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Weather Wayback…. Before and after winter

I think that most people would consider May to be a warmer month than October, just in general. October is autumn and time for football and Halloween. May is spring, baseball and Memorial Day.  Naturally, that leads to this segue: When we forecast for Owensboro back in October the temperatures reached the mid-80s as winter approached. Now, coming out of the longest winter ever*, it’s presently in the 70s in Owensboro. It wasn’t a particularly irksome forecast, and there were some good scores all around, especially from Victoria-Weather and The Weather Channel, who locked horns at the top, for a drive.
October 3rd – High 84, Low 64
October 4th – High 86, Low 62

Grade: A-B

*Not actually a fact

Owensboro, Kentucky to Holland, Michigan.

It’s time to hit the road through my old stomping grounds – Indiana. Most of our 7ish hours in the car will be in the Hoosier State, as we slice through the middle of the state. Bloomington and Indianapolis are both worth stops, but the northern half of the state, admittedly, is a little dry. It’s going to be a 427 mile journey, and our off-interstate adventuring will require a slower speed of 62.2mph. Indiana wants me and we CAN go back (through) there.

The weather in Indiana looks pretty darn good today, but that may not be the case tomorrow. We should depart Owensboro in dry conditions, with the sun to our east. Unfortunately, there will be clouds to the west, and by the time we reach Bloomington, we will get splashed with rain intermittently. The chances increase north of Indianapolis, with a cold front over lake Michigan as we arrive in South Bend. Showers will probably be highlighted by thunderstorms as we continue north into Michigan. Brisk winds may be possible on the way into Holland, so keep your hands on the wheel!

Owensboro, Kentucky

Today we embark on a trip to the Ohio River Valley, and take a peek at Owensboro, KY. What weather will greet this riverside community this week?

At 756PM CDT, the temperature at Owensboro, KY was 72 degrees under overcast skies. High pressure is firmly entrenched over the Eastern US, controlling everything from New England to the Deep South. Some low-level clouds have pushed in from the southwest this evening, but nothing ominous is expected to come from them. High pressure will continue controlling the area throughout the day Tuesday and well into Wednesday. Some shower activity could push into the region on Wednesday, but the suspect front should stay to the north and break up. Overall, a couple fairly pleasant days are in store for the shores of the Ohio River!

Tuesday: Decreasing afternoon clouds. High 83, Low 64.
Wednesday: Becoming partly cloudy. High 83, Low 62.

TWC: Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 84, Low 63.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 83, Low 62.

AW: Tuesday: Periods of sun; more humid. High 84, Low 62.
Wednesday: Partly sunny and warm. High 84, Low 61.

NWS: Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 82, Low 62.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 84, Low 60.

WB: Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 82, Low 65.
Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 81, Low 63.

WN: Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 82, Low 62.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 84, Low 60.

FIO: Tuesday: Mostly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until afternoon. High 85, Low 64.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy starting in the evening. High 83, Low 61.

Here we see an overcast deck creeping in from the southwest over AR/MO/E TN, and thunderstorms out over the Central Plains. Those storms will be slow to make a move over the next couple of days, keeping the Owensboro area dry.

A rainy preamble

There were a pair of shortwaves poised to move through the middle of the country as the weekend ended and the work week began. The initial round promised some isolated severe weather in the central US, while the secondary cold front looked more menacing. That was certainly the case in Owensboro, which saw severe storms in the area today, but before it got there, there was simply a few splashes of rain. This worked out well, because this is how the forecast chips fell. The Weather Channel and WeatherNation had perfect forecasts on Saturday, and that carried them to a victory for the day, despite having slightly different numbers on Sunday.
Actuals: Saturday . 02 inches of rain, High 73, Low 61
Sunday – .17 inches of rain, High 68, Low 51

Grade: B-C

Owensboro, Kentucky

The University of Kentucky won their Sweet 16 game tonight, and in honor (or coincidence) of that victory, we are headed to Owensboro, a couple hours from Lexington.

At 1153PM, CT, Owensboro was reporting a temperature of 64 degrees with clear skies. Southerly flow is being seen across Kentucky, ahhead of a very rainy, developing cold front moving through southeastern Missouri. The trough parenting this low is quickly becoming detached from the broader flow aloft, and the boundary’s momentum will peter out over night.
The rain will instead arrive in Owensboro during the late morning tomorrow. It may at times be heavy, with an embedded thunderstorm. The low will shift northeast, rather aimlessly through the rest of the weekend. Flow will continue unabated from the Gulf of Mexico, and the continued cyclonic flow in the mid-Mississippi Valley will mean the continued threat for showers and storms in Owensboro. As the trough flattens out aloft, the feature will be more motivated to move on, with rain finally coming to an end on Sunday evening.
Tomorrow – Showers and storms, High 71, Low 59
Sunday – Early showers, ending late, High 67, Low 56

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy early with thunderstorms developing later in the day. High 73, Low 61
Sunday – Cloudy with showers. Thunder possible. High 67, Low 56

AW: Tomorrow – Cloudy and breezy, then turning colder in the afternoon with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm High 70, Low 62
Sunday – A passing shower or two in the morning; otherwise, periods of clouds and sun High 67, Low 56

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of showers and thunderstorms, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 5pm. Cloudy High 74, Low 61
Sunday – A 40 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy High 70, Low 55

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 69, Low 63
Sunday – Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers, High 65, Low 56

WN: Tomorrow – Cloudy with chance of thunderstorms, High 73, Low 61
Sunday – Mostly cloudy with scattered showers, High 70, Low 55

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain starting in the afternoon. High 79, Low 60
Sunday – Light rain until evening. High 71, Low 56

Look out Owensboro, here comes the rain… slowly but surely.

