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This is no time for a low temperature

Between the time we issued our forecast for Buffalo and now, the University of Buffalo won the MAC tournament and gained their first ever trip to the NCAA tournament. Congratulations! The weather could have been a little sunnier. The lowest temperatures of the day came smack dab in the afternoon yesterday, thanks to a cool, dreary fetch off of Lake Erie. Fortunately, it led only to fog and a couple of drizzle drops, but it certainly wasn’t festive weather. One outlet who can join the Bulls in their celebration is Accuweather, who coasted to victory.
Actuals: Friday – 51, Low 25
Saturday – .02 inches of rain, High 44, Low 25

Grade: A-C

Buffalo, New York

We’re off to western New York. I would say it’s no longer lake effect season, but it definitely still is.

At 1154PM, ET, Buffalo was reporting a temperature of 28 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The northeastern United State is currently within a shallow upper level trough, which isn’t enough to produce precipitations, but it holding the warmth seen to the south and west at bay.
The stronger jet that is near Buffalo will lift northeast through New England while a deeper trough, which will tap into a surface wave that is being seen over the Lower Mississippi Valley. As the trough wraps around the system, it will begin to kick it to the northeast. By the time Friday turns to Saturday, some precipitation will begin to move into the Buffalo area. Meanwhile, the northern jet will be fed by a trough that will develop over central Canada. This trough will pivot into the Buffalo area by Saturday afternoon. In the late afternoon, temperature profiles will be right for some snow to mix in with the light rain falling through the day, and will be amplified by an inverted trough extending into southern Quebec. Only a half inch or so of snow is expected for Buffalo, but resultant westerly winds will mean some lake effect snow through the night and into Sunday.
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, but pleasant High 46, Low 24
Saturday – Showers, with snow mixing in late, High 42, Low 32

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 51, Low 20
Saturday – Showers, High 42, Low 36

AW: Tomorrow – Milder with some sunshine giving way to clouds High 49, Low 26
Saturday – Cloudy with a couple of showers (snow late) High 44, Low 35

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 44, Low 22
Saturday – Rain, High 44, Low 35

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 49, Low 19
Saturday – Cloudy with a chance of rain. High 39, Low 37

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny High 45, Low 23
Saturday – Cloudy with Light Rain High 45, Low 37

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 44, Low 24
Saturday – Light rain until evening, starting again overnight. High 42, Low 34

That Saturday low will come at midnight, so this verification is going to come down to the wire. Here is a pretty calm satellite…. for now.

Durham, North Carolina to Buffalo, New York

We’re off on another pre-holiday trek. The drive will take us through the Appalachians over the course of a day and a half. The mileage on this trip is 687.83 miles, and our resulting rate of speed is going to be 60.25mph, which is fairly paltry. We can get 482 miles knocked out in one day, but we can leave the rest for Sunday.

Cold air is rushing into the east behind a cold front that brought a considerable amount of rain to the east coast today. Some of that rain, along with the cooler temperatures could lead to some morning fog that is reluctant to clear out in any particular hurry, especially as we start to head northwest from Winston-Salem. Mere heating of the day may clear things out through West Virginia, but some valleys will remain foggy through the entire day.We will make it into Pennsylvania, and even past Pittsburgh through Saturday, arriving in Zelienople on the north side of town by day’s end.

I should say that as we arrive in Zelienople, we may be graced by a snow band off of Lake Erie or Ontario, but we will only just be arriving in the snow as we end the day. As we begin on Sunday, however, our chances for seeing snow are much greater. In fact, I would go so far as to allege that we will be under threat of snow showers for the entirety of the trip between Zelienople and Buffalo. The heaviest, deepest snow will be south of Buffalo, likely near the state line. There will be a stray snow shower in Buffalo, though, giving the day a nice winter time feel.

Buffalo, New York

Beautiful Buffalo, on the shores of Lake Erie. It’s nice to think that lake effect snow isn’t in the forecast.

