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Weather Wayback…. Whatever it takes

Obviously, the Dakotas get their reputation as iceboxes for a reason, but in early December, -8 is still unusually cold.  That’s what registered on the thermometer early on the morning of December 10th as Anthony put together the forecast for Fargo, but there was good news on the way, as a dose of warm air was coming. Of course, to earn the warm up, there needed to be a slug of snow preceding the front. It wasn’t as much as many outlets anticipated, ceasing after just over a couple inches, In Fargo, just as big a deal was the fact that the snow was not accompanied by winds more than 14mph. Victoria-Weather had the best temperature forecast, and ultimately the best overall forecast.
Actuals – December 10th – .2 inches of snow, High 7, Low -8
December 11th – 2.1 inches of snow, High 13, Low -2

Grade – B-D

Fargo, North Dakota

Saturday is a big day in Fargo, as host school NDSU is taking on rival SDSU in the playoffs. Luckily, the game is played in the Fargodome, so the outside conditions won’t affect play. But how will it affect the thousands of fans making the trek to go see it?

At 153am CST, the temperature at Fargo, ND was -8 under partly cloudy skies. High pressure is found over the Dakotas early this morning, causing some downright frigid temperatures over the region. This feature is expected to weaken during the day as a disturbance continues to develop over the Northern Plains and into the Upper Midwest. Snow is expected to start in the late evening hours, but not really anticipated to pick up steam until Sunday morning as the main part of the system shifts into the Central Plains/Mid-MS River Valley. Luckily the temperatures will rebound into the teens thanks to the cloud cover and precipitation, but that’s it. Frigid temperatures will remain well into next week. Winter is taking expanding its icy grip on the region and won’t let go anytime soon.

Saturday: Scattered snow showers in the evening. High 7, Low -12.
Sunday: Heavier snow through afternoon then dissipating. High 15, Low 1.

TWC: Saturday: Mostly cloudy. High 7, Low -11.
Sunday: Morning snow showers. High 16, Low 4.

AW :Saturday: A little afternoon snow. High 4, Low -14.
Sunday: Snow at times. High 15, Low 1.

NWS: Saturday: Partly sunny then chance of snow. High 5, Low -9.
Sunday: Snow likely. High 14, Low 3.

WB: Saturday: 40% chance of light snow. High 1, Low -11.
Sunday: 70% chance of light snow. High 15, Low 1.

WN: Saturday: Mostly cloudy with light snow. High 9, Low -9.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy with light snow. High 14, Low 5.

FIO: Saturday: Light snow starting in the afternoon. High 9, Low -13.
Sunday: Snow (2-5″) until evening. High 15, Low -3.

A band of snow is developing over SD/NE and will shift east throughout the day. This feature will enhance throughout the next 24 hours and be the cause of the snow over the weekend.

A fine weekend for Fargo

I’m sitting over here kicking myself. I originally had a forecast of a few degrees warmer for Fargo, putting highs in the low 70s, but that was so much warmer than guidance or the competition, I balked. Anyways, the high ended up in the low 70s. Victoria-Weather was still the warmest, and claimed victory, bolstered by the fact that rain stayed well south of North Dakota’s largest city.
Saturrday – High 72, Low 40
Sunday – High 73, Low 49

Grade: C-D

Virginia Beach, Virginia to Fargo, North Dakota

This drive is going to take us through both cities that recently played in the World Series. The trip will cover 3 days and 1539 miles. Typically in November, this route would be seem silly, but the weather in the Dakotas has been terrific. Perhaps for that reason, we will average a pace of 67.9mph, expecting to cover 543 miles on a given day.  Gotta get there!

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Virginia Beach
High pressure is parked over the northeastern quadrant of the country. And it’s a ridge, too, none of that cold high pressure business that just sucks the life out of you in the middle of winter. Enjoy the drive, West Virginia is very nice to look at. We’ll stop for the day in Boston Heights, SSE of Cleveland.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
This is a really solid ridge in the heart of the country, I tell you. We’ll pass through Chicago and into southern Wisconsin without any issues. We’ll end the day in Wisconsin Dells, which is the Water Park Capital Of the World. Some might even be open with this late season surge in warmth.

