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Manchester stays to form

The low that was parked over the Great Lakes and is only just now beginning to move has brought a lot of steady rain to part of the world that doesn’t need it, but ahead of that, it has warmed up pretty well. It was able to get up to the 70s in Manchester ahead of the system, which meant the warmest forecast (Victoria-Weather!) had the top forecast. It helped that the rain didn’t quite get into town by the end of the day on Wednesday, waiting until over an inch and a half was dumped on the city Thursday. But hey, victory for V-W!
Actuals: Wednesday – High 73, Low 61
Thursday – 1.53 inches of rain, High 69, Low 60

Grade: C

Manchester, New Hampshire

The forecast today is in New England, our second northeastern forecast in a row. Hopefully I have this nailed down.

At 1253PM, ET, Manchester was reporting sunny skies with a temperature of 75 degrees. Southerly flow was importing unseasonably warm air ahead of a nearly stationary area of low pressure. The associated cold front was triggering very strong thunderstorms across Pennsylvania, but their reach wasn’t reaching New England yet.
The cut off low over the Great Lakes will finally be latched onto by a greater mean trough by late Wednesday. The is will begin to move things along in the northeast, which in turn will begin to bring some stratiform rain to Manchester by Thursday evening. Ahead of that, expect balmy temperatures to end September.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 71, Low 56
Thursday – Increasing showers, High 69, Low 55

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy with occasional showers High 69, Low 57
Thursday – Showers, maybe a rumble of thunder High 66, Low 58

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy and not as warm but humid (evening showers) High 69, Low 54
Thursday – A thick cloud cover with showers High 70, Low 55

NWS: Tomorrow- A slight chance of showers after 2pm. Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, High 70, Low 57
Thursday – A chance of showers. Cloudy High 67, Low 56

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy in the morning…then becoming mostly sunny. Areas of fog in the morning. High 69, Low 56
Thursday – Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. High 67, Low 56

I’m actually a little surprised to be the only one going for a dry day tomorrow. But I am sticking to my guns, so there, everyone else. Here is a satellite image that hasn’t changed in many, many days.

Editors are overrated

We had a comment from reader Jon when the forecast for Manchester was posted. I had accidentally typed a 65 for Accuweather’s forecast high instead of a 45. Well, since I went in and fixed their forecast, they ended up tied atop the leaderboard. I would be upset if they hadn’t tied with us. Showers didn’t start moving into the area until after midnight, which knocked us all down a peg, and since the warm front didn’t get into town, it stayed cooler than expected.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 46, Low 30
Thursday – High 39, Low 27

Grade: C

Manchester, New Hampshire

The rarely seen in nature New Hampshire forecast that doesn’t involve infamous Mount Washington. Will getting to grandmother’s house be a problem in New England?

At 753PM, ET, Manchester was reporting a temperature of 54 degrees with partly cloudy skies. Southern New Hampshire found itself very near the occlusion point of a system traveling through New England. The shower activity was already out to sea, but the cold front lagged into Vermont and New York, while the warm front was causing fog just miles north in New Hampshire. The system was wrapped well enough that it has also generated a secondary boundary sweeping through southern Canada.
This tightly wound system will introduce some gusty winds within the next few hours, and they will turn to northerly and start bringing temperatures down. These blustery, chilly winds will continue through most of the day, with a cooler high pressure dominating most of the night Wednesday and on Thanksgiving. Expect a system to develop over the Northern Plains on Wednesday and shift east towards New England by the end of the day Thanksgiving. What will make for a mess for much of the Ohio Valley for Thanksgiving will wait until everyone is sleeping off their turkey in Manchester.
Tomorrow – Blustery and cooler, High 45, Low 31
Thanksgiving – Clear, with some light flurries or even freezing rain very late in the evening, High 44, Low 23

TWC: Tomorrow – Windy with a few clouds from time to time High 39, Low 30
Thanksgiving – A few clouds High 44, Low 26

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, windy and cooler High 45, Low 29
Thanksgiving – Sun giving way to increasing clouds (PM rain) High 45, Low 24

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, then gradually becoming sunny High 40, Low 29
Thanksgiving – Increasing clouds, (Late rain/snow/sleet) High 44, Low 24

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny and blustery, High 41, Low 29
Thanksgiving – Sunny in the morning, then becoming partly sunny, High 43, Low 22

I should note that for all forecasters, Wednesday is a non-standard day, with the low coming at midnight as northerly flow persists. Heck, it’s in the 50s there. You can see the complicated cloud pattern aloft with the occluded system moving through, and another developing system in the Rockies.