Dodging Bullets in Winchester

Some light rain showers were found in the Winchester area on late Monday evening. But luckily, for the residents however, the city avoided the rain and stayed dry through the forecast period. Temperatures warmed nicely for Tuesday as expected, though Monday’s highs never quite got as high as anybody wanted. Weatherbug narrowly edged out the competition for the win

Monday: High 39, Low 34.
Tuesday: High 50, Low 35.
Forecast Grade: C

Winchester, Virginia

Today we head to Winchester, VA and see how they’re going to start the new workweek.

At 1115pm EST, the temperature at Winchester, VA was 36 degrees under overcast skies. A large area of low pressure is sitting offshore off the Carolinas and looks to shift northeastward over the next 24 hours, bringing coastal rains to New England and some light snow further inland. A weak area of low pressure is shifting through the OH Valley currently and while its expected to mainly dissipate as it shifts into the Mid-Atlantic. A mid-level disturbance, however, could kick up some afternoon/evening rain showers in the area tomorrow before shifting out to sea itself. While another trough looks to swing through the region on Tuesday, it won’t be very strong and no precip is anticipated.

Monday: Mostly cloudy, an isolated evening shower possible. High 44, Low 33.
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. High 49, Low 32.

TWC: Monday: Cloudy. High 45, Low 33.
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. High 52, Low 31.

AW: Monday: Mostly cloudy, isolated shower possible. High 45, Low 33.
Tuesday: Times of clouds and sun. High 50, Low 33.

NWS: Monday: Cloudy then slight chance of afternoon/evening showers. High 46, Low 34.
Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 51, Low 34.

WB: Monday: Mostly cloudy, chance of evening rain showers. High 44, Low 34.
Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 50, Low 32.

WN: Monday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. High 46, Low 34.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 51, Low 34.

FIO: Monday: Overcast throughout the day, late shower possible. High 47, Low 33.
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 51, Low 29.

Not much going on in Virginia tonight, but some light shower activity over the OH Valley will be shifting through the region over the next day or so.