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Beaumont, Texas to Des Moines, Iowa

Today we head off on a tour of the Plains, from Beaumont, TX to the heart of Iowa, Des Moines! Just over 900 miles separate the two locales, so it’ll take a couple of days to make the trek. What will we encounter on the trip? Let’s find out!



Low clouds and perhaps some fog will greet us as we head north out of Beaumont, snaking along the TX/LA border for most of the day. Tail end of a cold front is lingering over the region, which triggered some severe weather in north TX earlier on Monday. We could see some showers and isolated thunderstorms persisting early in the morning, however, by the time we pass north of Nacogdoches, we should be clear of most of the inclement weather. High pressure is setting up over the Great Lakes and its influence stretches almost all the way down the MS River Valley, so the rest of the day’s trek up into Eastern OK and Western AR, finishing our day in Fayetteville.


The high pressure will continue to keep the route clear of any significant weather, with at worst some increasing southerly winds as we push through western MO and up I35 to Des Moines. Should be lots of sunshine and warming temperatures!

Des Moines

Des Moines starts the year right

When it’s January in Des Moines, all you really want is temperatures that are at least a little bit above freezing. Indeed, that’s the mark they reached on Tuesday this week. A little above freezing. Clouds were more effective at night, and a southerly flow was more effective during the day. Thus, it was a hair towards the warm end of forecasts. Forecast.io was the warmest of all forecasts, as they often are, and in this particular instance, it led to victory for our robot friends.
Actuals: Monday – High 27, Low 19
Tuesday – High 34, Low 17

Grade: B-C

Des Moines, Iowa

This was supposed to be the first forecast of the year. It still is, but it was supposed to be yesterday. Making the schedule like, 3 weeks in advance makes it tougher to follow. Sorry.

At 854AM, CT, Des Moines was reporting a temperature of 20 degrees with overcast skies and a fairly brisk north wind. Despite a fairly typical El Nino pattern of warmth in the northern Plains, there was a sharp upper level trough over Quebec, bringing a bit of moisture and the resultant northerly flow at the back end of the feature to Des Moiines. Thanks to a very active tropical jet along the Gulf Coast, moisture is not infiltrating the region, rendering the feature only a cloud producer, rather than a precipitation producer.
Fortunately, given the shortwaved nature of the upper level trough, it is expected to be ushered quickly to the east by a surface ridge. Flow will switch to become more southwesterly by the break of dawn on Tuesday, which will help to scour the lower clouds across the region. While Monday will remain mostly cloudy, Tuesday projects to be a significantly sunnier period.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 24, Low 16
Tuesday – Clearing and warmer in the afternoon, High 30, Low 16

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, HIgh 25, Low 16
Tuesday – Partly cloudy, High 30, Low 17

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 25, Low 15
Tuesday – Windy with some sunshine High 32, Low 15

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 25, Low 14
Tuesday – Mostly sunny High 32, Low 14

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 25, Low 14
Tuesday – Mostly sunny, High 32, Low 14

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 25, Low 14
Tuesday – Partly Cloudy igh 32, Low 14

FIO: Tomorrow – Foggy starting in the evening. High 27, Low 15
Tuesday – Foggy in the morning. High 35, Low 17

Wow, were those forecast models screwy. There as no direction to the forecast guidance, though I would say nearly everyone followed the NAM closely. It was significantly warmer and more diurnal than the GFS. Here is a look at the satellite, which shows the southern cutoff of cloud cover. More notable should be the western cutoff, which isn’t quite as evident thanks to snow on the ground, but it is southwest of Des Moines.
Des Moines

Above and beyond

We knew things would be good in Des Moines, and if you like toasty weather, well then the past couple of days were even better than expected. The temperatures were warmer than anyone had pegged, which is bad for Victoria-Weather, who went cold with our forecast, but good for the Weather Service, who came out on top.
Actuals: Sunday, High 77, Low 51
Monday, High 84, Low 52

Grade: A

Des Moines, Iowa

Today is seeing a strong line of thunderstorms move through the eastern Seaboard this afternoon. In Iowa, all eyes are on the football field, as Iowa is playing Iowa State. Neither school is in Des Moines.

At 354PM, CT, Des Moines was reporting a temperature of 80 degrees with clear skies and a brisk west wind. A short wave is moving through the western Great Lakes, directing an inbound flow that has been gusty across the region all afternoon.
A dominant ridge of high pressure will develop over the center of the country. On the western flank, there will be an increasing southerly flow, expected to warm things up a bit.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 70, Low 48
Monday – Sunny and a bit warmer, High 79, Low 49

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny High 75, Low 50
Monday – Sunny, High 81, Low 50

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and beautiful High 74, Low 50
Monday – Sunny and beautiful High 81, Low 52

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 75, Low 52
Monday – Sunny, High 82, Low 52

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 75, Low 49
Monday – Sunny, High 81, Low 52

Looking good, Midwest, unless you are in Kansas where you definitely need some rain.

