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Weather Wayback… Autumn came on time

Back in September, just as summer ended and fall arrived, Anthony looked at the weather in Salt Lake City. We have had a tough time seeing the arrival of spring this year, but Salt Lake City had no delay in seeing fall arrive. A cold front swept through town, bringing temperatures down to an autumnal level, right when temperatures are supposed to be brought down to an autumnal level. SLC is in a deep valley, and they tend to dodge most of the significant weather, but the 21st and 22nd were cool and gray, just like it’s supposed to be in the fall. The Weather Channel secured victory for the day.
Actuals: September 21st – Rain reported, not measured High 58, Low 51
September 22nd – .01” of rain, High 53, Low 41

Grade B- C

Salt Lake City, Utah

Today we head off to Salt Lake City. I’ve been there once, as a kid, during the summer. Maybe I’d appreciate it more these days. Let’s take a look at how Salt Lake will welcome in Fall, which starts on Friday at 402pm EDT!

At 1015pm MDT, the temperature at Salt Lake City, UT was 64 degrees under overcast skies. There’s a cold front working its’ way throughout the Western US currently, from the Western Daktoas down into the Intermountain West and even down into the Southern CA. Throughout the day Thursday, this cold front is going to shift through northern Utah, bringing some shower activity with it. Cooler temperatures are expected to move through with it as well, which is why a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for higher elevations in the region. As far as the city proper goes, don’t worry, it’ll just be rain. Most of the activity will shift north and east out of the area during the day Friday, but not before a few light showers linger in the area, mainly during the early morning hours. Temperatures will be pretty chilly the next couple of mornings, so be sure to grab that jacket. Fall is here!

Thursday: Showers late in the day. High 61, Low 46.
Friday: Few early morning showers possible, cooler. High 57, Low 41.

TWC: Thursday: Mostly cloudy, isolated showers. High 57, Low 47.
Friday: Showers expected. High 55, Low 40.

AW: Thursday: Cooler with a passing shower. High 57, Low 46.
Friday: Mainly cloudy, showers around. High 55, Low 42.

NWS: Thursday: Rain likely. High 61, Low 44.
Friday: Chance of showers. High 55, Low 40.

WB: Thursday: Chance of rain. High 56, Low 44.
Friday: Chance of rain showers. High 51, Low 42.

WN: Thursday: Mostly cloudy with rain. High 61, Low 44.
Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 55, Low 40.

FIO: Thursday: Rain in the morning and evening. High 62, Low 46.
Friday: Light rain until afternoon. High 53, Low 43.

Here we see Salt Lake City on the leading edge of a frontal boundary starting to slide through the Western US. Better get those umbrellas!

Salt Lake City, Utah to Owensboro, Kentucky

Our trip, though east to west, isn’t the typical coast to coast trip we might think about when talking about these big treks. In fact, our 1524 mile journey will take less than 3 full days. The first two days will be through after travelling 548 miles at a pace of 68.5mph. We are covering some good ground to avoid much traffic, so enjoy the open countryside, and let’s be on our way.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)

We have reached a tumultuous time in the nation’s weather pattern, but our excursion will begin in the wake of a vast wintry system, rather than in its midst. Brisk west winds in the mountains are no joke, especially in the mountains, but any lingering flurries will remain up by Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. We’ll make it to Sonol, Nebraska with only the winds buffeting us as a concern.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)

You know, we don’t go through Kansas City very often on these road trips, despite it’s station right in the middle of the country. We’ll see it at its coldest, as that chilly air descends from the Upper Midwest down into the central Plains. Speaking of Plains, there won’t be anything to stop the wind from blowing in our faces. Maybe KC is better at night. We’ll stay in Oak Grove in the eastern (Missouri) suburbs for the night. Go out for barbecue!

DAY THREE (Thursday)
It will be another brisk, breezy drive as we make our way towards Owensboro, but after an entire trip of that same combination, this leg will be old hat. In fact, the drive into Owensboro looks like it might be the first one in which we can enjoy full sun for the entire day.

Salt Lake City, Utah to College Station, Texas

First, I decided that since I screwed up with the last road trip and had it from Wichita Falls instead of College Station, I would swap these out. This was supposed to be Salt Lake City to Wichita Falls, but I added a few miles on to the journey. I think that will be ok. Actually, it’s an extra 5 hours, which will turn this into a 2 1/2 day trip. We’ll cover 1346 miles in that time, at a pace of 63.6mph, which means we will net 508.7 miles on those first two days. This will be a pretty spectacular trip, with a lot of great scenery. I think I would like to try it in person.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)
Salt Lake City
After we leave Salt Lake City, we need ration our gas consumption and time our stops well. There isn’t a lot of population in eastern Utah, and we will spend a great deal of our day there, then clip southwest Colorado and then venture through northwestern New Mexico before stopping at La Jara which is northwest of Albuquerque. There is high pressure under a stout upper level ridge out west, and our drive should be pretty wonderful in terms of conditions. And scenery, if we’re honest.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
The trip will be a lot less scenic than it was in eastern Utah, but it will be no less wonderful for weather. The drive will take us to the tiny outpost of Hermleigh, Texas, which is between Snyder and Sweetwater in west Texas. Should be very pleasant weather.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
The sharp ridge over the west is going to dampen a bit, but the main impact will be the late departure of the strong trough in the Great Lakes. Any light breezes we may have seen on Wednesday will be gone, and we can expect some gentle breezes and mostly sunny skies as we roll into College Station. It’s still going to be very nice over the High Plains for a few days.
College Station

