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Williamsport, Pennsylvania to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We’re hitting the road again for a day and a half. Well, that may be optimistic. We will be driving right into the teeth of an area of low pressure sliding out of the Midwest. We’ll see rain change to snow over the course of our 702 mile drive. In perfect conditions, we would produce a 63mph pace. These won’t be perfect conditions. Nevertheless, we won’t rest until we have covered 504 miles on Tuesday.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
It will already by drizzling as we leave Wlliamsport, with the occluded/cold front reaching us not long after we get underway. Heavy rain will be expected between Clearfield and Brookville. After we have passed Brookville, we will be behind the front and temperatures will begin to drop. Chilly drizzle will be seen throughout Ohio, but we will start to find ourselves within a dry slot as we pass by Toledo. There may be a bit of snow mixing in with the rain, from Toledo to Elkhart, Indiana, but precipitation by this point will be light, and temperatures will be warm, so accumulation and an icy I-90 are not expected. The dreary day will end on the east side of Elkhart.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
All of the rain and snow will be to our north and east as we head through the Chicago area, but the cloudy skies won’t do the skyline justice. It could be a nice drive through Chicago, though, because we won’t have to worry about glare, and we won’t have to worry about snow. Just stay in your lane and good luck navigating one continuous metropolis from Elkhart to Milwaukee.