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Sunny south Florida

Our forecast for Naples called for some typically active Floridian weather. Fortunately for them, all the thunderstorms that Florida saw the past two days went up inland, away from Naples and then continued to drift off towards Orlando and Lake Okeechobee. Florida thunderstorms are always tough to pinpoint, but it’s never a good idea to beat against them, regardless of what today’s verification suggests. The top forecast went to Weatherbug.
Actuals: Tuesday – High 79, Low 64
Wednesday – High 78, Low 69

Grade: A

Naples, Florida to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our trip will take a little under three days as we traverse the suddenly active Southeast. If anything, we’ll be headed the 1404 miles to a somewhat less humid area in Oklahoma City. Perhaps we’re just interested in shipping oranges to Oklahoma. Anyways, we’ll be able to cover 506 miles on the first two day at 63.3mph. So let’s box up those oranges!


A weak band of showers is still moistening the Florida Peninsula, but it’s on it’s way out of town. We’ll likely see some red skies as we wake up, but only partly cloudy skies when we take off. We will be problem free all the way through Florida and then on to Georgia, where we will hop off the main road. Our day will end in Richland, Georgia, which I am sure is a beautiful town south of Columbus.

The drive will be easy again on Thursday, but not quite as pleasant as the drive on Wednesday. There will be a chance for some showers and thunderstorms as we approach the Memphis area. Call it Holly Springs, Mississippi where we run into some wet weather, which will take us through the Memphis metro. We’ll likely be out of it, however, by the time we reach Forrest City, Arkansas. Let’s not push our luck though, and call it a day in Carlisle, which is east of Little Rock.

If, and that’s only an if, we see a thunderstorm on Friday, it will likely be between Little Rock and Fort Smith, and there is a decent enough chance that we should be wary that the storms will be strong. It’s a well wooded stretch of road through Arkansas, so we probably won’t get too much warning when a squall line is coming, not as much as we would in the Plains, so be sure to stay tuned to local radio and not the iPod until we make our way to Sallisaw, where we should be out of the woods all the way to Oklahoma City.

Naples, Florida

At 12:53pm EDT, the temperature in Naples, Florida was 75 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. A lingering cold/stationary front that’s been found over the Florida Peninsula and along the Gulf Coast has slowly been weakening the last couple of days, but there will still be a decent amount of instability over the region. An ill-defined disturbance over the Lower MS Valley will slowly trek eastward through the Deep South over the next couple of days, enhancing some of the thunderstorm activity farther north over Florida. Tuesday should see a fair amount of activity over the northern 2/3rds of the state especially when the sea breezes converge over the interior part of the state, but Naples could see a few scattered showers still make it down their way. Wednesday sees that aforementioned area of low pressure become a bit better defined towards the Carolinas, giving them a good chance of some stronger thunderstorms during the day. A weak area of high pressure looks to build back over Florida and into the Central Gulf behind this system and keep southern Florida mostly on the dry side, but there will still be a few scattered showers popping up during the afternoon. Overall it should be a good couple of days for beach goers, but Tuesday will definitely be the day to keep an eye on the sky for more scattered activity.

Tuesday: 50% chance of scattered showers/thunderstorm. High 80, Low 62.
Wednesday. 20% chance of a scattered shower, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. High 79, Low 65.

TWC: Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 80, Low 64.
Wednesday: 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms. High 77, Low 66.

AW: Tuesday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 80, Low 61.
Wednesday: Isolated shower/thundershower possible. High 78, Low 65.

NWS: Tuesday: 20% chance of showers. High 79, Low 64.
Wednesday: 20% chance of showers. High 79, Low 65.

WB: Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. High 79, Low 64.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 79, Low 66.

Some moderate showers are found well off to the north of Naples and off over the Gulf. Some more of these might draw closer tomorrow.

A 23-hour day?

Our competition all had a chance of showers or thunderstorms late Sunday night for Naples, we figured that they would hold off to the east. If our days lasted 23 hours, we would have stormed (no pun intended) to victory! Sadly, a rogue thunderstorm decided to move into the area after 11pm on Sunday, dropping a quick 4/10ths of an inch before midnight. Curses! AW wound up taking the top spot, with no added embellishment from Joe Bastardi.

Saturday: High 81, Low 55
Sunday: 0.42″ of rain in a thunderstorm. High 81, Low 66

Forecast grade: B

Naples, Florida to Beaumont, Texas

Today’s journey will wrap us around the Gulf Coast for a couple of days. It’s a 1054 mile drive, and we will be able to net 533 miles on the first day thanks to a rapid pace of 66mph. Making good time, having a good time. Or something.


An area of low pressure is developing over the center of the country, and doing so rapidly. Our first day will take place entirely in Florida, and it’s a matter of timing for when that cold front comes crashing into the Florida Peninsula. I say we will see some passing clouds, maybe an occasional area of showers until Ocala, when we are due for the initial wave of heavy thunderstorms. We stand the chance of seeing some heavy weather until at least Live Oak, maybe even all the way to Tallahassee. In Florida, these strong thunderstorms are typically windy systems with occasional small tornadoes, so be on the lookout for that, and keep your hands on the wheel. The day will end in Caryville, which is in the Panhandle.

After the heavy weather on our first day in the car, it’s going to be a rather pleasant drive on Monday. Behind a cold front, we’ll have a west-northwest flow that will cut the stifling heat that one might expect along the Gulf Coast. Even the humidity will be down somewhat as we arrive in sunny, beautiful Beaumont.

Naples, Florida

My parents are in south Florida this week, not too far from Naples. Hopefully things are going well for them down there.

At 1253PM, ET, Naples was not reporting a temperature, but was reporting mostly cloudy skies behind a band of showers and thunderstorms that spanned from near West Palm Beach to just south of Naples. Up the coast in the Fort Myers area, low clouds and fog was being reported with temperature in the low to mid 70s.
Fortunately, a nice Spring ridge is setting up behind the system producing the boundary in south Florida right now. Expect the ridge to become well established in the Peninsula, forcing out any lingering clouds or rain, bringing about sunny skies and typically pleasant Floridian weather. A system in the center of the country will drop a cold front through the Gulf that will approach the the Gulf coast of Florida late on Sunday, but thunderstorms won’t be a likely until Monday.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 82, Low 58
Sunday – Sunny, High 83, Low 62

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny skies. High 80, Low 52
Sunday – Scattered thunderstorms. High 81, Low 62

AW: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 81, Low 56
Sunday – Breezy with a blend of sunshine and clouds; a shower or thunderstorm around in the afternoon High 83, Low 62

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 83, Low 57
Sunday – A 20 percent chance of showers. Partly cloudy High 83, Low 62

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 78, Low 56
Sunday – Partly sunny with a 20 percent chance of showers. High 82, Low 62

Very interesting. The NAM, my model of choice today, really downplayed the thunderstorm threat in Florida, and frankly, if any are generated, I expect them due to inflow into the low, which would put storms over central and eastern Florida, leaving Naples dry on Sunday. We’ll see who is right. A look at the radar shows those showers south of Naples.