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San Jose, California

Today we visit San Jose, CA, coincidentally, the city where my best friend moved to last year! Let’s check in and see what the weather will be like for the next couple of days out there.

At 953pmPST, the temperature in San Jose, CA was 53 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. Its been quite the busy week in the area, with a couple of potent storms moving through and droping copious amounts of rain. It’s been enough to reduce the drought level in the immediate area from Severe to Moderate, however, there is still a long ways to go to get the region back from the multi-year drought they’re experiencing. Another strong low pressure system is starting to trek towards the West Coast, with a warm front pushing onshore over far Northern CA. Rain showers are spreading throughout N CA and W Oregon and are expected to spread far enough southward to give the San Jose are a few light showers late Wednesday morning. Activity will shift out of the area by the late afternoon, offering a bit of a reprieve. It won’t last long though, as the cold front associated with the low will shift into the area early Wednesday morning as the main low pressure area shifts towards Vancouver Island. Rain looks to last most of the day, dropping much higher amounts in the Bay Area than Wednesday’s bout.

Wednesday: Some morning showers, then clearing a bit. High 67, Low 51.
Thursday: Afternoon showers expected. High 69, Low 54.

TWC: Wednesday: Cloudy, chance of showers. High 69, Low 49.
Thursday: Afternoon showers. High 67, Low 53.

AW: Wednesday: A bit of rain in the morning. High 68, Low 51.
Thursday: A little afternoon rain. High 69, Low 55.

NWS: Wednesday: Chance of rain before 11am, then mostly cloudy. High 68, Low 49.
Thursday: Chance of showers throughout the day. High 65, Low 53.

WB: Wednesday: Chance of rain. High 68, Low 47.
Thursday: Chance of rain showers. High 66, Low 52.

WN: Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 68, Low 50.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. High 66, Low 54.

FIO: Wednesday: Light rain in the morning and afternoon. High 65, Low 51.
Thursday: Light rain starting in the afternoon. High 64, Low 52.

It’s dry in the San Jose area… for now. The next round of showers is currently makes its way onto the far Northern CA coast. Get those umbrellas handy!


Dry air wins out

California is in a terrible drought right now, and it continues in San Jose the past two days. There was a threat for some rain on Monday and Tuesday, though most of it remained north of the Bay Area and for our forecast purposes, San Jose was entirely dry. Not what you want in a drought situation, but for a forecaster, the old idiom is “when in drought, leave it out”. That is to say, if you are in a drought, don’t rush to forecast rain. Accuweather was a degree off the pace of WeatherNation in the temperature forecast, but they leapfrogged WeatherNation because they followed that old rule of thumb, securing the top spot in San Jose.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 66, Low 47
Wednesday – High 73, Low 46

Grade: A-B

San Jose, California

Off we go to Central CA, where outside of a system that brought some refreshing rains last week, they’ve been disastrously dry this winter. Will the upcoming days bring some more relief or continued dry weather?

At 853pm PDT, the temperature at San Jose, CA was 56 degrees with a few clouds overhead. A strong trough is pushing through the Pacific Northwest and into the Northern Rockies, with lots of rain falling over the coasts of WA and OR and some mountain snows over the Cascades and into the Rockies. The cold front will push through Northern CA as well, but sadly most of the precip will remain in the mountains over extreme northern CA. Temperatures will cool off a bit today over the Central Valley, with temps expected to peak in the upper 60s. Wednesday will see temperatures recover into the upper 70s and the main part of the trough shifts eastward into the Central Rockies and the Intermountain West. Overall, weather will be nice for the next couple of days, but the area’s reservoirs aren’t going to benefit from “nice” weather.

Tuesday: Few clouds early, then clearing out by late-morning. High 67, Low 48.
Wednesday: Sunny and warmer, very pleasant. High 77, Low 44.

TWC: Tuesday: Sunny. High 70, Low 46.
Wednesday: Sunny and warmer. High 77, Low 45.

AW: Tuesday: Partly sunny and breezy. High 67, Low 47.
Wednesday: Pleasant with plenty of sun. High 76, Low 45.

