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The second time around

We returned to St. Cloud for the second time in about a week, and things seem to have been better for forecasters, though a quick moving batch of rain likely made things a bit worse, weather-wise. Of course, that rain fell only from Saturday night to Sunday morning, so perhaps St. Cloud residents were able to stay dry, which means this weekend everyone was happy! The National Weather Service had the best weekend, winning the best forecast with ease.
Actuals: Saturday – .22 inches of rain, High 53, Low 43
Sunday – .03 inches of rain, High 54, Low 36

Grade: B-C

St. Cloud, Minnesota

I’m not sure that there is a historical figure named St. Cloud, but I do know that there are two towns in the country named after him. We’re going to check out the one in Minnesota today.

At 1053AM, CT, St. Cloud was reporting a temperature of 51 degrees with clear skies. St. Cloud found itself this morning on the back side of a ridge of high pressure centered over the Ohio Valley, with low pressure developing in the Canadian Prairies. The position is allowing St. Cloud the sunny skies today, but is also leading to a brisk southwest wind, and warmer temperatures today than have been seen of late. 
The area of low pressure in the Canadian Prairie is going to get stronger as jet streaks in Canada and the US phase together overnight. The associated cold front is forecast to pass through central Minnesota in the wee hours tomorrow morning, bringing about a threat for some isolated showers and storms in the pre-dawn hours, though southeast of St. Cloud. Cooler temperatures will prevail with the northwesterly flow. Moisture wrapping around the strong area of low pressure will filter into Minnesota on Saturday morning, with a chance for a stray flurry, again ending before noon. Saturday will be cool and brisk, with mostly cloudy skies. 
Tomorrow – Windy, with clouds and temperatures dropping through the day, High 60, Low 41
Saturday – Early flurries, cloudy and windy, High 44, Low 32

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies with gusty winds developing during the afternoon. High 59, Low 43
Saturday – Windy with a few clouds from time to time. High 43, Low 31

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny; breezy High 60, Low 42
Saturday – Some clouds, then sunshine; windy (early showers) High 42, Low 31

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 60, Low 44
Saturday – A 30 percent chance of snow showers before 1pm. Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, High 44, Low 31

WB: Tomorrow – Breezy, Mostly sunny, High 56, Low 43
Saturday – Much colder, partly cloudy with 40% chance of snow showers in the morning, then mostly sunny, High 43, Low 35

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 60, Low 48
Saturday – Windy with snow showers possible, High 37, Low 32

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy until afternoon and breezy starting in the morning, continuing until evening. High 59, Low 45
Saturday – Breezy starting overnight, continuing until afternoon, and partly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until morning.  High 44, Low 31

WeatherNation doesn’t go far enough with their hourly forecasts, which is why there is an 11 degree discrepancy between the high and low from Friday and Saturday. Doesn’t make much sense otherwise. Here is a very empty satellite, at present. 

A Game of Miles

It looked like St. Cloud would get a couple isolated showers early Thursday morning before they scattered out, but not only did they manage to dodge the rain showers, the clouds cleared out a couple hours before dawn, causing temperatures to drop a few degrees more than expected. That messed with the forecasts a bit and caused the temperature errors to be larger than expected. TWC nabbed the top spot by a single degree.

Thursday: High 72, Low 50.
Friday: 0.30″ of rain. High 69, Low 55.
Forecast Grade: B

St. Cloud, Minnesota

What’s this? A second forecast?! That’s right, it’s a 2 for 1 day! You can thank the eclipse for that. This bonus forecast is for St. Cloud, MN! Site of my alma mater, and in 4 years, my niece can say the same after I helped move her in last week. They grow up so fast these days… but in any event, let’s see how the weather will be for the end of the first full week of classes up there.

At 1153pm CDT, the temperature at St. Cloud, MN was 60 degrees under overcast skies. High pressure is found throughout the Upper Midwest currently, so what’s up with these showers found in the area? Turns out a vortmax in the mid-levels of the atmosphere is stirring up things. Most of the heavier showers are staying off to the northwest, but St. Cloud won’t be completely dry as some light activity is expected to move in during these pre-dawn hours. Luckily, most of this activity should clear out by the time students head off to their morning classes and clouds will break up as the day progresses. Dry weather continues into Friday afternoon when another mid-level disturbance shifts out of the Dakotas and into MN, kicking up another round of scattered showers and maybe even an isolated thunderstorm.

