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Spring Preview ends

The temperature on Wednesday climbed all the way up to 66 on Wednesday in York. It managed to reach 55 yesterday. Of course, last night before midnight, the temperature was down to 27 degrees, and the rain that had been looming in the region had changed over to snow. The top forecast belonged to Accuweather, as they properly anticipated the end to the warm up.
Wednesday – Rain reported, not measured, High 66, Low 33
Thursday – Rain and snow reported, not measured, High 55, Low 27

Grade: C

York, Pennsylvania to Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Our day and a half trip from Pennsylvania to Alabama will follow the course of the Appalachians until the high country ends in northeastern Alabama. This is a 876 mile trek, and our ground speed is going to be 63.9mph, so on that first day, we will cover 511 miles. Hopefully the rain can end for us, because driving through the rain in the mountains is no fun.

There may be a little bit of snow falling in York as we try to get out of town tomorrow, with temperatures dropping precipitously behind the very strong cold front moving through the eastern US. A formidable westerly flow behind this system will bring about some snow showers on the western exposures of the Appalachians in West Virginia, but we will instead spend most of our day in western Virginia. The difference is subtle, but very real. Our threat for snow will end around the time we cross into Maryland, so we shouldn’t have many problems as we head south to Morristown, Tennessee, where we will pack it in for the night.

Overnight, a finishing blow with this deep trough will wrap south from the Ohio Valley, and the Smokeys, as well as I-40 just off to the west of the mountains will see a quick coating of snow before we leave for the day. After we pass through Chattanooga and continue on our trek to the southwest, we should be AOK, with no precipitation issues. It will be a bit cooler than you might expect for a trip to Alabama, but if we stick around, it will eventually warm up!

St. Cloud, Minnesota to York, Pennsylvania

A fun road trip is in store! From my old college stomping grounds of St. Cloud (and also Marshall Eriksen’s hometown, for you How I Met Your Mother fans), to the scenic York, PA. It’s a long 1,147 miles between the two, but should be able to cover it in 2 days if all goes well. Let’s depart from the banks of the Mississippi and see where the road takes us!

Saint Cloud


Downtown St. Cloud is featured in the above picture. I’ve been to D.B. Searle’s a few times and is a very nice bar to visit (two of the main bars I visited were on the opposite side of the street, but I digress). Anyways, once we head out of town and down I-94, we’ll cruise around the Twin Cities and continue into western Wisconsin. It’s gonna be overcast and windy all morning, but luckily the wind is coming from the northwest, so while it’ll be chilly, it will at least be helping us along!… Until we get to central Wisconsin. An area of low pressure intensifying as it moves through the Great Lakes and trails a strong cold front through the Ohio Valley, and area of snow will dump onto the Midwest from Central Iowa through WI into Upper Michigan. By the time we make it to the Wisconsin Dells, the roads are going to be a complete mess, the winds will be whipping it around as well, and our two day trip is going to turn into three. We’re shacking up in snowy Madison for the night.


Well, they plowed out the parking lot and the roads during the overnight, so back on the road we go! The storm system has moved on and really all there is to contend with is a persistent northwest wind, which should be of at least partial assistance throughout the day. We’ll head eastward past Milwaukee then Chicago as we continue through northern Indiana. We might get some lake effect coming off of Lake Michigan as we head by South Bend, but hopefully the bands haven’t gotten too organized by the time we pass by there early afternoon. We’ll continue on and stay the night near Cleveland.


Well, this trip COULD be done in two days, but this time we’ll need a third. Thankfully, this day three shouldn’t be too bad as broad northwest flow continues behind the storm system. We could see some sporadic snow showers in upslope flow as we head past Pittsburgh into the Appalachians, but they shouldn’t be too heavy. We should be well into the clear by the time we make it to Harrisburg, and just a little jaunt southward from there to York!


York, Pennsylvania

I am distraught that I didn’t get to do the forecast for St. Cloud, home of my alma mater, and I still visit 3-4 times a year to take in hockey games. They’re #1 in the WCHA right now! York, PA doesn’t have a D-1 hockey team, but they get my undivided attention today as we see a large weather system heading their way. Let’s see what it has in store for them!