NWS: Tuesday: A few early morning sprinkles, otherwise becoming mostly clear by dawn. High 66, Low 46.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 75, Low 44.

WB: Tuesday: A slight chance of sprinkles after midnight, clearing by morning and sunny through the rest of the day. High 66, Low 46.
Wednesday: Sunny. High 75, Low 44.

WN: Tuesday: A few early morning showers, then clearing. High 66, Low 46.
Wednesday: Sunny and warmer. High 75, Low 45.

FIO: Tuesday: Clear throughout the day. High 64, Low 45.
Wednesday: Clear throughout the day. High 69, Low 44.

Here we see the front pushing in over the Pacific Northwest, bringing plentiful rains to the region. Sadly most of it won’t translate southward over the CA mountains, where they really need it.


Only one even comes close

One way or another, fog filtering into the Santa Clara was going to steer temperatures in San Jose. It tended to steer them downward. Anyone that forecast a warm day, particularly for Thursday, saw their dreams smothered by a thick layer of clouds that kept temperatures in the mid 50s. Of course, there was clearing overnight, making it a hair cooler than anyone suspected. Accuweather was twice as good as any other outlet, thanks to their chilly forecast.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 62, Low 38
Thursday – High 56, Low 38

Grade: B-D

San Jose, California

We’re off to San Jose, the southern end of San Francisco Bay and the crown jewel of Silicon Valley. What kind of weather will we expect in San Jose?

At 953AM, PT, San Jose was reporting a temperature of 50 degrees with fog and overcast skies. Northwest winds off the Bay were doing a great job of transporting low level moisture into the valley that was trapped by clouds aloft. There is also a coastal flood advisory, as the highest tides of the year are expected throughout the region this and tomorrow morning.
There isn’t anything on the horizon that will provide a threat for precipitation in San Jose, but there isn’t much to suggest that haze and clouds in the morning won’t continue to be a problem every morning in San Jose. Instead, expect morning clouds and haze to continue through Thursday, at least, with sunshine still coming through in the afternoon.
Tomorrow – Morning clouds, High 64, Low 42
Thursday – Overcast through the morning, then clearing, High 67, Low 41

TWC: Tomorrow – AM Fog/PM Sun, High 64, Low 43
Thursday – AM Fog/PM Sun High 66, Low 43

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 63, Low 39
Thursday – Partial sunshine High 63, Low 39

NWS: Tomorrow – Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, mostly sunny High 64, Low 44
Thursday – Sunny High 65, Low 45

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy in the morning then becoming sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. High 65, Low 42
Thursday – Sunny, High 65, Low 42

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny with Patchy Fog High 64, Low 45
Thursday – Mostly Sunny High 64, Low 45

FIO: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy starting in the evening.High 61, Low 43
Thursday – Mostly cloudy until evening. High 63, Low 48

Some clearing and warming is possible earlier in the day on Thursday than Wednesday. Right now, satellite shows quite a bit of cloudiness for the Santa Clara Valley.
San Jose

Gorgeous Weekend

Given that the 4th of July was on a Sunday this year, this meant lots of people would be out and about hoping to score some nice weather with their holiday weekend. Luckily, for the people of San Jose anyways, Mother Nature pulled through. Mostly clear skies and some breezy afternoon winds pushed temperatures into the mid to upper 80’s. Whatever was perplexing VW and others about the cooler Independence Day came to fruition, as the NWS nabbed the top spot with their cooler 4th of July. Hope everybody had a safe and happy weekend!

Saturday: High 88, Low 56.
Sunday: High 85, Low 56.

Forecast grade: A

San Jose, California

Off to the West Coast and the Bay Area for today’s forecast. People don’t know it, but this is one of the three biggest cities in California.