DAY THREE (Monday)
A low moving through Canada is expected to tap into a plume of moisture dragged north from the Gulf of Mexico, but guidance is split on whether or not rain will fill in across Minnesota. It won’t be as heavy as it will be in western Ontario, certainly, and not as heavy as eastern Nebraska, either. The best chance for gaps will be right along our route, however from St. Cloud, Minnesota to Fargo, we should anticipate a little bit of rain, at the very least. Fargo will be a touch cooler than any other leg of the trip, but hey, we’re in NoDak!

Fargo, North Dakota

Hello, happy weekend everybody! Who wants to enjoy some fun forecasting in North Dakota?

At 753PM, CT, Fargo was reporting a temperature of 50 degrees with clear skies. Typically this time of year, a clear sky would mean a freeze warning, but the light southerly flow across the region is indicative of the Red River Valley’s position on the western end of a strong ridge in the center of the country.
Lee troughing will only amplify the warming flow as the weekend continues. There is an upper level trough moving into the region for the beginning of next week, but the threat for rain will hold off until next week. Instead, Fargo will be left with a very pleasant weekend forecast, particularly for the first weekend in November.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 70, Low 40
Sunday – Sunny with increasing clouds late, High 69, Low 44

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies. High 67, Low, 41
Sunday – Wind increasing. A few clouds from time to time. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible.High 67, Low47

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and pleasantly warm with the temperature approaching the record of 70 set in 1975 High 65, Low 40
Sunday – Breezy and mild with times of clouds and sun (late showers) High 64, Low 46

NWS: tomorrow – Sunny, High 65, low 41
Sunday – Sunny (late rain), High 65, Low 46

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 63, Low 40
Sunday – Partly Sunny, High 63, Low 47

WN: Tomorrow -Sunny, High 63, Low 43
Sunday – Mostly sunny, High 64, Low 46

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until morning. High 69, Low 41
Sunday – Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon. High 68, Low 46

The short range models have a real warming trend. I’m buying it, especially since it was 66 today. Satellite is extremely quiet tonight!


What snow is like in the Plains

The east coast, quite famously, received a boatload of snow this weekend. It’s going to take a few weeks for that snow to melt! Well, it snowed this weekend in Fargo as well. It was 1/10th of an inch of the white stuff and, well, that’s not going to melt for a while either. That’s what snow does in the Upper Midwest. There is a dusting, and then it just stays there until April. For our verification purposes, it’s important to note everyone expected a dry forecast, and that Forecast.io had the top temperature forecast.
Actuals: Saturday, High 32, Low 13
Sunday .01 inches of snow, High 34, Low 21

Grade: C

Idaho Falls, Idaho to Fargo, North Dakota

This is quite the remote trip, isn’t it? The drive from eastern Idaho to eastern North Dakota will cover a lot of eastern Montana and all of North Dakota, covering 964 miles and lasting a little longer than a day and a half. The course through the remotest part of the lower 48 will allow us a swift pace of 69.2mph. That means day one will consist of a 553 mile drive. Let’s get it started, then!

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Idaho Falls
Despite the climactic tumult found out east this weekend, it will be pretty quiet in the northern High Plains. A shortwave crashing into the coast over the Pacific Northwest will be chasing us for much of the day, but we should stay ahead of the wet weather for the day. It will be unusually warm, with temperatures near freezing throughout most of our drive, which will end at exit 192 off of I-94 in rural eastern Montana. It’s the best I can do.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
The system will really dry up overnight as it tries to get into the Dakotas. We will once again keep our distance between ourselves the precipitation. By the end of the day, it will snow in western North Dakota, but that will be long after we have passed through the region. Instead, we will end the trip in Fargo in unseasonably warm conditions, though with a chance for some snow coming Monday. At least the drive was nice.