At 1253pm EST, the temperature at York, PA was 57 degrees under fair skies with some haze. A large storm system is continuing to develop over the Central US, producing a large swath of heavy rains and thunderstorms, and an area of heavy snow that will trek its way from eastern Nebraska into Upper Michigan over the next 24 hours. Many severe thunderstorm and tornado watches were issued over the Southern Plains and up into the MS Valley. Over 100 severe reports have been logged throughout the day, and some areas could still see it tonight as they rumble into the OH and TN Valleys. While most of the severe stuff will remain over the Mid-Atlantic and Deep South for Wednesday, some thunderstorms are still possible in southern PA during the late afternoon and evening hours as the front makes its way into the region. Heavy rains are expected as the system rolls in Wednesday evening and persists into early Thursday morning. Gusty winds will also accompany this system as it moves through, and will persist well through Thursday, although the area will dry out by mid-morning. The sun might peek though at some points in the afternoon, but the temperatures will drop throughout the day as a significantly colder airmass invades the region. Enjoy the warm temps tomorrow York, they’ll be going bye-bye in a hurry!

Wednesday: Scattered afternoon showers, increasing rains and chances of thunderstorms late evening into overnight hours. High 64, Low 48.
Thursday: Heavy rain ends early as front moves through by daybreak, dry weather and mostly cloudy skies for remainder of day, with gusty winds. Temperatures drop throughout the day. High 58, Low 29.

TWC: Wednesday: Rain and thunderstorms possible. High 61, Low 44.
Thursday: Few early morning showers, then clearing but windy. High 49, Low 30.

AW: Wednesday: Rain expected, a thunderstorm possible. High 63, Low 43.
Thursday: Clouds and sun, much cooler, a couple of isolated showers end by 2am. High 53, Low 28.

NWS: Wednesday: Heavy rain expected, amounts of 1-2″ possible. High 62, Low 43.
Thursday: Heavy rain trails off early morning, showers depart by midday, becomes partly sunny for afternoon. High 43, Low 28.

WB: Wednesday: Showers and thunderstorms expected in afternoon and evening, possibly heavy at times. High 59, Low 43.
Thursday: Showers with an isolated thunderstorm ends by dawn, dry with decreasing temperatures throughout remainder of day. High 51, Low 36.

Here we see the system rolling its way through the central US. Watch out PA, it’s setting its’ sights on YOU!


Bridgeport, Connecticut to York, Pennsylvania

We’re on the road for just a short little trip today. Well, tomorrow. It’s only about 4 1/2 miles to get from southeastern Massachusetts to eastern Pennsylvania. We will cover 245 miles that will be north of a large swath of the country that suffered some serious storm damage as a derecho tracked from Chicago to Washington DC. More on that tomorrow. For now, a road trip!

The heat across the east will continue thanks to a strong ridge across the region. Temperatures in the 100s are a distinct possibility for the region. As the derecho event yesterday taught us, however, there are many surface boundaries that may not translate into a front that we can define on a map. If storms get going, it could be trouble for a large swath of the country, and it’s difficult in the short term, let alone a day out, to ascertain where those storms may develop. As of this moment, model indication is that the firing line for strong thunderstorms, at least early in the day, will be well south of our route. After about 1, however, some isolated thunderstorms, likely more of the garden variety, will begin to crop up all around our route. The Ohio Valley is still a little jumpy with thunderstorms, certainly, but I think our biggest concern as he head for York should be the steamy heat.

A Nor’Easter?

Well, OK, not entirely, but an area of low pressure that developed off the coast shifted off the eastern seaboard like a Nor’Easter, though it wasn’t truly one. It drew northerly flow into the York area for the past two days which, against all forecasts (especially those who called for sunny skies), the atmosphere squeezed out a couple of drops each day of the forecast. It wasn’t a great forecast (nor was it great weather), but Victoria Weather and Accuweather hauled down the top forecast.
Actuals: Saturday, .05 inches of rain, High 62, Low 46
Sunday, .01 inches of rain, High 69, Low 44

Grade: D

York, Pennsylvania

Believe it or not, this is the first forecast I have of the week.

At 353PM, ET, York was reporting a temperature of 60 degrees with clear skies. Clouds and even some isolated showers were developing across the Appalachians, but York looks to be in good shape for the next several days.
Upper level flow was strong just to the south of York, which indicates cool temperatures will continue across southern Pennsylvania, while the flow moving across the mountains will bring some high overcast, which will keep the low temperatures from getting too unbearably chill.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 67, Low 42
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, High 69, Low 45

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day High 70, Low 48
Sunday – Sunny skies high 70, Low 50

AW: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine; delightful in the afternoon High 68, Low 44
Sunday – Partly sunny and nice High 68, Low 45

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 67, Low 43
Sunday – Patchy fog before 8am. Otherwise, partly sunny, High 68, Low 48

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 68, Low 44
Sunday – Patchy fog in the morning. Mostly sunny. High 69, Low 48

The models have been pretty spot on today, but the forecasters are staying warmer than indicated. I am sticking to the guidance. The satellite gives you my reason. High clouds! Stay tuned, below the satellite is the blog round up for York, PA

WHTM offers up Brett’s Weather Blog, with meteorologist Brett Thackara.
Also, the Mid-Atlantic Weather Blog at Weather Underground should be good for touching upon the York area.