At 853AM, PT, San Jose was reporting a temperature of 62 degrees with a few low clouds. The marine layer was still keeping things murky on the northern and central areas of the Bay, but the southern Bay was already clearing out and will warm up nicely this afternoon.
A trough over the northern Rockies continues to move extremely slowly, and a boundary has moved incrementally over the past several days. It has only been problematic in Montana, where the system is centered, but the flow associated with the low has meant a northwesterly flow off the Pacific. The ridge in the east is rather enormous, and it is not expected to allow the western trough to advance rapidly, and the northerly flow will continue. Expect foggy, cloudy mornings and a sunnier, warmer afternoon.
Tomorrow – Dreary in the morning, then sunny, High 83, Low 56
Sunday – A carbon copy of Saturday, with morning haze and sunny skies later, 87, Low 58

TWC: Tomorrow – High Mainly sunny. High 84, Low 57
Sunday – Sunshine High 88, Low 57

AW: Tomorrow – A full day of sunshine High 83, Low 56
Sunday – Bright and sunny High 88, Low 57

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 88, Low 57
Sunday – Sunny High 85, Low 59

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny. High 86, Low 57
Sunday – Sunny High 84, Low 59

I’m confused as to why the NWS and Weatherbug are going cooler on Sunday. That doesn’t seem right. And of course, Sunday is Independence Day, so it looks like it will be good in San Jose!

Salisbury, Maryland to San Jose, California

For the 2nd straight time, we have a ridiculously long road trip to embark on, from sea to shining sea (so to speak). This one covers 2,959 miles. Hope you brought enough snacks.

The high pressure ridge over the Eastern US will make for some near record warmth over the Northeast as we make out way past Baltimore and through Hagerstown, PA. Clouds will be on the increase as we make our way past Pittsburgh as low pressure over the Southern Great Lakes will push a vigorous cold front eastward. Strong to severe thunderstorms are expected over the Mid-MS Valley and into the Ohio Valley later in the day. Luckily, we’ll escape much of this activity until we make it to Cleveland, our 1st stop. Gusty winds are expected later on in the day as we make our way through the Appalachians. Some scattered showers are possible ahead of the front late in the evening, with some thunderstorms possible late at night as the front makes its way through OH.

The cold front will be moving through Cleveland right around when we wake up, which could make for some interesting traffic as rain and some thunderstorms are expected during the morning rush hour. Once the front moves through, however, precip should trail off pretty quickly and gusty winds switch around from the northwest. Temperatures will be noticeably cooler today thanks to the new air mass spilling in from the Upper Midwest, and those gusty winds won’t be helping matters much either. In any event, rain showers should tail off by late morning as we make our way out of Indiana into northern Illinois. Quiet conditions should greet us for the rest of the day through Iowa City, IA, our stop for day 2.

Alas, it’s a quiet day for us as we continue our tour of I-80. High pressure ridge has developed over the Central US as the lingering end of a cold/stationary front is found parked over the Dakotas. An area of low pressure attempts to weakly form along the front in the Northern Rockies, but will otherwise remain fairly benign. Some high clouds will greet us as we pull into Ogallala, NE for the end of the day.

An area of low pressure will develop over the High Central Plains during the day today as we’re making our way westward into southern Wyoming. The lingering cold/stationary front over the Northern Rockies will pretty much camp out where it is, however some increased shower activity will kick up over the Dakotas and northern WY. Some of these wandering showers might wet the windshield as we travel through southwestern WY, but will wind down during the late evening as the sun sets for the day. Some thickening clouds will be expected as we pull into Salt Lake City for the night.

An upper-level trough will be digging into the West Coast, spreading showers throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Northern Rockies. Luckily, most of these showers should stay off to the north of I-80 as we continue our westward push out of SLC and into the high deserts of northern NV. Sunglasses probably won’t be needed today as clouds will continue to stream over the region ahead of the advancing trough, but shower and isolated thunderstorm activity should be mainly found over Oregon and Idaho throughout the day. Conditions should be nice as we pull into Reno, NV, our stop for the day. We’re almost there!

As broad low pressure continues to develop over the Northern Rockies into the Northern Plains, a cutoff area of low pressure will have swung well off the CA coastline before making an easterly turn towards Baja California. The main impulse of energy over the Pacific Northwest will shift into the Northern Rockies, and inbetween these 2 systems, a brief ridge of high pressure looks to develop over Central CA into Southwest OR. This couldn’t be timed any better, since it’ll keep the rest of our trip through the Rockies, through Sacramento, and into the Bay Area, finally arriving at our final destination! After two long trips like this, I think the family is going to not mind about those airline fees and just fly.