That escalated quickly

After a year without August storms, and for weeks talking about how quiet the North Atlantic was. we now have three named features in the Atlantic, including Tropical Storm Harold on the Texas Coast, Tropical Storm Franklin south of Hispaniola, and Post Tropical Storm Gert, which is already winding down.

Harold is projected to keep moving due west towards Arizona after landfalling around Padre Island later this morning The Southwest, of course, is already bouncing back from Hilary and likely to see well over their normal allotment of rainfall.

Franklin is moving north, which means rain and potential for flooding across Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Surely not areas that will withstand flash flooding well, but at least Franklin presently isn’t a particularly windy storm, nor will it linger over the island. He may become a hurricane over the north Atlantic, passing near Bermuda.

Gert isn’t necessarily done, but she will wobble around the northern Lesser Antilles for a few days. After that, it’s still a mystery.

These aren’t going to be storms for the record books or anything like that, but business is definitely picking up.

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