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Vineland, New Jersey to South Bend, Indiana

This is my first road trip in a while, and it isn’t going to be terribly pleasant. First off, I can’t figure out why anyone would actually want to go TOO South Bend (truth time.. I am a Purdue grad, fierce rival of Notre Dame and those in South Bend) and second, it will rain lots. The trip will be a day and a half covering 710 miles. The rate will be 61.4mph. and 491 miles on that first day. Change the wiper blades, and let’s be on our way.


I suspect tomorrow will be very similar to what we had today, several bands of rain streaming across Pennsylvania, where we will spend most of our day. It may at times be a bit heavier, especially on the western slopes of ridges, and will certainly be overcast for most of the day. The really heavy rain will develop after we get into Ohio, and will fall near Harrisburg, but even as we stop in Vermillion, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, there will be a chance for light rain, and it will certainly be overcast.
One thing is for sure. The threat for heavy rain will be gone on our second day of driving, but the overcast will continue and drizzle will be an ever present threat. But come on, you’re going to South Bend, shouldn’t the weather be daunting?

Springfield, Massachusetts to Vineland, New Jersey

A fairly short trip we have in store for us today, 271 miles of roadway including the fine cities of New York and Philadelphia. However, it won’t be sunshine and rainbows for our little trip.

A large cut-off low pressure system is continuing to camp out over the Carolinas and Virginia, and with a large blocking pattern in place, isn’t going anywhere soon. Constant southeast flow sitting north of a stationary front off the New England coast. Low clouds, fog, and persistent rain showers will rule the day for pretty much the entire trip through western Connecticut, past New York City, and through the heart of New Jersey. Skies and fog could lighten up some in the early afternoon as we get closer to our destination, but could be countered with bouts of heavier rain and perhaps a few isolated thunderstorms traversing the region. All told, a day better off stuck in a car than trying to watch a kids’ soccer game.

Vineland, New Jersey

In the not too distant past, I did a forecast for Vineland. Turns out it’s so popular, it came back up! Can VW redeem itself and claim a top forecast?

At 9:54PM EDT, the temperature at Vineland, NJ was 63 degrees under cloudy skies. A cutoff area of low pressure continues to sit over the Carolinas and Virginia today, wrapping rain and some scattered thunderstorms up over the Eastern US from Eastern GA to New England. With the low camping out south of our area, a persistant southeasterly flow will stream over NJ, bringing an almost constant stream of moisture over Vineland. Heavy rains are possible on Tuesday through the early afternoon, with somewhat of a lull through the evening into early Wednesday before picking up once again. A slight chance of some embedded thunderstorms is possible on Tuesday, with more general rains on Wednesday. In any event, it’s going to be a soggy couple of days for the Northeast, and Vineland could see 2 inches of precip by the time Thursday.

Tuesday: Heavy rains possible, couple isolated thunderstorms possible. High 71, Low 58.
Wednesday: More rain showers, possibly heavy at times. High 74, Low 58.

TWC: Tuesday: Rains expected, with a few passing thunderstorms. High 68, Low 61.
wednesday: Thundershowers expected throughout the day. High 73, Low 62.

AW: Tuesday: A few thunderstorms. High 67, Low 58.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with a few thunderstorms. High 72, Low 61.

NWS: Tuesday: Heavy rains expected. High 66, Low 60.
Wednesday: Rain continues. High 69, Low 59.

WB: Tuesday: Rain with isolated thunderstorms. High 66, Low 60.
Wednesday: Periods of rain. High 69, Low 58.

Here we see some of the colder cloudtops shifting towards the Delmarva region, which are bringing more rains to the area. There will be a whole lot of that going on over the next 48 hours.

Not bad for Non-standard

A cold front swept through Vineland, New Jersey Tuesday evening and was on it’s way out of town by morning. There was a brief bit of rain (OK almost an inch) in the morning as it continued towards the coast, but the real challenge was temperatures, which were at their warmest just after midnight and coolest just before Wednesday turned to Thursday. It turns from a daily forecast at that point to more of an hourly ‘cast, trying to figure out just how cold it will be when the day changes. The Weather Service did well with their forecast, and earned the top spot in New Jersey.
Actuals: Wednesday – .91 inches of rain, High 64, Low 45
Thursday – High 66, Low 42

Grade: A

Vineland, New Jersey

With most of the country seeing some quiet weather today, the East Coast is under assault by a cold front. How much action will they see from it?

At 1154AM EDT, the temperature at Vineland, NJ was 62 degrees under fair skies. The aforementioned low front is continuing it’s slow push towards the east, but should speed up some during the day tomorrow as it clears the Northeast, with the front itself expecting to push through the Vineland area during the morning hours. Rain showers are expected to move through throughout the morning hours, with perhaps a few embedded thunderstorms as the activity traverses the region. Conditions should begin to clear out by late afternoon as the stronger west-northwest flow scours the region. Temperatures will be non-standard for the day on Wednesday, meaning the high temperature for the day will be during the early morning hours, and drop throughout a good chunk of the day. Never fear, however, as high pressure moves in for Thursday and temperatures rebound slightly under more friendly skies.

Wednesday: Morning showers, thunderstorm perhaps? Clearing late and windy. High 65, Low 51.
Thursday: Decreasing clouds. High 67, Low 41.

TWC: Wednesday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 65, Low 50.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 65, Low 45.

AW: Wednesday: Thunderstorms possible early, then couple of showers. High 60, Low 49.
Thursday: Clouds with sun, windy but warmer. High 69, Low 44.

NWS: Wednesday: Showers expected early. High 63, Low 47.
Thursday: Partly sunny. High 67, Low 41.

WB: Wednesday: Thunderstorms expected. High 62, Low 49.
Thursday: Partly sunny. High 67, Low 42.

Here we see the very evident cold front sweeping through the Eastern US. Thankfully it’s not nearly as potent as fronts that have moved through the region over the last couple of weeks. They could definitely use a break from that.