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Temperatures soar, then drop

Temperatures in Modesto weren’t so modest. The warmest forecast high came from Forecast.io on Friday at 103, and that was even 2 degrees too cool. Fortunately, that was the end o the heat wave, as a boundary swept in cooler temperatures on Saturday. It was nearly 20 degrees cooler on Saturday in Modesto than on Friday. Despite their fairly solid forecast on Friday, FIO was a disaster on Saturday, which opened the door for the second warmest forecast, from TWC, to overtake the Apple Robots.
Actuals: Friday – High 105, Low 70
Saturday – High 90, Low 67

Grade: B-C

Modesto, California to Kankakee, Illinois

Up, up and away once again. We won’t be covering the entirety of the United States with this trip, merely stopping 2/3 the way, in Kankakee. It will take us 4 days to cover 2125 miles, which means an hourly pace of about 65mph, leading to the three leading days being through after about 520 miles, leaving the change for Tuesday. Let’s climb the mountains and make our way east.

DAY ONE (Saturday)
There is a large system moving into the northwestern United States, and San Francisco Bay will be seeing some rain and wind by the time we hit the road tomorrow. This will follow us through the Sacramento Valley, but will really be tapering off by the time we reach Sacramento itself. The Sierras look good, and we will be dry through western Nevada, There will be some mountain showers and storms, but many are focused near Salt Lake City, which is too far east for our Sunday goal. Instead, dry weather, fairly warm, to be sure, will allow us to camp in an RV or tent around Deeth, Nevada, with no fear of rough weather.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
Guidance suggests a long stream of showers from the Baja to the Canadian Prairies with little variation from this swath. Expect it to be dry through Salt Lake City, with some rain chances picking up as we climb into the mountains. The best shot at rain will be from Summit Peak, east of Salt Lake, to Rock Springs Wyoming. It will dry out quickly on the way east, before we stop in what should be a quiet Walcott, Wyoming.

DAY THREE (Monday)
Strong surface low pressure will be developing in the far northern Plains as we head east, but won’t emerge far enough into the Plains to make too much of an impact. The boundary extending from local pressure minima in Saskatchewan and eastern Colorado will run through the North Platte area, bringing some fluffier clouds, and perhaps a stray shower (which, in this part of the world could always entail some thunder as well). Anything we see will be brief, which is fantastic news, and we will press onward to York in hot, sticky late August air.

DAY FOUR (Tuesday)
Guidance isn’t 100% sure, but it definitely seems possible that the drive through Iowa will remain dry, but with temperatures warm and the atmosphere soupy, it’s entirely possible that some lifting parcels breach the cap, and there could be a stray thunderstorm throughout the Hawkeye State. Northern Illinois will be even moister, which means more instability, so don’t be surprised to see a little more stratiform rain mixed in with the thunder. There will still be more sun than rain, and generally speaking, those school buses we pass as we arrive when we get to Kankakee will be upset they spent the whole day in school.

Yakima, Washington to Modesto, California

Today we embark on a tour of sorts of the West Coast! This is a 728-mile trip that will be split up into two days. Perhaps a hearty family could make the trip in a single day, but that would be a LONG day, and who really wants to only spend one day looking at the beauty of the mountains?!



A cloudy start to the day is expected as a frontal system approaches the Pacific Northwest, bringing rain to the coastal areas and the Cascades, but isn’t quite able to make it over the mountains to our route southwards out of Yakima down into Central Oregon. That will kind of be the theme for today: cloudy, but dry. Not too many problems are anticipated as we make our way into CA and finish our day In Redding.


Some rain showers are possible as we start our day as the front from yesterday pushes further inland. A surge of moisture could be strong enough to bring some rain showers to far northern CA, but as the morning continues, it’ll dry out and we’ll be left to deal with just some mostly cloudy skies as we head towards Sacramento. Clouds will break up a bit as we make our way through the capital and eventually into Modesto!


Modesto, California

Today we head off to one of the driest areas of the country lately… California. Will anything be different as we head into the weekend?

At 753pm PDT, the temperature at Modesto, CA was 91 degrees under fair skies. An area of low pressure is found well offshore of CA and is pushing up towards the Pacific Northwest. One would think as this system intensifies and pushes towards the coast, it’d bring some much needed rain to the Central Valley of CA. However, an intense ridge of high pressure continues to park itself over the Four Corners region, effectively blocking the system up and around it. The Pacific Northwest and portions of Northern CA will see some rain from it, but outside of maybe a couple stray showers around Sacramento and areas to the north, the Central Valley will only see some passing clouds on Saturday. Curses! At least with the front pushing into the area it’ll knock temperatures down on Saturday noticeably.

Friday: Mostly sunny and hot. High 98, Low 68.
Saturday: Increasing clouds, cooler. High 87, Low 67.

TWC: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 101, Low 70.
Saturday: Mostly sunny and cooler. High 87, Low 67.

AW: Friday: Times of clouds and sun. High 101, Low 70.
Saturday: Cooler with periods of sun. High 87, Low 68.

NWS: Friday: Sunny and hot. High 98, Low 70.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 85, Low 69.

WB: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 98, Low 70.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 85, Low 69.

WN: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 99, Low 70.
Saturday: Partly cloudy, High 86, Low 70.

FIO: Friday: Partly cloudy in the morning. High 103, Low 69.
Saturday: Partly cloudy in the morning. High 88, Low 63.

Here we see a rather significant frontal system approaching the Pacific Northwest, which will bring some decent rains to the coastal areas of WA/OR. Sadly, it won’t make it far enough inland to help with a majority of the fires plaguing the region.


Valdosta, Georgia to Modesto, Califronia

Well hello! School should be letting out any time now, so do you know what that means? Road trip! This will be a week long adventure. Well, a work week long adventure, at any rate, lasting 5 days and covering 2620 miles. That will put us on a pace of 64.9mph, which will result in a daily conquest of 518.9 miles. Let’s see how that does.

There isn’t much going on aloft across the southeast, but a moist flow through the region could touch off some clouds and isolated shower activity. We wil be into some drier air after we reach Atlanta and head westward, and it should be mostly sunny until we reach New Albany, Mississippi, which is about 20 minutes past Tupelo.

We have another round of heavy rain and thunderstorms moving through the Upper Midwest tomorrow. We have a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms from Iowa to Kansas. The cold front associated with this system isn’t going to move very quickly. We should get through Memphis and Little Rock without any problems, but west of Little Rock, we might meet a bit of shower activity west of Russellville. The meat of this cold front will be betwee Fort Smith and Shawnee, Oklahoma, where we should anticipate a threat for large hail, gusty winds, and year, even some tornadoes. When we are driving through, the line will be discrete cells when we pass through on I-40. That means we could completely miss everything, or we could end up driving right through a cell with 3″ hail. I’m sure this will incredibly stressful, so we’re going to call it a night in Oklahoma City, just after the storm threat has passed.

There is a nonsensical model inndicating postfrontal rain through eastern Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and eastern New Mexico, developing after noon. Like I said, this looks like nonsense. There is no way that moisture is going to wrap in from the south end of this low through west Texas. We’ll be fine. We will end the day east of Albuquerque in Morarty, New Mexico

Finally, Wednesday we will reach some thermal ridging and be out of the threat for rain. Driving through western New Mexico and northern Arizona should be free and clear, with our day ending in Yuca, on the western part of the state. It’s going to be hot.

We’re looking at another day of wam weather without much going on with the weather. Sunny skies, not even much by way of fog in the valley in the morning, and we can check intto a very nce, very quaint Modesto.