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Close call in Winchester

The weekend forecast for Winchester, Virginia explicitly left precipitation out of the equation. It was to stay up in the higher terrain of West Virginia, just to the north and west, and I am happy to say that it did just that! And then, shortly after midnight this morning, it started. Everyone’s forecast verified, as it didn’t snow during the 48 hours of the weekend, but we all made it by only 15 minutes. Victoria-Weather had another win, thanks to a warmer prognosis than the other outlets¬†on the board.
Actuals: Saturday – High 42, Low 32
Sunday – High 39, Low 32

Grade B-C

Winchester, Virginia

We’re headed to the far northern portion of Virginia for today’s forecast. They are generally sheltered from Great Lakes induced weather, but they can be unduly punished by the Atlantic Ocean. Do either have any nefarious plans for the weekend?

At 215PM, ET, winchester was reporting a brisk west wind, overcast skies and a temperature of 36. The westerlies across the region were a response to the continued circulation off the Labrador Coast, with just enough moisture that the lift provided by the Appalachians was producing a few mountain snow showers, and east of there, there was a mid level cloud deck making things seem bleak.
The upper level pattern features a broad trough through the center of the coutnry, and the associated large scale circulation around the Labrador low is expected to continue, weak and light on precipitation though it may be. That precipitation will be unable to clear the Appalachians, and west winds might even help temperatures rise along the coast. In Winchester, there will be clouds, but there is unlikely to be any snow to go along with them.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 43, Low 29
Sunday – Overcast High 39, Low 28

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 40, low 28
Sunday – Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 38, Low 28

AW: Tomorrow – Periods of clouds and sunshine High 39, Low 28
Sunday – Periods of clouds and sunshine High 37, low 27

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 40, Low 28
Sunday – Partly sunny, High 38, low 28

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 39, Low 28
Sunday – Partly sunny, High 36, Low 29

WN: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 39, Low 28
Sunday – Partly sunny, High 37, Low 28

FIO: Partly cloudy until afternoon, High 43, Low 28
Sunday – Partly cloudy overnight.High 39, Low 26

That’s not a bad set of days for late January. Highs above freezing, at least.

Billings, Montana to Winchester, Virginia

These trips through the northern US are so much better in the summer than they are in the winter. It will take us 3 1/2 days to get from Billings to Winchester, covering 1893 miles of ground. When the speed limit was no longer federally regulated, it was, for a time, open season in Montana, though that has since changed. Still, expect a pace of 67.6mph, significantly slowed down by the¬†traffic around the Great Lakes. That will put us on a pace of 540.9 miles a day Let’s cruise.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)
Tomorrow will be mostly dry across the country, but a weak wave moving out of the Rockies will start to churn up some showers in the front range in Montana. The activity will be more widespread in the afternoon, but anywhere from Billings to the North Dakota border, there is a chance we see some wet weather. Thunderstorm activity will hold off until after we are out of the state, I believe. The drive through North Dakota will be pretty quiet as well, and very dull. The day will end on the outskirts of Berea, North Dakota.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
A mostly stationary boundary will set up through the Upper Midwest as the low in Montana shifts towards Canada. The boundary will run right along our route, but thanks to a band of showers over the Gulf, remaining from Tropical Storm Collin, moist flow back into the Plains won’t be terribly robust. We should stay dry until about St. Cloud, Minnesota, which will give way to some light rain. That light rain will turn to heavier weather and maybe even a thunderstorm by Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The day will conclude amid a few isolated storms in Lodi, Wisconsin, just north of Madison.

DAY THREE (Friday)
It looks like there will be a bit of a break in the action to get us through Chicago and northern Indiana, but the blob of showers and storms will return as we try to pass through northern Ohio. The storms will be there, even if they aren’t terribly widespread, and it’s worth considering an umbrella if we want to go out on the town in Avery, Ohio, south of Sandusky. South of the rainy storms, temperatures will be in the 90s, so maybe a bit of rain isn’t so bad.

DAY FOUR (Saturday)
As low pressure continues to shift east, shower and thunderstorm activity will become more focused in the Eastern Great Lakes, which will make the final half day of driving a bit stormy. Persistent rain is possible all the way through Pittsburgh, but by then, we will start to shift to the other side of the highest ridgelines in the Appalachians. From Breezewood through the narrow slivers of Maryland and West Virginia, and ultimately to Winchester, it will be dry.

