Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville has a greater impact on the United States than you might expect. It’s home to Yum! Brands and UPS, and was the cihildhood home of Muhammed Ali and Diane Sawyer. The city is pretty proud of their history, so remember that next time you hear about the Kentucky Derby or Louisville Sluggers.

At 1058AM, CT, Louisville was reporting a temperature of 82 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. There is a weak trough moving through Kentucky this morning that is producing a band of cumulus from about Jackson, Ohio to Kentucky Lake. There may be a few showers associated with this this afternoon, but they will keep south of Louisville.
A narrow trough over the Great Lakes is the parent of this trough, but the ridge of hot weather that most of the nation is experiencing will force that boundary and any hospitable air back to the northeast. There may be a passing shower on Tuesday as this air mass transition takes place, but by Wednesday, this dome of hot air will take hold and suppress any convective activity. Record highs are possible.
Tomorrow – Isolated showers and storms, High 93, Low 71
Wednesday – Hot and humid, mostly sunny, High 96, Low 74

TWC: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 91, Low 69
Wednesday – Sunshine and clouds mixed (morning storms). High 95, Low 73

AW: Tomorrow – Humid with sun and some clouds; a thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon High 90, Low 69
Wednesday -Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 92, Low 73

NWS: Tomorrow – Isolated showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Mostly sunny, High 89, Low 68
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 90, Low 73

WB: Mostly sunny with isolated thunderstorms, High 89, Low 71
Wednesday – Mostly sunny, High 92, Low 70

WN: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms, High 89, Low 68
Wednesday – Partly cloudy with light rain showers, High 90, Low 73

CLI: Tomorrow – Light rain showers, High 90, Low 72
Wednesday – Partly cloudy, High 95, Low 73

The most interesting part of this forecast for me is that WeatherNation has the same temperatures but a different precipitation forecast than the Weather Service. Take a look at the satellite imagery below, showing that band of clouds south of Louisville.


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