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Durham, North Carolina to Mansfield, Ohio

Hey, it’s a short road trip! For the first time all year, we are going on a one day excursion through Appalachia. We’ll spend most of this day in the mountains, covering 521 miles at a hair of 8 hours, which will be at a pace of 64.3mph. It’s only one day, and a trip through the mountains could be fun.

Surface high pressure has built in behind the snow storm of this weekend, and I assure you, it’s not going anywhere quickly. In fact, an upper level ridge will be moving into the area, bringing temperatures potentially above freezing by the time we come out of the mountains and arrive in Ohio. Mansfield, dare I say, will be seasonably pleasant when we arrive.They missed the really nasty snow, so ironically, a drive to the north may ultimately be a good way to get away from the winter doldrums!

Mansfield, Ohio to Duluth, Minnesota

Here we go, on the road again. It’s a gutshot through the heart of the Chicago metro, which will slow us down enough that the drive will last a day and a half. We’ll cover 784 miles at a pace of 63.6mph, which will  lead to a target distance of 508.5 miles on Thursday. Let’s get going. The North Shore of Lake Superior is very pretty this time of year.

DAY ONE: (Thursday) Mansfield
Tomorrow morning, a slow moving, mostly cut off upper level low will be centered over Richmond, Indiana. A secondary cold front will be parked over Mansfield, leading to blustery winds and rain, and for the most part making us feel good about leaving town. The northern flank of precipitation will lie over northern Indiana and Ohio, which will lead to a steady bout of rain to start the day. The low isn’t moving tomorrow, friends. Instead, it will continue to churn up instability over the Great Lakes, and the threat for showers and storms will drift west so far that we might see some light rain as we traverse Chicagoland. We will finally break through the clouds and rain around Janesville and Madison. It won’t last long, though, as we will call it a day in Wisconsin Dells. It might be tough to leave the Dells on Tuesday if you stay somewhere too nice, so stay somewhere trashy.

DAY TWO (Friday)
That area of low pressure will be retrograding, so as we begin, there may be a bit more drizzle, all of which won’t last more than a half hour or so out of the Dells. It will be dry from at least Tomah onward, but a northwest flow off of Lake Superior can only mean one thing for Duluth: low clouds. Well, maybe two things. They will probably be significantly colder than the areas around them.

Drizzle and then a drop

A cold front moving through the Great Lakes was robbed of its moisture, for the most part, by action in the Gulf Stream. Still, as the boundary moved through the region, it would bring a little spit of rain, some clouds, wind, and a drop in temperature. It was no different in Mansfield. After a nice day on Thursday, things got murky, with temperatures staying in the 60s on Friday, until they started dropping late in the evening. The temperature dropped all the way to 48 before Friday turned to Saturday. Ultimately, though, it was the warmth on Thursday that separated the forecasting herd, as well as the chilly Thursday morning low. The Weather Service and Accuweather tied for the top spot.
Actuals: Thursday, High 78, Low 47
Friday – .05 inches of rain, High 68, Low 48

Grade: C

Corvallis, Oregon to Mansfield, Ohio

4 1/2 days is what it will take to get from Corvallis to Mansfield, from western Oregon to northeastern Ohio. I wonder how many O – State to O – State trips we’ve done before? Anyway, the mileage is 2437, which means an average speed of about 67.7 mph. Solid. Days 1-4 will be through after about 541.6 miles. Another success of the Google Maps light speed system.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
Great news for everyone traveling out west: It’s going to be very quiet out west with a vast upper level ridge covering the region. All the monsoonal thunderstorm activity will continue to lie over the southern Rockies, for the beginning of the trip, mostly across Oregon but finishing off in Warren, Idaho (near Twin Falls), Thursday evening. Enjoy the scenery, because this drive should be pretty easy, but fairly gorgeous.

DAY TWO (Friday)
High pressure will move east with us. The only trough, and therefore the only threat for inclement weather between the coasts is a weak lee trough. We won’t travel far enough to reach that feature, which will only be an analytical curiosity anyway, and won’t be producing any tangible weather. The day will end in Arlington, Wyoming, which is west of Laramie.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
High pressure is developing strongly over the region and will squelch any threat of a trough emerging in the lee. If you have some sweet tunes, driving through Nebraska when the weather is good is a great time to listen to them. We will just past Lincoln and end up in Waverly, Nebraska.

DAY FOUR (Sunday)
A cold front swinging down out of the Upper Midwest, associated with a strong area of low pressure moving through Canada. A wave near the Bahamas will nip any moisture in the bud, though. We may feel a brisk northwest wind by the end of our day, which will finish in Valparaiso, Indiana, as we get off the interstates and prepare to finish the drive on US Highways.