Thursday: A few light early morning showers, then becoming partly cloudy by afternoon. High 75, Low 55.
Friday: Increasing clouds, few showers in afternoon. High 70, Low 57.

TWC: Thursday: Partly cloudy, isolated shower possible. High 72, Low 52.
Friday: Isolated thunderstorms. High 66, Low 55.

AW: Thursday: An early morning shower possible, then clouds breaking up and pleasant. High 71, Low 53.
Friday: Variable clouds with a shower. High 65, Low 55.

NWS: Thursday: Isolated showers, then partly sunny. High 71, Low 53.
Friday: Chance of showers. High 67, Low 55.

WB: Thursday: Chance of early morning shower, then partly cloudy. High 69, Low 53.
Friday: Chance of storms. High 65, Low 55.

WN: Thursday: Mostly cloudy with an isolated shower, then partly cloudy. Low 72, Low 55.
Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 66, Low 55.

FIO: Thursday: Light rain starting overnight continuing into morning. High 74, Low 55.
Friday: Light rain in the morning and evening. High 67, Low 59.

That mid-level disturbance is bringing plenty of rain showers to the area, but staying just off to the north and west of St. Cloud. They’ll probably see a few light showers this morning yet before they clear out for the rest of the day.

St. Cloud, Minnesota to Elkhart, Indiana

We are on our way from central Minnesota to northern Indiana, which is a drive that can be completed in one long day. This trip will cover about 584 miles, and will be done at a pace of about 62.9mph, which will undoubtedly be slowed down by traffic in the Twin Cities and Chicago. Let’s hit the road, jack.


It’s pretty much just lee troughing that’s the name of the game right now, and there is going to be a standing trough from the Dakotas to western Kansas through the end of the week. Ahead of this area of low pressure a stout southerly flow will carry some showers and thunderstorms south to north through the Upper Midwest. There may be some rain and embedded thunderstorms as we move through the Twin Cities, but the rain threat will be winding down as we head southeast of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. By that point, I think there will be too much stability to extract any thunderstorms in southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois, although I think that may possible in the evening, after we have arrived in Elkhart. Elkhart looks like a fairly pleasant, if warm, place to be tomorrow evening.

Brunswick, Georgia to St. Cloud, Minnesota

Well yesterday we had a short one-day, in-state road trip. Today will be nothing of the sort. It will, however, be very exciting! We head from the beach all the way to the city of my alma mater… St. Cloud! What kind of shenanigans will happen once we arrive in the Granite city? Only one way to find out, make the 3-day drive and get there!



We start off our trip heading towards Savannah before turning towards the northwest and make our way towards Atlanta. Weather should be pretty nice to start the day, with only a small threat of an isolated morning shower. Pretty much the entire morning should be smooth sailing as we head north. After we get past Atlanta in the early afternoon hours, we could see some widely scattered thunderstorm activity as the heating of the day ignites your typical southern US convection. We should continue to dodge these storms for the most part as we head past Chattanooga and eventually into Nashville where we end our first day.


Some morning showers could greet us as we head out of Nashville, but they should be few and far between. The day will be muggy as more low-level moisture streams northward ahead of a developing low-pressure system in the Central and Northern Plains, so additional showers/storms should get going a little bit earlier than yesterday. By the time we make it past Paducah and eventually Marion, IL, the chances of precip will be mainly to our south and shouldn’t have much else to worry about of the rest of the day. Skies will remain mostly cloudy, however, as we cruise past Champiagn and Bloomington, and eventually into my childhood home of Rochelle, IL, our stop for night two! Time to say hi to grandpa!