Salt Lake City, Utah to Owensboro, Kentucky

Our trip, though east to west, isn’t the typical coast to coast trip we might think about when talking about these big treks. In fact, our 1524 mile journey will take less than 3 full days. The first two days will be through after travelling 548 miles at a pace of 68.5mph. We are covering some good ground to avoid much traffic, so enjoy the open countryside, and let’s be on our way.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)

We have reached a tumultuous time in the nation’s weather pattern, but our excursion will begin in the wake of a vast wintry system, rather than in its midst. Brisk west winds in the mountains are no joke, especially in the mountains, but any lingering flurries will remain up by Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. We’ll make it to Sonol, Nebraska with only the winds buffeting us as a concern.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)

You know, we don’t go through Kansas City very often on these road trips, despite it’s station right in the middle of the country. We’ll see it at its coldest, as that chilly air descends from the Upper Midwest down into the central Plains. Speaking of Plains, there won’t be anything to stop the wind from blowing in our faces. Maybe KC is better at night. We’ll stay in Oak Grove in the eastern (Missouri) suburbs for the night. Go out for barbecue!

DAY THREE (Thursday)
It will be another brisk, breezy drive as we make our way towards Owensboro, but after an entire trip of that same combination, this leg will be old hat. In fact, the drive into Owensboro looks like it might be the first one in which we can enjoy full sun for the entire day.

Owensboro, Kentucky

We’re headed to the banks of the Ohio River for our forecast tonight. Owensboro lies between Louisville and Evansville, and is the host of today’s forecast.

At 1156PM, CT, Owensboro was reporting a temperature of 36 degrees with clear skies. A brisk west wind was blowing into the region on the south end of a broad surface low. A nose of cold air will continue to work its way into the Ohio Valley overnight tonight.
Owensboro will see that westerly flow continue as low pressure churns to the north, but colder air will continue to sink into the Ohio Valley. Some lingering clouds will diminish as we go into Thursday, but that will lead to even chillier temperatures.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 45, Low 27
Thursday – Sunny, High 34, Low 24

TWC: Tomorrow – Mainly Sunny, High 44, Low 30
Thursday – Partly cloudy, High 34, Low 28

AW: Tomorrow – Chilly with periods of clouds and sun High 43, Low 28
Thursday – Breezy and colder with periods of clouds and sun High 34, Low 25

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 44, Low 30
Thursday – Sunny, High 32, Low 27

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 41. Low 30
Thursday – Mostly sunny, High 32, Low 28

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 45, Low 30
Thursday – Mostly sunny, High 32, Low 27

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon. High 43, Low 31
Thursday – Mostly cloudy until morning. High 36, Low 25

Well, that’s not so bad. They will be safely tucked behind a deeply occluded cold front. That ridge is going to build in and it will be a cold end to the week. Satellite is pretty quiet tonight in the Ohio Valley.

I’m going to take your word for it, Owensboro

The sure sign of a sleepy town is one that doesn’t open even their airport until 5AM. Such is the case in Owensboro, which doesn’t issue observations from 956PM to 556 AM. Fortunately, for standard issue days, this isn’t a problem, as the morning low often comes just before sunrise and the daily high is usually in the early afternoon. Additionally, radar returns suggest that, if Owensboro was going to see rain, it would have been in the afternoon or evening. As a result, we’re just going to let this one slide, and believe the official record for Owensboro that is out there for the world to see. With these beliefs in mind, we can say with whatever confidence we can muster that The Weather Channel had the top forecast in Owensboro.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 87, Low 68
Thursday – High 90, Low 68

Grade: A

Owensboro, Kentucky

Sorry for the lateness of this forecast for the banks of the Ohio River. This just happens sometimes.

At 1216AM, CT, Owensboro was nt reporting an observation, but it could be inferred from other local observations that the city was foggy and the temperature was around 70 degrees. The fog is, in no doubt, related to the rain that the region has experienced the last several days, but rather than completely moving through, the problematic cold front dissipated, and left some surface moisture in the valley, and dew points were in the upper 60s to near 70.
With the boundary at the surface dissipating, it’s good to take a look aloft, where an upper level ridge is settling in. Fog will continue to be a concern in the morning, as a low level inversion seems likely, and scouring flow is nowhere to be found. Expect conditions to be hot and muggy, but free of rain during the day.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 86, Low 68
Thursday – High 91, Low 66

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 88, Low 68
Thursday – Sunny High 91, Low 67

AW: Tomorrow – Areas of morning fog; partial sunshine with a shower or thunderstorm in the area High 86, Low 57
Thursday – Very warm and humid with partial sunshine High 90, Low 70

NWS: Tomorrow – Patchy dense fog before 8am. Otherwise, mostly sunny HIgh 87, Low 67
Thursday – Mostly sunny, High 92, Low 69

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. Patchy dense fog in the morning. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 88, Low 69
Thursday – Partly sunny. High 92, Low 68

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny with Patchy Heavy Fog High 86, Low 70
Thursday – Partly Cloudy High 91, Low 70

Sitting in classrooms must be torture for those kids. Check out the satellite, showing a little bit of lingering precip just off to the south. Hopefully Owensboro starts reporting!

Owensboro caught in the wash

A clipper moved through the Great Lakes over the past two days, and almost everyone expected it to move quickly out of western Kentucky and Owensboro. Everyone but Victoria Weather. Snow continued all through the day yesterday, right up until another storm moved in today. The temperatures were a big problem all around. There were too many clouds for temperatures to reach 40 on Thursday, but somehow managed to recover all the way above freezing yesterday. The screwy temperatures, and the fact that the NWS at least had snow early in the morning on Friday meant a tie for the top spot between V-W and the NWS.
Actuals: Thursday – Snow reported but not measured, High 37, Low 19
Friday – Snow reported but not measured, High 33, Low 17

Grade: C