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San Antonio Texas to Pensacola, Florida

It’s only one day from south Texas to the Florida Panhandle. San Antonio is about due west of Pensacola, but a little to the south. It’s an easier drive than it seems like it should be. Google tells us it will be a little shy of 10 ½ hours, covering 720 miles at about 69mph. That’s a hot pace. Let’s make our way through the Gulf Coast.

It says this drive will be 10 ½ hours at a pace of nearly 70mph, but with our passage right through the heart of Houston, after starting in the heart of San Antonio, I have to find that a little hard to believe. We won’t have any issues with the radar, though, as we will be passing through the southern edge of a very strong ridge of high pressure that’s been parked over the center of the country. Here might be a little bit of onshore flow through southern Louisiana, but at worst, that will bean some high clouds. Really, it will be a good day to drive through the southern United States.

Warm north of a cold front

The fun part about living in Florida is that you can say things like “Pensacola was warmer because they were south of a cold front” and it would be totally true. The temperatures Sunday ended up spiking a few degrees warmer than many forecasts had because they saw a lot of additional sun, as a mostly stationary boundary ended up setting up over the Gulf instead of inland. This also prevented seabreeze and allowed Pensacola to stay dry on Sunday. Saturday was just as stormy as expected, and temperatures didn’t do anything too funky. Vicoria-Weather and The Weather Channel ended up with the top forecasts, with V-W doing a bit better on Saturday and TWC fairing better with Sunay’s low temperature.
Actuals: Saturday – .36 inches of rain, High 85, Low 69
Sunday – High 87, Low 67

Grade: C-D

Pensacola, Florida

After much delay, here we are, back in forecasting action. Sorry about that.

At 853 PM, ET, Pensacola was reporting a temperature of 73 degrees with clear skies. A large area of low pressure in the Plains was inducing an aggressive southerly flow that was laden with perterbations. A remnant supercell was found southeast of New Orleans and may bring some high clouds overnight, which should keep things fairly warm.
The low will move into the Ohio Valley this evening, with it’s associated cold front mostly disappearing overnight. A general southerly flow through the Florida Panhandle into the low will create a very humid regime around Pensacola. As the system passes to the north, there may be a thunderstorm tomorrow through the afternoon associated with the inflow, with the lingering legacy of the system in Pensacola will be a sea breeze based boundary just inland of Pensacola created by the moisture rich southerly flow and the failure of any clearing boundary to move through the Gulf Coast. This lingering moisture gradient will produce isolated storms on Sunday and keep the city itself, south of the gradient, mostly cloudy and humid.
Tomorrow – Scattered showers and thunderstorms, clearing in the late evening, High 84, Low 72
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, with an isolated thunderstorm, High 87, Low 72

TWC: Tomorrow – AM Thunderstorms, High 82, Low 71
Sunday – Isolated thunderstorms, High 87, Low 71

AW: Tomorrow – Thunderstorms, strong late; considerable cloudiness and breezy High 83, Low 71
Sunday – Mostly cloudy (early storms) High 85, low 71

NWS: Tomorrow – A 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy,High 81, Low 72
Sunday – A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, High 84, Low 73

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers and thunderstorms High 83, Low 72
Sunday – Mostly cloudy in the morning becoming mostly sunny. Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 86, Low 73

WN: Tomorrow -Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Storms High 81, Low 72
Sunday – Partly Cloudy with Isolated Storms High 84, Low 73

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain until afternoon. High 79, low 72
Sunday – Foggy in the morning. High 79, Low 71

Not often there is this much disagreement on a Florida forecast in late April, but this is what happenes when you have a massive system moving through the region.

Things begin to unravel in Pensacola

I should clarify. When I say things beginning to unravel, I mean that we are getting a bizarre snow/ice storm in the southeast today, and it started last night with showers moving into the Florida Panhandle. Nothing exceptionally out of the ordinary is happening in Pensacola right now, and especially last night. I mean, aside from some now quite chilly temperatures. And the forecasts were all pretty good, but nobody was better than the Weather Channel on this occasion. Nothing unraveled there.
Actuals: Sunday – High 60, Low 38
Monday – .21 inches of rain, High 65, Low 49

Grade: A

Pensacola, Florida

It seems like we should be in for an easy forecast, but with as strong as the Polar Vortex has been this winter, anything is possible.

At 1053AM, ET, Pensacola was reporting a temperature of 46 degrees with overcast skies and a bit of drizzle. The clouds have been in place overnight, which was good news for the city, as it prevented temperatures from dropping even further. To the west of Pensacola, where skies were cleared overnight, temperatures were as much as 10 degrees cooler.
The post frontal clouds were generated thanks to cooler temperatures overriding the warmer surface temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico, and will likely be dissipated by early afternoon, as the front and low responsible for the sharp west winds is being directed well off shore. The upper level trough will pivot out of the Florida Panhandle by nightfall, and warmer temperatures are in store for tomorrow. Another trough will move into the Great Lakes by Monday, with enough cold air that a parallel jet will develop south of the trough. The trough itself will induce a southerly flow off of the Gulf, while the secondary jet will create a convergence area, and help to develop a stationary front through the Florida Panhandle. Monday looks like a cloudy, foggy, rainy day in Pensacola.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and warmer, High 61, Low 34
Monday – Cloudy and foggy, with some afternoon showers, High 66, Low 51

TWC: Tomorrrow – Partly Cloudy, High 60, Low 38
Monday – Few Showers High 64, Low 51

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 60, Low 36
Monday – Times of clouds and sun with a passing shower or two High 66, Low 51

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 58, Low 36
Monday – A 30 percent chance of showers. High 66, Low 51

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. High 58, Low 36
Monday – Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain showers High 66, Low 51

At least it won’t be snow in Pensacola, like it was in Texas. Still, while I think it will be cloudy, my other competitors think it will be even less sunny on Sunday than I do. Here is the satellite, showing you all the clouds in the area already.