At 554PM, ET, Buffalo was reporting a temperature of 84 degrees with sunny skies. Warm weather throughout New York has helped generate strong to severe thunderstorms in the region. Buffalo found itself just west of a severe thunderstorm watch. Clusters of thunderstorms still surrounded the area, including a line moving through Toronto and another south of town near Bradford, Pennsylvania.
The flow will continue to be from the southwest tonight, tapping into a remaining field of moisture in the Ohio Valley. Because of this, there will continue to be a threat of rain and thunderstorms overnight tonight and into the morning tomorrow. There may be a window of dryer air in the late morning tomorrow with a narrow dry slot after this slow moving cold front shifts into western New York. An inverted chasing trough will then move in, bringing more stratiform, chilly rain. This will blunt the effect of the cold front, as Buffalo won’t cool off quite as much tomorrow night, but it will also slow the warm up on Friday as conditions clear out.
Tomorrow – Early showers and storms, becoming a more steady rain in the afternoon, High 68, Low 47 (non standard)
Friday – Rain early, with some clearing by late afternoon, High 57, Low 41

TWC: Tomorrow – PM T-Storms High 68, Low 49
Friday – AM Showers High 58 Low 43

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, breezy and cooler with a shower or thunderstorm around High 68, Low 50
Friday – A passing morning shower; otherwise, windy and colder with clouds giving way to some sun High 54, Low 42

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers, mainly after 2pm High 69, Low 52
Friday – Showers likely, mainly before 9am. Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny High 63, Low 44

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers in the morning…then showers in the afternoon High 67, Low 53
Friday – Cloudy with showers in the morning…then partly sunny with a chance of showers in the afternoon High 57, Low 44

Looks awfully nice, doesn’t it? One week until June! Radar is a little bit interesting.

Buffalo, New York to Yakima, Washington

It’s been a while since I drew a cross country road trip, but here we are. It will take 4 1/2 days to get from Buffalo to Yakima at a pace of 65.9mph. Those first 4 days will be through after about 527.1 miles a day. Can we manage all this? I think we can.

No matter where you live in the country, save for the southwest, you know about the system that will cause us problems on day one. It brought rain and snow to the northwest, severe weather to the southeast, snow to the Midwest and torrential rain to the northeast. As we leave Buffalo on Saturday morning, the remaining influence of this system will be an inverted trough stretching from Maine to the Dakotas. The rotation through the Great Lakes will bring about the possibility of a few broken ceilings and some isolated snow showers, but considering the tumult this storm has wrought, I think we should count our blessings. We will end the day in Chicago, right off the Dan Ryan in the center of town.

The next system moving through the country will move into the Northern Plains as we sleep Wednesday night, and essentially , we will be following the warm front until we get to Tomah Wisconsin. I hope that it will be warm enough the whole day, and we deal only with rain through the period. There is an above average chance that we see some mixed or even freezing precipitation through southern Wisconsin. Moving through southeastern Minnesota, there is a good chance that there will be enough energy with the system that we hear a rumble of thunder or even a report of a cold air funnel. That won’t last long, though. Not far west of Rochester, the cold front will have passed us by and we will see another round of cold northwest wind infiltrating Minnesota. Chilly with another wintry mix by the time we reach Adrian, Minnesota, in the southwestern corner of that state. No freezing rain, just a rain/snow mix, though, so it’s a marginal improvement.

South Dakota is in the dry slot! The dry slot, for those that don’t know, involves a well wound system pulling in a plume of dry air that wedges between an inverted trough and a cold front. In this case, Monday it will lie over South Dakota in a west-east fashion, which is fairly unusual. We’ll take it! We will make it to the southeastern corner of Montana and the town of Alzada just as the spectre of a flurry fill night fills the Prairie sky. Ooh, poetic.

We are In for a cloudy day across Montana. An inverted trough will lie draped over he state. It will be light precipitation and it will be fairly intermittent and unobtrusive, but still, come on. It’s April. We will get to Drummond, Montana, within the Rockies, with fairly little delay to end our day on Tuesday.