Thunderstorms rock the York area

Strong thunderstorms were fairly frequent across eastern Pennsylvania the past couple of days. York saw the strongest of them Thursday evening, when a cell brought gusts to 35mph to the airport. These storms were definitely aided by temperatures that were near 90 on Thursday. Temperatures weren’t quite as toasty on Friday, with temperatures only hitting 92, much cooler than the consensus forecast. Victoria-Weather had the top forecast this time around.
Actuals: Thursday – .62 inches of rain/thunderstorms, High 89, Low 63
Friday – .09 inches of rain/thunderstorms, High 82, Low 63

Grade: A

Billings, Montana to York, Pennsylvania

We are off on a heck of a Memorial Day road trip. It’s going to take us 4 days to get to York, which is 1905 miles from Billings. The rapid pace of Montana will blend with the glacial Pennsylvanian speed limits, and we will have an average rate of 64.1mph… Looks like those pokey speeds in the east will win out. This means our first three days (the 4th will be shorter) will see us cover 513 miles. That’s not what we are accustomed to out west, but then, we aren’t spending a lot of time out west. Tally ho!


We’re going to be getting out of Billings just in time in the morning. A sharp upper level trough will aid in the development of a low over the northern Rockies tomorrow morning, and it will begin to kick up a few showers and thunderstorms over eastern Montana, advancing into western South Dakota as the afternoon rolls on. We will outpace the wet weather, however, reaching about Rapid City by the time the convection begins, and that convection won’t reach Rapid City until we are tucked into our beds or sleeping bags in Reliance, South Dakota, which lies just west of the Missouri.

Our second day on the road won’t be as fortunate, with rain overtaking us as we sleep in South Dakota, and won’t be too far away from us as we drive through Minnesota and Wisconsin. It doesn’t appear like thunderstorms are going to be too awful as we drive west, but this time of year, the threat is always there for a heavy storm. The best chance for that will be just as we start and as far east as southwestern Minnesota, but as we make our way towards Illinois, I think we will be fine. We will arrive in Marengo, Illinois, just before we arrive in Chicago.

the third day om the car, Saturday, will once again begin wet. Northern Illinois will have a few morning showers, but the entire system is going to be shunted north as we drive. There may be some afternoon thunderstorms in western Pennsylvania, but the drive through Indiana and Ohio will be fine. Warm and humid, but fine. Our day will end around Pittsburgh with an isolated shower cropping up in the high country of Pennsylvania

Finally, a day without worry! Hot, humid, wonderful Memorial Weekend weather will accompany us through Pennsylvania. Expect no problems as we thunder on into York in the early afternoon on Sunday.

York, Pennsylvania

We go to southeastern Pennsylvania, in line for a few thunderstorms. The worst of it is off to their north right now.

At 1153PM, ET, York was reporting a temperature of 71 degrees with clear skies. A warm front sat just to the northwest of State College and Williamsport, and was generating a strong line of thunderstorms that stretched from north of Wellsville, New York to Clearfield, Pennsylvania and was racing east, pushing an outflow boundary that may eventually clip York, but the city should remain dry tonight.
The original jet trough had been cut off and shortwaved through the southern Plains, but a stronger system over eastern Canada (barometrically speaking) will draw flow towards it, leaving the jet to pass over western Pennsylvania. This will turn what is presently a warm front into a cold front as the Canadian system will begin to drive cooler air to the southeast. This swap will cause the boundary to hesitate before it marches east. Rain will eventually fall in York, along with a few thunderstorms, but not until tomorrow evening. After this point, the chance for showers and thunderstorms will continue to plague the region for the next 36 hours, though it will be warm in York, and the threat for rain, while constant, will not be steady.
Tomorrow – Warm, with thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and evening. High 89, Low 63
Friday – Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms, but partly sunny, High 86, Low 64

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. Hot (evening thunderstorms. High 91, Low 64
Friday – Scattered thunderstorms High 86, Low 68

AW: Humid with periods of clouds and sun (early showers and storms) High 86, Low 64
Friday – Times of clouds and sun with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm; very warm and humid High 84, Low 65

NWS: Tomorrow – A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon. Mostly sunny, High 86, Low 63
Friday – A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny High 84, Low 67

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Very warm. High 86, Low 65
Friday – Partly sunny with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 84, Low 67

That is a nasty looking squall rolling through northern PA. Still, not as bad as the rest of the country