Get ready for news stories about massive snow storms in the coastal ranges, thunderstorms and torrential rain at the coast. Fortunately, we will be in New Mexico and Arizona on Thursday, so we can appreciate some sunny skies and pleasantly cool air, thanks to wind coming off the chilly Pacific. We’ll make it to Seligman, Arizona, which is kind of a touristy, stop for the night kind of town.

DAY FOUR (Friday)
The heavy weather is expected to lift north away from our route, but don’t be surprised if there is a little bit of rain and even thunder in the high terrain of northern Arizona as we get going. Light rain showers are going to be possible closer to Fresno, and some fog will continue around Los Angeles, but Bakersfield will be in a nice little dome of dry weather. Boy, Google really steered us away from the rough stuff on this one. Thanks Google!

Beautiful Weekend, Beautiful Forecasts

The weekend forecast for Bakersfield was pretty easy, hot and dry. Everybody seemed to handle it pretty well, with everybody within 2 degrees of the actual for each forecast period. Everybody except for Darksky. Their forecast was a good 2-4 degrees cooler than everybody else, which didn’t pan out. Yours truly here at VW tied with the NWS for the win, with a minuscule error of just 3 total degrees!

Saturday: High 101, Low 76.
Sunday: High 98, Low 74.
Forecast Grade: A

Bakersfield, California

It’s the weekend! Today we head to the southern portions of CA’s Central Valley and check in on Bakersfield. What kind of conditions will they see leading up to Monday’s eclipse?

At 935pm PDT, the temperature at Bakersfield, CA is 90 degrees under fair skies. A fairly decent ridge of high pressure is found over the Southwest US, not counting some increased monsoonal activity developing over the Four Corners region. None of this activity is going to get anywhere close to Bakerfield however, as the seemingly endless summer pattern of hot and dry looks to continue unabated throughout the weekend. Temperatures in some spots could creep into the triple digits, but I’m banking on the “close but no cigar” mantra, with highs staying in the upper 90s. Should be a pleasant weekend, as long as you don’t mind the heat.

Saturday: Sunny and hot. High 99, Low 76.
Sunday: Continued sunny and hot. High 97, Low 74.

TWC: Saturday: Sunny. High 102, Low 77.
Sunday: Sunny. High 101, Low 76.

AW: Saturday: Brilliant sunshine and hot. High 102, Low 74.
Sunday: Sunny and hot. High 100, Low 74.

NWS: Saturday: Hot. High 101, Low 75.
Sunday: Sunny. High 99, Low 73.

WB: Saturday: Sunny. High 101, Low 74.
Sunday: Sunny. High 99, Low 75.

WN: Saturday: Sunny. High 100, Low 75.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 99, Low 73.

FIO: Saturday: Partly cloudy overnight. High 96, Low 72.
Sunday: Partly cloudy starting in the evening. High 94, Low 71.

Here’s a peek at the water vapor image for the Western US. There’s a weak upper-air disturbance pushing through NV but very dry air is found over the southern half of CA, and that plume of dry air pushing over SoCal looks to remain for the foreseeable future.

Bakersfield, California to Flagstaff, Arizona

This forecast should be a reminder: The states are much bigger out west. We are only going to touch two states, Arizona and California, and yet it will still be an 8 hour drive. The two towns are 482 miles apart, and despite a drive over desert interstates, we will only average 61.7mph. There should be some pretty good scenery, and we will be able to cover all the ground that needs covering in one day. One stinkin’ hot day.

There has been a fairly stagnant area of low pressure that has been feeding the monsoonal thunderstorms that crop up every day this time of year in the Four Corners. Some of the activity has, in recent days, shifted to afflict the Intermontaine Plateau between California and Arizona. The heat will be on until we start to climb the plateau, but it won’t be dusty because of the recent rains. The disturbance that had fostered the wet weather was a thermal system, and the rain has essentially squashed the low, and has rendered the area stable. Expect a sunny, dry and clear drive through the Mojave.


Corpus Christi, Texas to Bakersfield, California

I just came back from a real life road trip on the opposite side of the country as this fictional road trip. We will cover the southwestern United States over the course of three days at a speed of 69.3mph. Our total mileage on the trip will turn out to be 1609 miles, with the first two days being the longer days, as we will attempt to cover 554 miles on those days.

Corpus Christi
Things are looking pretty good in Texas this week. Aside from a few clouds with some embedded showers along the coast, most of Texas will be dominated by a lee area of low pressure, enhanced by some toasty temperatures. So it will rain a bit in the morning around Corpus Christi, and there may be a fw clouds until San Antonio, but from there to Plateau, which is in the westernmost reaches of Texas, we will see hot temperatures and clear skies.

As you may imagine, what with the remainder of our drive carrying us through the southwestern US, our second day in the car will be relatively uneventful. We were start to turn back north through the Phoenix area, and our Thursday will end in Chandler, one of the south suburbs of the capital of Arizona. Really, though, it has been dry, so the biggest concern might just be tumbleweeds.

Nothing! Our final day of driving will be similarly quiet and dry. We will be passing through the Mojave on this Friday, so one of the more interesting features will be the lack of human interaction, perhaps until we arrive in Bakersfield. It’s been a hot, dry, dusty trip, but alas, here we are.