Fargo, North Dakota

January in the Dakotas. This might ultimately be the coldest forecast of the year, which is actually pretty impressive. There is a surge of warm air reaching the Dakotas, so the subzero temperatures they can see this time of year are nowhere to be found. I am wasting all the good stuff here, let’s get to the forecast!

At 1053 AM, CT, Fargo was reporting a temperature of 8 degrees under clear skies. The warm up that is anticipated for the Plains still hasn’t arrived yet, with a swath of light snow in central Minnesota signifying the leading edge of the warmer air. Part of the reason that Fargo is cooler than many surrounding locales, however, is their clear skies, which allowed them to radiate overnight. The dry air does not bode well for the threat of snow today.
A wave moving through the Canadian Prairie will drive the pattern this weekend in Fargo. Expect southerly flow through the night tonight and into the day tomorrow, followed by a change in wind direction by Sunday, with a return of some cold air. Much like today, though, dry air in the Red River Valley will supercede the passage of the system. This will keep precipitation at bay, despite the the close call with the Clipper. Expect variable cloudiness and some gusty winds, which may lead to blowing snow, but no fresh white stuff.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 32, Low 10
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, High 32, Low 18

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy skies early then partly cloudy in the afternoon, High 30, Low 11
Sunday – Cloudy, High 28, Low 23

AW: Tomorrow – Not as cold with intervals of clouds and sunshine High 30, Low 10
Sunday – Mostly cloudy High 28, Low 22

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 29, Low 17
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, High 28, Low 21

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 29, Low 12
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, High 28, Low 20

WN Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 28, Low 10
Sunday – Mostly Cloudy High 28, Low 19

FIO: Tomorrow – Foggy overnight. High 35, Low 13
Sunday – Foggy starting in the evening. High 33, Low 24

In case you couldn’t tell, this forecast started to be written today, but I pulled in the numbers this evening. Hopefully everything turned out all right. The satellite image is from this evening, showing a plume of warm air heading north.

Indian Summer in North Dakota

We don’t often think “pleasant and in the mid-60s” when we think of late October temperatures in Fargo. Lo and behold, however, temperatures were able to climb all the way up to 65 and 67 on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. The price was paid on Thursday morning, however, as the clear skies that allowed the warm afternoon highs also allowed temperatures to drop to 35. This time of year, it could definitely be worse. Weatherbug and Weathernation tied for the top prize.
Actuals: Monday – High 65, Low 35
Tuesday – High 67, Low 43

Grade: B

Fargo, North Dakota to Ithaca, New York

Today we embark on a trip from the Eastern Dakotas to Southern New York. 1,308 miles separate Fargo and Ithaca, so it’ll be a 3-day trek to get there. Buckle up!



An area of low pressure is starting to develop over the Western High Plains, bringing some gusty southerly winds over the Dakotas and western Minnesota. However, with high pressure currently in place over the Upper Midwest, that should be the only negative on this pleasant weather day! Mostly sunny skies are expected for the entire day from Fargo down through Minneapolis and well into WI until we get to Madison, our stop for the night.


The high pressure shifts slightly east during the day, but luckily for us, the axis will be directly along our trip for the day! Some scattered clouds are possible as we depart Madison, but the rest of the day should be just as pleasant as yesterday, and with less winds as well! The biggest thing we’ll have to contend with is traffic and road construction as we drive through Chicago, through northern Indiana, and past Toledo as we end our night in Cleveland.


A pleasant day as we depart Cleveland will eventually lead into overcast skies as a low-pressure system continues to sit just off the New England coastline. Scattered showers are expected to start kicking up as we drive past Erie, PA and will become more of a steady nuisance as we pass Jamestown, NY. The winding roads and persistent showers will slow down our travels a bit, but eventually we’ll make it to Ithaca by mid-afternoon.