DAY FIVE (Monday)
There may be a little bit of pooling moisture through the morning and early afternoon across most of the remainder of our route as the cold front slows down. Not a lot of rain or anything, and much of it may manifest as fog instead of rain. There will be a few spits of drizzle, but not a lot, as I said, with the best chances around Fort Wayne. We should reach Mansfield in the early afternoon.

Mansfield, Ohio

It’s time for a forecast for the Great Lakes. We should be seeing some crisp, autumn days, but how crisp, and how autumnal will it be?

At 952ET, Mansfield was reporting a temperature of 60 degrees with clear skies. With high pressure dominating the Great Lakes, there was nothing on the radar for miles. Two high amplitude troughs lie at either side of the ridge, but it was a classic Omega block in the Great Lakes region.
The block is beginning to break down, however, thanks to the western trough. A closed circulation will develop at the base of the trough and cut off over northwestern Mexico, leading the northern in and outflow of the higher amplitude trough to scoot eastward at a greater pace. Surface low pressure will develop in the Upper Midwest through the day tomorrow, while an associated cold front will intensify from Lake Michigan to Kansas late in the day. It will arrive in Mansfield during the predawn hours, bringing some rain, perhaps an embedded thunderstorm and some blustery wind. Things will quiet down and clear out by the evening. Expect a mild cool down.
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, High 74, Low 52
Friday – Rain through the morning, with a chance at a thunderstorm, High 65, Low 48

TWC: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny, High 77, Low 51
Friday – Showers, High 66, Low 54

AW: Tomorrow – Nice with intervals of clouds and sun (late rain) High 76, Low 50
Friday – Mostly cloudy and not as warm; a little rain in the morning followed by a shower in the afternoon High 66, Low 51

NWS: Tomorrow – Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, High 74, Low 48
Friday – Showers, mainly before 1pm. High 67, Low 52

WB: Tomorrow – Patchy fog in the morning, Partly cloudy, High 74, Low 48
Friday – Showers, High 66, Low 52

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy with Patchy Fog High 75, Low 48
Friday – Mostly Cloudy with Light Showers High 68, Low 61

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. High 76, Low 51
Friday – Light rain until afternoon. High 66, Low 51

Fortunately for the night tonight, it’s quiet, and for the forecast ahead, a recovery will come quickly. Look how empty this radar is. Most of the green is ground clutter.

Cold weather but stellar forecasts.

I’m not a fan of cool temperatures in the summer. I want it hot and humid. If it’s not 90, I’m not happy. There is certainly a subset of America that would enjoy the weather in Mansfield the last couple of days. It was 73 for a high, with a low of 47 on Friday and only a bit warmer on Saturday. Not my cup of tea, but if it’s your thing, then congratulations. Because of the high pressure in the forecasters who actually issued a forecast appreciated the weather as well, as every outlet had an excellent showing. The Weather Channel put together the top forecast, with only two total degrees of error, but everyone was within 5 degrees of perfection.
Actuals: Friday – High 73, Low 47
Saturday – High 79, Low 49

Grade: A

Mansfield, Ohio

Away we go to northern Ohio today, to see how the start to their weekend will fare. Will that storm in the Northeast affect them at all or will they dodge the raindrops to kickoff a nice couple of days?

At 952pm EDT, the temperature at Mansfield, OH was 56 degrees under fair skies. The high pressure I mentioned a couple days ago in the Cleveland, TN forecast is sitting squarely over the OH Valley, and should bring some cooler, dryer weather to the Ohio region for Friday. The high pressure weakens for Saturday as it shifts towards the east, with an increase in southwesterly flow ushering in some warmer air. A couple of rain showers could sneak their way into MI and IN, but should avoid the northern Ohio area and leave Mansfield with another sunny and pleasant day.

Friday: Sunny and pleasant. High 72, Low 45.
Saturday: Continued sunny, a bit warmer. High 78, Low 48.

TWC: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 72, Low 47.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 79, Low 50.

AW: Friday: Sunshine, nice in the P.M. High 72, Low 46.
Saturday: Partly sunny and pleasant. High 79, Low 50.

NWS: Friday: Sunny. High 73, Low 45.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 80, Low 50.

WB: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 73, Low 44.
Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 80, Low 50.

WN: Friday: …404? (website refuses to load city forecasts)

Here we see most of northern Ohio fairly quiet and clear, just some high clouds streaming in over WI/IL while the cloud cover associated with the low pressure over southeastern Canada will continue shifting towards the northeast.