Tropical Depression # 10

The first two tropical features to impact the US this year, Hilary and Howard, were well handled. Tropical Depression 10, which is presently hanging out on the coast of the Yucatan, near Cancun and Cozumel, is expected to organize and move slowly to the northeast. The time spent over the Gulf will allow the storm to become a low end hurricane before it moves into Apallachee Bay in the middle of next week,

Much remains to be seen. Fortunately, this isn’t expected to be a major hurricane, but any tropical storm presents it’s own problems.

Update, Sunday 1230 AM – One important factor for TD10’s impact on the States is that it is not forecast to move off shore fully intact, which means it won’t reemerge after the initial landfall. Heavy rain and isolated tornadoes are still going to be a possibility into the Carolinas through the end of next week.

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