Wednesday looks good in the northern Rockies! Our drive through the remainder of Montana, northern Idaho and Washington will be mercifully uneventful. About time.

A wonderland not quite as white

Buffalo is a city that has to endure the whims of a couple of Great Lakes and the winds that come off of them. Everyone to a person felt that the city would have to endure two more days of snow, even if it was light. Alas, it was not too bad. In fact, there was no accumulation measured on Friday, and now snow even reported on Saturday. Usually, Buffalo and snow aren’t so fickle. Temperatures were a hair warmer than anticipated, which leant itself to a victory for Victoria-Weather! We’re #1!
Actuals: Friday, snow reported but not measured, High 33, Low 27
Saturday – High 34, Low 29

Grade: C

Buffalo, New York to Great Falls, Montana

We are going from one set of Falls, Niagara, to Great Falls. I assume because of the name, the Montana version is greater. It’s a 4 day trip, with the 4th day being the shortest. We will be covering 1911 miles at a pace of 64.4mph, which means the three longer days will be over after we have covered 515.6 miles on the road. Let’s head from lake effect to Chinook effect weather, and see what lies between.

A weak little area of high pressure will move into the eastern Great Lakes tomorrow,, which will actually stabilize the atmosphere and lead to calm winds between Buffalo and Cleveland, and indeed on towards Indiana. It’s a little surprising, but we won’t have to deal with the lake effect on our way out of Buffalo, or in Erie or Cleveland, notoriously snowy environs! That said, there is a weak wave developing over the Mid Mississippi Valley, which will be headed towards Chicago at about the same time as we will be arriving there. After passing through South Bend, Indiana, we may begin to see the first signs of precipitation. It will be falling as light snow, which will probably be just enough to tie up traffic, even on the weekend, in Chicago. The snow will be driven by southwesterly flow, and not anything off of Lake Michigan, so it won’t be terribly heavy, and will be fairly gentle. We will spend the night in Whiting, Indiana, which is just across the border from Chicago. In fact, it’s north of East Chicago. I hear it’s a nice neighborhood.

The snow will still be falling in Chicago as we leave, and we will still have to contend with the flurries as far west as Rockford, but there will be an abrupt clearing when we hit north central Illinois and central Wisconsin. We will have an easy passage through the Twin Cities, eventually settling in around Melrose, Minnesota, which is west of Saint Cloud.

We will definitely be hitting the Plains on Monday. After a fairly easy journey though Fargo, winds will begin to pick up around Bismarck. The brisk southerly wind will mean a warm up, but will portend to a snowy future. As we approach the Montana border, the threat for flurries will pick up west of Dickinson. The emptiness of the Prairie will lead to some reduced visability for the remaining drive for the day, despite the fact that there won’t be much snow. This is how winter works in this part of the world. We will end the day around Glendive, Montana, just in time to end the part of our trip that will use interstates.

A nice thing for eastern Montana is that most of the weather that comes from the north Pacific wastes itself in the mountains along the Idaho border. There will be a doozy of a system slamming into the high country west of Great Falls all day on Tuesday, and really, overnight on Monday as well. It may get a little cloudy and foggy through the part of Montana we will see, but trust me, it could be a whole lot worse. There is a very good chance that our entire trip between Glendive and Great Falls will be dry. To stay on the safe side, I will say there might be a flurry around the Musselshell River, but as long as we stop in Great Falls and don’t keep headed west, we should be fine.

Buffalo, New York

In the Twin Cities today, it was just so cold it kept snowing even with clear skies. In Buffalo, the snow is much more easily explained. And theirs accumulates.