Blustery but very monotonous in Winchester

Winds in northern Virginia ended up hitting 30mph on Wednesday in the wake of a system that was sliding through Ontario. The howling wind kept things to a wintry cool in Winchester. There is a little bit of a mix on the north side of Virginia today, but the past two days remained dry. Oddly, the high and low each day were exactly the same. The Weather Service locked down the top forecast rather easily, perhaps knowing the temperature was fixed..
Actuals: Wednesday, High 33, Low 23
Thursday, High 33, Low 23

Grade: B

Winchester, Virginia

This forecast would have been posted well over an hour ago, if my computer didn’t decide to completely freeze on me like the ground is outside. Lets see what’s going on in the northernmost point of Virginia for the next couple of days!

At 915pm EST, the temperature at Winchester, VA was 37 degrees under partly cloudy skies. A large, low pressure system sitting over Ontario is swinging a strong cold front out to sea. Some rain was reported earlier this morning in Winchester, but only really lasted for a couple of hours before passing on. A brief thunderstorm was even reported this afternoon as the last hurrah of the system moved through northern Virginia. Luckily, winds have shifted from the west and the downsloping conditions of the flow has pretty much shut off chances of precip for the remainder of the night. Gusty winds are expected, however throughout the night and through the day Wednesday as the pressure gradient between the low off to the north and the rather strong high pressure area over the Central US remains on the high side. Winds should calm down a bit Wednesday night into Thursday as the high pressure shifts eastward over the area, meaning another day of dry weather is in store. The next chance of precip won’t be until midday Friday with the next frontal boundary swings through the region. All-in-all, not a bad couple of days for Winchester, although colder than I’m sure they’d like it.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, but breezy. High 35, Low 28.
Thursday: Mostly sunny, some clouds late. High 37, Low 23.

TWC: Wednesday: Partly cloudy, windy. High 32, Low 26.
Thursday: Sunny. High 38, Low 22.

AW: Wednesday: Colder with clouds and sun. High 35, Low 26.
Thursday: Sunshine and some clouds. High 40, Low 23.

NWS: Wednesday: Breezy, but sunny. High 34, Low 25.
Thursday: Sunny. High 36, Low 22.

WB: Wednesday: Mostly sunny and brisk. High 35, Low 25.
Thursday: Sunny, increasing clouds late. High 40, Low 20.

Here we see the large storm system in the eastern US swinging out to sea, with calmer weather expected for the next couple of days. The next storm system taking shape over the Western US will bring some harrowing weather to the Central US over the next 48-72 hours.


No relief

There was hope that a few clouds and some storms in Winchester, and for that matter, the rest of the east coast, would cool things off over the past couple of days. Unfortunately, the storms never came, and it remained very warm in Winchester. 99 hot degrees on Thursday and only a few degrees cooler on Friday. The Weather Channel had the toasty forecast mostly correct and had the top spot. The hot seat, in this case.
Actuals: Thursday – High 99, Low 71
Friday – High 92, Low 75

Grade C

Winchester, Virginia

Off to the East Coast where everything is hot. Just plain hot.

At 120PM, ET, Winchester was reporting clear skies and a temperature of 98 degrees. High pressure continues to dominate the east coast, continuing to exasperate the heat wave in the area, and Winchester would certainly reach 100 again today. Obviously, the city was in a heat advisory.
A weak, disorganized area of low pressure off the coast of North Carolina will try to drift towards the Mid Atlantic, and may generate a few thunderstorms over the East Coast, but they won’t reach as far inland as Winchester. Clouds in the area may stave off temperatures tomorrow even if it doesn’t rain, but a real cool down won’t be likely until a cold front arrives on Friday night, bringing with it showers and thunderstorms, which will likely be loud and rainy.
Tomorrow – Partly to mostly cloudy, with temperatures dipping slightly. High 93, Low 70
Friday – Slightly cooler with thunderstorms in the evening, High 88, Low 69

TWC: Tomorrow – Becoming partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms developing during the afternoon. Hot High 97, low 73
Friday – Scattered thunderstorms possible High 93, Low 73

AW: Tomorrow – Sunny to partly cloudy, hot and humid; a thunderstorm in the afternoon High 94, low 72
Friday – Times of clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm around, mainly later; humid High 87, Low 73

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 94, Low 70
Friday – A chance of showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 2pm. Mostly cloudy, High 89, Low 70

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 94, Low 69
Friday – Partly sunny. A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon High 89, Low 70

Still hot, but cooling down a bit for northern Virginia. A look at the satellite shows the two systems bearing down on steamy Winchester.