State College, Pennsylvania to Des Moines, Iowa

Hey, another back to back day with the road trips, and we are headed west, young man. Should be an interesting 2 days, covering 884 miles with some inclement weather a certain possibility. This will break down to a speed of 62.7mph, and the first day in the car will cover 501.9 miles. Lets get rolling.


Let’s get this out of the way… a good half of the trip is going to be nasty. We will be in good shape from State College to about Cleveland, but after that, we will encounter a warm front testing the boundary between freezing and not. This is generally a very bad situation, and I don’t suspect tomorrow’s drive will be any different. We will be under the threat for freezing rain from about Cleveland to LaPorte, Indiana. Of course, with a system set up like this, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how everything will turn out, and there is a chance that there will be regular old rain, some snow or even some sleet (probably the best chance). In any case, it will likely be the worst kind of driving until w eget to Laporte, the destination for Day 1.

If there is any fortunate note to this trip it’s that Sunday will be a much easier day to navigate through Chicago. The weather will have cleared out, and while temperatures will be below freezing, there won’t be any precipitation. In fact, as we approach Des Moines, we will likely see temperatures back in the mid 30s. It will be quite the relief after the mess that Saturday will be.

Nice and toasty

When you live in a town like Des Moines, you tend to value any day past August that warms up to the 70s. Consider, then, that temperatures hit the mid 80s, both days in the forecast period. I think that most residents of southern Iowa are pleased with how things went. The Weather Channel is home to many non-residents that are pleased with how things went, I am sure, as they had the top forecast in Des Moines.
Actuals: Tuesday- High 86, Low 51
Wednesday – High 86, Low 54

Grade: A

Des Moines, Iowa

To kick off the workweek, we head off to the heart of Iowa! Figuratively of course, given I ran a marathon yesterday and takes me about an hour to walk to the kitchen, the internet is definitely the best way to travel today! The weather was beautiful over the Upper Midwest yesterday, will it continue?

At 3:54pm CDT, the temperature at Des Moines, IA was 80 degrees under fair skies. A large high pressure ridge has entrenched itself over the Central US and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. In fact, high pressure near Hudson Bay looks to build down in to the Great Lakes/MS River Valley region later on in the week. While a slow=-moving storm system moves out of the Northeast, and a pair of storms hit the Western US, most of the Central US will remain high and dry! Later on in the week, things could get a little blustery as southerly flow enhances ahead of a low pressure system getting going over the Northern Plains, but until then, sunshine and warm temps for Des Moines!

Tuesday: Sunny. High 82, Low 50.
Wednesday: Continued sunny, a few clouds perhaps. High 81, Low 55.

TWC: Tuesday: Sunny, High 85, Low 51.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 85, Low 57.

AW: Tuesday: Mostly sunny, a few clouds. High 78, Low 49.
Wednesday: Mostly sunny, nice and warm. High 80, Low 55.

NWS: Tuesday: Sunny. High 83, Low 49.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 82, Low 52.

WB: Tuesday: Sunny. High 82, Low 50.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 82, Low 52.

Most of the Plains are absent of clouds today, and looks to remain so through midweek. Perfect time to get in those last rounds of golf before the weather makes a permanent change for the cooler.

Miles above everyone else

The question in Des Moines was whether or not clouds would accompany a strong southerly flow associated with a strong low in the Dakotas. The clouds didn’t come, as it turned out, and only one provider foresaw a sunny day with temperatures in the 90s. As usual, that was the Weather Channel, who outclassed everyone by at least 10 degrees.
Actuals: Sunday – High 92, Low 67
Monday – High 90, Low 72

Grade: A

Des Moines, Iowa

Oh boy, high pressure!

At 1154AM, CT, Des Moines was reporting a temperature of 84 degrees with clear skies. A very well defined ridge existed in the eastern United States, while at the back edge of the ridge, a slow moving boundary fed off the northerly flow created by the anticyclonic flow.
A deep trough over the west will try to push east towards the ridge, but it is expected to hold up to the pressure of the advancing trough. A stronger southerly flow will be induced by the pressure gradient between the two systems, so expect some blustery but warm days for Des Moines.
Tomorrow – Sunny and breezy, High 88, Low 63
Monday – Increasingly cloudy, High 86, Low 68

TWC: Tomorrow – Mainly sunny. Hot. High 91, Low 66
Monday – A few clouds. High 89, Low 71

AW – Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and breezy High 86, Low 63
Monday – Mostly sunny, breezy and humid High 88, Low 69

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 88, Low 63
Monday – Mostly sunny High 89, Low 66

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, Breezy, High 88, Low 63
Monday – Mostly sunny, High 89, Low 67

That’s going to be tough on Monday. Will it cloud up, or will the warm advection dominate? It will be interesting to see.