At 429PM, ET, Buffalo was reporting a temperature of 28 degrees with snow. A series of weak waves was passing through the Great Lakes as a more general dome of Arctic high pressure has seeped into the eastern 2/3rds of the country, driving stronger systems away from most of the country.
One such weak clipper is moving into the western Great Lakes, inducing a southwesterly flow, which is bringing fairly heavy snow to Buffalo off of Lake Erie. This snow will continue through the night and most of the day tomorrow as the low moves into New England. Later in the day, winds will shift to northerly, and light snow will be the result of flow over Lake Ontario. The next wave will develop over the upper Midwest as the initial low moves to the Canadian Maritimes. This system will be even weaker, which means the threat for snow is lessened, as flow may not be enough to carry the moisture into town. Still, expect a few inches of accumulation in Buffalo between now and Saturday.
Tomorrow – Snow likely, especially in the morning, High 32, Low 24
Saturday – Lighter snow expected, but still possible, High 34, Low 26

TWC: Tomorrow – Few Snow Showers / Wind High 28, Low 24
Saturday – Flurries High 28, Low 26

AW: Tomorrow – Clouds breaking for some sun with a couple of snow showers; windy High 30, Low 23
Saturday – Times of clouds and sun (flurries snow) High 32, Low 25

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of snow showers before 8am, then areas of snow showers and freezing drizzle. Partly sunny, High 31, Low 28
Saturday – A chance of snow showers and freezing drizzle, mainly before noon. Partly sunny High 30, Low 26

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow showers. High 32, Low 26
Saturday – Partly sunny with a slight chance of snow showers. High 30, Low 24

Hmm, the Weather Service is calling for freezing drizzle. Not buying it. Clouds are low in western New York, so it doesn’t look to impressive on radar, but it’s snowing to beat the band. Poor band.


On the good side of the storm

Things were very dicey yesterday from the Ohio Valley south to the Alabama and Georgia, with widespread, strong tornado producing thunderstorms. Dozens were killed, and towns were completely leveled. We will have a full recap tomorrow when more statistics become available. For our purposes, we can say that Buffalo was on the good side of the horrible storm. They saw only a chilly rain at the north end of the system, measuring to about .3″ when all was said and done. Thanks to a fairly optimistic forecast yesterday, Weatherbug nailed down another very good forecast.
Actuals: Friday – .19″ of rain, High 42, Low 35
Saturday – .14″ of rain, High 50, Low 35

Grade: A

Naples, Florida to Buffalo, New York

Here we are, about to span most of the Eastern Seaboard (in a sense) on today’s road trip. 1,387 miles separate these 2 cities, which will take us 3 days to cover.


The cold front that’s been causing havoc over the Eastern US will pretty much clear the Eastern Seaboard throughout the day today, with the tail end of it lingering over the Deep South as it becomes stationary and eventually dissipates. Outside of some morning fog, we shouldn’t have any problems with the weather as we head northwards through the FL Peninsula and past Jacksonville into coastal Georgia. A few rain showers are possible between Jacksonville and Savannah as we move on through during the afternoon hours, but nothing too horrendous is anticipated. Otherwise it should be smooth sailing as we stop in Ridgeland, SC for the night.


Cloudy skies are expected for the morning as we continue our northward trek today, this time making our way through the Carolinas and ultimately the Virginias. With another low pressure system intensifying in the Central US and pushing a cold front through the MS River Valley by midday, things could get harrowing later on in the day. First off, however, we might have some showers and scattered thunderstorms to contend with by midday as we make our way towards the Charlotte area. As we make our way through the thin portion of Virginia and up into West Virginia, we’ll still have to content with showers and perhaps a couple thunderstorms as we finally make our way into Beckley, West Virginia, our stop for Night 2.


Hopefully you got some sleep during the overnight, with the cold front pushing through Beckley and all. Looks like there’s a chance of some heavy thunderstorms moseying on through during the early morning hours, so be on the lookout when you’re getting ready during the morning. If this cold front is a little faster than currently forecast, then conditions should clear up very well by midday with just some clouds lingering over WV and PA. Otherwise, it still could be a rather rainy start to the day as we drive through Morgantown and eventually through Pittsburgh. Either way, the precip should be out of our way by the early afternoon hours, making for a clean finish to the trip as we roll past Erie and finally into Buffalo!