Well Grandpa is sad to see me go after just one night, but St. Cloud is on our minds! As we head out of town back northward on I39, we have some morning clouds that should mostly burn off and give way to just high clouds associated with the enhancing storm system. Mainly quiet conditions continue as we get past Rockford and Madison, As we turn northwestward on I94, showers and storms will begin to blossom as the afternoon wears on. By the time we make it to the Twin Cities, we can expect some heavy rains and thunderstorms occurring, along with some spotty severe weather even. This will slow down the final leg up I94 into St. Cloud, but should lead to some good weather watching. But alas, we made it to St. Cloud! Time to relax and enjoy a tasty buffalo at MC’s to top off this road trip! Go Huskies wooooo! Now if only there was a hockey game to enjoy…


St. Cloud, Minnesota to Longview, Texas

Now here’s a roadtrip I can get behind! This 2-day, 1000 mile trip takes us from my college stomping grounds in Central Minnesota to Eastern TX, where I’m sure there’s less snow on the ground. St. Cloud is currently experiencing their snowiest April EVER with a whopping 22 inches so far (prev record is 15.6″ in 1928), which must be Mother Nature’s way of celebrating SCSU’s 1st ever berth in the Frozen Four this past season. The first part of the trip, between St. Cloud and Des Moines, I’ve driven many times. Let’s see what the next couple of days will bring for our trip!

Saint Cloud


I made that snowman just a couple days ago, as 4-10″ of snow fell throughout the Twin Cities. I figured it would be a good time to make a snowman and deck it out with SCSU gear. A tad odd to make it on April 18th however. Anyways, an area of low pressure is trailing a cold front through ND into MT, and extending a bit of a warm front over MN, kicking up some snow showers over Southern MN this morning. They’ll be transitioning over to rain showers as the day goes on, and the further south we drive as well. By the time we pass Des Moines, we should be out of the precip for the rest of the day, but scattered clouds will continue to blot out the sun at times. It’ll be a dry rest of the day as we pull into Kansas City for the night.


The cold front will stall north of the area overnight, with rain showers found from central IA into north-central KS. There could be an isolated shower in the KC area as we depart in the morning, but if anything it should just be a cloudy start to the day. An area of low pressure will continue to develop over the TX/OK Panhandles, but most of the precip will remain confined to right along the front, which is okay by us since we’ll spend the entire day driving away from it. We can expect cloudy skies though, as moisture will stream northward from the Gulf, feeding the system over the Northern US. Overall though, it should be a fairly quiet drive through far western Arkansas and eventually down into Longview!


St. Cloud, Minnesota to York, Pennsylvania

A fun road trip is in store! From my old college stomping grounds of St. Cloud (and also Marshall Eriksen’s hometown, for you How I Met Your Mother fans), to the scenic York, PA. It’s a long 1,147 miles between the two, but should be able to cover it in 2 days if all goes well. Let’s depart from the banks of the Mississippi and see where the road takes us!

Saint Cloud


Downtown St. Cloud is featured in the above picture. I’ve been to D.B. Searle’s a few times and is a very nice bar to visit (two of the main bars I visited were on the opposite side of the street, but I digress). Anyways, once we head out of town and down I-94, we’ll cruise around the Twin Cities and continue into western Wisconsin. It’s gonna be overcast and windy all morning, but luckily the wind is coming from the northwest, so while it’ll be chilly, it will at least be helping us along!… Until we get to central Wisconsin. An area of low pressure intensifying as it moves through the Great Lakes and trails a strong cold front through the Ohio Valley, and area of snow will dump onto the Midwest from Central Iowa through WI into Upper Michigan. By the time we make it to the Wisconsin Dells, the roads are going to be a complete mess, the winds will be whipping it around as well, and our two day trip is going to turn into three. We’re shacking up in snowy Madison for the night.


Well, they plowed out the parking lot and the roads during the overnight, so back on the road we go! The storm system has moved on and really all there is to contend with is a persistent northwest wind, which should be of at least partial assistance throughout the day. We’ll head eastward past Milwaukee then Chicago as we continue through northern Indiana. We might get some lake effect coming off of Lake Michigan as we head by South Bend, but hopefully the bands haven’t gotten too organized by the time we pass by there early afternoon. We’ll continue on and stay the night near Cleveland.


Well, this trip COULD be done in two days, but this time we’ll need a third. Thankfully, this day three shouldn’t be too bad as broad northwest flow continues behind the storm system. We could see some sporadic snow showers in upslope flow as we head past Pittsburgh into the Appalachians, but they shouldn’t be too heavy. We should be well into the clear by the time we make it to Harrisburg, and just a little jaunt southward from there to York!