Vacation Destination

Pensacola is a pretty nice place, by all accounts. I don’t know, because I have never been. Looking at the numbers from the last couple of days though, that sounds about right. Temperatures were in the mid 80s, and sunny skies were available for beachgoers. The top forecasts were shared by Victoria-Weather and The Weather Channel. The real winners were people in Pensacola.
Actuals: Tuesday, High 84, Low 61
Wednesday – High 84, Low 67

Grade: A

Pensacola, Florida

Today we travel to Florida and take a gander at Pensacola, which was mentioned in one of my favorite movies ever, Contact! No alien signals are expected from this post, but a good forecast is on the horizon!

At 6:53pm EDT, the temperature at Pensacola, FL was 76 degrees under fair skies (and somehow also 0.01″ of precip, which seems erroneous). High pressure has taken hold of the Eastern US and extends its grasp into the Gulf Coast. with the main jet stream passing well north of the area, there doesn’t appear to be much of a change in conditions over the next couple of days. This means a couple of days of warm temps and sunny skies for the Florida Panhandle. Oh the horrors!

Tuesday: Sunny. High 85, Low 62.
Wednesday: A few clouds. High 86. Low 67.

TWC: Tuesday: Sunny. High 85, Low 61.
Wednesday:Sunny. High 86, Low 68.

AW: Tuesday: Mostly sunny and pleasant. High 86, Low 64.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny and pleasant. High 85, Low 68.

NWS: Tuesday: Sunny. High 86, Low 64.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 84, Low 69.

WB: Tuesday: Sunny. High 86, Low 60.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 67.

Here we see a stream of clouds over much of the Florida Peninsula, but everything from the Western Gulf Coast up through the Eastern Seaboard is pretty clean. Pensacola will be enjoying this for the next couple of days!


That’s the only way to explain the forecast for Pensacola over the last couple of days. While there were indeed showers and thunderstorms popping up over the region as a cold front moved through the region, it was more of patchy dense fog that caused Pensacola to record precipitation than any convection nearby. Also, the front moved through much later than anticipated, causing the lovely Panhandle city to skyrocket into the 80s Friday morning, tying a record from 1996! Just to show you the drier air this front ushered in, the temperature/dew point at Pensacola at 11AM was 79/67, and at 3PM it was 62/33. A 34-degree dew point drop in 4 hours, impressive! In any event, the NWS edged out AW for the win, if you want to call it that.

Thursday: 0.01″ of precip in a midday sprinkle. High 76, Low 67.
Friday: 0.01″ of precip, most likely derived from fog. High 81 (ties record high from 1996), Low 54.
Forecast Grade: F

Pensacola, Florida

The Florida Panhandle, a destination for college students this time of year, ready for Spring Break. I wish I got a Spring Break, you know what I mean?

At 1253PM, ET, Pensacola was reporting a temperature of 68 degrees with overcast skies. A system moving through Canada was generating a return flow through the Panhandle. While there was no cold air arriving in Florida, moisture was being streamed northeast, increasing humidity and invariably leading to the clouds the city was seeing.
The amount of moisture in the area is going to lead to some convergence showers across the southeast tonight, but without much forcing tomorrow, expect a more stagnant, hazy pattern tomorrow. An additional area of low pressure is going to develop in the northern Plains and move to the Great Lakes. Like the system in the north today, this system will draw moisture northeast through Pensacola, however right now, models are projecting a bit more cold air dragged south, which would touch off thunderstorm development late in the day Friday. Indications are that there will be enough cold air to drop the temperature to reach a non standard minimum Friday night behind the thunderstorms.
Tomorrow – Hazy, especially in the morning, High 73, Low 60
Friday – Thunderstorms in the evening, High 66, Low 48

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy, High 70, Low 64
Friday – Thundershowers, High 69, Low 64

AW: Tomorrow – Patchy fog in the morning; mostly cloudy and breezy with a shower in spots High 73, Low 62
Friday – Showers and gusty thunderstorms; rather cloudy and windy High 69, Low 50

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny (PM Storms, High 72, Low 63
Friday – Showers and thunderstorms likely. Cloudy, High 69, Low 51

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy (PM Storms). High 72, Low 62
Friday – Cloudy. Showers and thunderstorms likely High 69, Low 64

TWC and Weatherbug pay dearly for not having their hourly forecasts go out far enough. Here is a look at the satellite, which gives you a pretty good idea of how cloudy it is across the east today. Probably some rain in a lot of places this afternoon.


Lee was as promised in Pensacola this weekend, as any Labor Day vacationers could have told you. The surprise was the cooler air that settled in over night yesterday ago as a feeder band morphed into a cold front. Temperatures dropped all the way to 66 before midnight, which threw about everyone off. 3 and a half inches of rain came down in the past two days and temperatures never once made it above 82.
Actuals: Sunday – 2.06 inches of rain, High 82, Low 73
Monday – 1.44 inches of rain, High 82, Low 66

Grade: D