Pea Soup at Salt Lake

The forecast in Salt Lake City was for “haze”. I suppose that’s one way to put it. Dense fog has funneled in from the Sun Valley to the Salt Lake Basin, and reduced visibility to a quarter mile or less each of the past two mornings. I mean, sure, haze isn’t totally inaccurate, but it’s a little misleading, right? Temperatures, however, were pretty accurate, especially for the National Weather Service, who had the top forecast.
Actuals: Saturday – High 38, Low 18
Sunday – High 39, Low 15

Grade: B

Salt Lake City, Utah

Today we head off to the Intermountain West and take a peek at what the capital of Utah is up to. What does their weekend look like you say? Let’s find out!

At 920pm MST, the temperature at Salt Lake City, UT was 29 degrees with foggy conditions. There’s a large ridge of high pressure sitting over the Western US right now. I would go in depth about how the weather will shift over the next couple of days, but it’s not. This giant ridge hasn’t budged in a while and isn’t going anywhere for days. So, we have some stagnant, hazy air expected to linger for the next several days in the region, but at least it’ll be dry.

Saturday: Hazy sunshine. High 41, Low 20.
Sunday: Hazy sunshine continues. High 43, Low 19.

TWC: Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 40, Low 20.
Sunday: Sunny. High 42, Low 21.

AW: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 36, Low 20.
Sunday: Sunshine and patchy clouds. High 36, Low 20.

NWS: Saturday: Patchy fog, then sunny. High 41, Low 17.
Sunday: Patchy fog, then sunny again. Widespread haze. High 42, Low 14.

WB: Saturday: Hazy. High 40, Low 25.
Sunday: Continued hazy. High 40, Low 22.

Here we see the ridge forcing clouds and systems way up and over it over British Columbia. Not much changing anytime soon…

A last summery gasp

Winter seems to come early to the mountains, but this week in Salt Lake City, this wasn’t the case. Temperatures were warmer than almost everyone had predicted thanks to a southwesterly flow borne of an upper level trough. I say almost everybody, because The Weather Channel actually forecast those highs exactly on the nose. Quite apparently, they had the top forecast for the week.
Actuals: Wednesday, High 78, Low 47
Thursday, High 80, Low 54

Grade: A

Jefferson City, Missouri to Salt Lake City, Utah

I actually spent some time in Missouri today. Didn’t make it to Jeff City though, we were a little too far east for that. This capital to capital trip will take us two days, the second a bit longer than we may want to spend in the car. It’s 1232 miles, about, between the two cities, which we will cover at about 69.13mph, which is downright dynamic. Our first day in the car will be done after a whopping 553 miles. Yeehaw.


An area of low pressure moving through the Upper Midwest bringing a few showers to northern Missouri will be well through Jefferson City by departure time. In fact, a ridge building into the Plains will make it fairly warm, and unless there are people that don’t like riding with the windows down, I would recommend doing just that through Nebraska. If there are people that don’t like riding with the windows down in the car with you, then enjoy fighting with the air conditioner to find that just right temperature. Our day will end in Brady, Nebraska, about 20 miles from North Platte.
The important parts of the day, the drive through the mountains, shouldn’t give us any problems on Thursday. I remain certain that there will be a chance for some light showers in Salt Lake City on Thursday, though perhaps not when we arrive late in the evening. It’s an easy trip, all in all. Enjoy it!

Salt Lake City, Utah

I think we are back on track. There will be a brief announcement as to what we will be doing for the next few days, and Twitter Tuesday (obviously) is canceled today. ANYWAYS. let’s do a forecast.

AT 853PM, MT. Salt Lake City was reporting a temperature of 50 degrees with clear skies. An upper level cut off low off the coast of southern California was dictating the flow over Utah. It hasn’t produced much rain inland, but there are a few clouds able to traverse the Great Basin, and a swath of high clouds was seen southwest of Salt Lake City.
The persistent flow will eventually mean the introduction of some lower clouds and light rain to the area, especially on Thursday. Though models don’t indicate much, there will probably be enough moisture for some snow in the Wasatch Range, with precip totals much lower at lower elevations.
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, High 75, Low 48
Thursday – Light rain possible, but generally mostly cloudy, High 75, Low 50

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 78, Low 50
Thursday – Sunny High 80, Low 53

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and beautiful High 75, Low 49
Thursday – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 76, Low 52

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 76, Low 50
Thursday – Mostly cloudy, High 76, Low 53

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy High 76, Low 49
Thursday – Mostly cloudy high 76, Low 52

A lot of different outlets have rain coming to SLC on Friday, but it appears I am just ahead of the curve. Satellite shows those clouds I was talking about.

A Pleasant Weekend

With high pressure shifting into the Intermountain West, things looks pretty rosy for Salt Lake City after the previous system shifted into Southern Plains. Conditions cleared out for Sunday night and most of Monday. Clouds increased during the afternoon on Monday, but not before temperatures peaked into the low 60’s. TWC took home the win with some top-notch temperature forecasts.

Sunday: High 55, Low 32.
Monday: High 61, Low 34.
Forecast Grade: A