Detroit, Michigan

Michigan had some significant issues with heavy rainfall earlier this week, as dams stressed by the new rainfall failed northwest of Saginaw, near Midland and Edenville, forcing thousands to evacuate. Hopefully, a couple of days of calm quiet weather are on their way, and Michiganders can dry out and put things back together.

At 1053AM, ET, Detroit was reporting a temperature of 65 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. At the surface, things were tranquil with high pressure in the area, but an upper level low churning over Kentucky and Tennessee is smothering the region in clouds and an unusual southeasterly flow across Michigan. A result of this is that warmer temperatures are found north of Detroit, while it gets a bit cooler to the south.
The low is cut off from the primary flow in the region, which is coursing through central Canada. The feature approaching Appalachia will have no direction, save to attempt to drift towards a jet trough in northern Quebec. The circulation in the eastern Midwest won’t drum up much energy in Michigan, but moisture will probably be persistent in the mid and upper levels, suggesting mostly cloudy skies to begin Memorial Day weekend, though the low level moisture shouldn’t be available to lead to much rain, though drizzle will be possible. Expect some dreary times and temperatures not reaching their potential, but certainly not a terrible start to the weekend.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, chance of rain, High 68, Low 56
Saturday – Mostly cloudy, with some drizzle possible, High 74, Low 56

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy with occasional showers for the afternoon. High 68, Low 56
Saturday – Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High 76, Low 56

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 67, Low 55
Saturday – Pleasant and warmer with intervals of clouds and sunshine High 75, Low 56

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 69, Low 55
Saturday – Partly sunny, High 76, Low 56

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 66, Low 57
Saturday – Partly cloudy, chance of rain showers in the afternoon, High 75, Low 57

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with isolated showers, High 69, Low 55
Saturday – Partly cloudy with isolated storms, High 76, Low 57

FIO: Tomorrow – Possible drizzle in the morning. High 66, Low 55
Saturday – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 76, Low 56

My original draft had no precipitation in the Detroit forecast, but then I got cold feet, because they have a local source of moisture just to the east. Still, it’s remarkable to see precipitation forecasts all over the map like this. Should be an interesting verification. Let’s check out this satellite image, with clouds smothering the area just south of Detroit.

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