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Lubbock, Texas

West Texas, where they have seen a more typical spring. Strong thunderstorms, changing temperatures, and now they are seeing a fairly steady threat for rain showers.

At 953AM, CT, Lubbock was reporting a temperature of 51 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. A cut off low over the southern Plains was rather effective in bringing low level moisture to the region, and just to the north of Lubbock, where clouds have been thicker, it’s 10 degrees colder in Plainview, and 14 degrees cooler in Amarillo. All this indicates how difficult the forecast should be.
The center of circulation for this low is quite evidently between Lubbock and Wichita Falls, south of Childress and north of Abilene. Model output suggests a solution that is a bit quicker than what is being seen at the surface, but the low is forecast to begin it’s shift northeast towards the Great Lakes. Guidance typically struggles with cut off systems, however, and without a strong trailer to give the low a push, it is generally expected that the system will continue to unravel through the next 24-36 hours, and instead of the system shifting, it will instead lose it’s ability to cycle in moisture. Lubbock is already at the southwestern flank of the system, so the dreary forecast isn’t as dire there as it would be along the Red River, for example. Eventually, there could be some clearing in the afternoon Friday and through Saturday.
Tomorrow – Morning clouds, and a threat for drizzle, becoming increasingly sunny. High 73, Low 41
Saturday – Sunny and warmer, High 84, Low 45

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny skies High 79, Low 41
Saturday – Mainly sunny. High 88, Low 48

AW: Tomorrow – Sunny to partly cloudy and warmer High 78, Low 40
Saturday – Very warm with sunshine High 87, Low 47

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 78, Low 39
Saturday – Sunny high 85, Low 46

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny…warmer. high 79, Low 39
Saturday – Sunny High 85, Low 45

So, apparently I am the only one who doubts the models. We’ll see how it goes. I hope I’m wrong, for your sake, Lubbock. Look at how swirly this low is, though.

Not enough for the forest fires

Lubbock has been in a drought, seemingly forever, and with a system developing over the southwest and moving into the Plains, it looked like they were in some rain that might help break the drought. .05″ wouldn’t do it, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Now wind southeast of the low are howling, making things even more tenuous for a region worried about fires. V-W had the top forecast in West Texas.
Actuals: Sunday – High 75, Low 35
Monday – .05 inches of rain, High 51, Low 41

Grade: C

Lubbock, Texas

After doing a verification in Florida, and doing a forecast recently for California, I find myself in West Texas for today’s forecast. This seems less like forecasting and more like using meteorology as a way to secure states with a high number of electoral votes. Just thought I’d throw in a political reference since it is an election year! Anyways, off we go to Lubbock!

At 7:53PM CST, the temperature at Lubbock, TX was 53 degrees under fair skies with breezy winds. Strong south-southwesterly winds were felt throughout much of the day as a system is ejecting out into the Northern Plains, with gusts up to 40mph being felt in the area. Winds will subside during the overnight hours tonight leading for a relatively calm day Sunday. Sunny skies and warm temperatures are expected to greet the residents of West Texas tomorrow, so hopefully everybody gets out and enjoys a nice end to their weekend. Overnight Sunday into Monday, an area of low pressure is expected to dig southward over California and make its way into the Desert Southwest. A southeasterly wind is expected to rev up on Monday morning, bringing low clouds to the area overnight into the morning hours. Sadly, these conditions aren’t expected to clear out much throughout the day, leading to significantly cooler temps. A chance at a few showers also exists for Monday, with the bulk of the activity expected to linger off to the east and make its’ way up the Plains. Definitely expecting a stark contrast between the two days!

Sunday: Sunny and warm. Increasing clouds in the late evening hours. High 71, Low 33.
Monday: Overcast and cooler, perhaps a shower or two? High 55, Low 41.

TWC: Sunday: Sunny. High 68, Low 35.
Monday: chance of showers. High 60, Low 40.

AW: Sunday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High 68, Low 35.
Monday: Cooler, a shower in the afternoon. High 60, Low 40.

NWS: Sunday: Sunny. High 69, Low 35.
Monday: Patchy fog in the morning, then a chance of showers. High 57, Low 42.

WB: Sunday: Sunny. High 68, Low 36.
Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 57, Low 40.

The bulk of high clouds seen due west of WA and OR is the system that will move over CA in the next 24-36 hours, eventually giving Lubbock its gloomy weather for the start of the workweek.

Evening chill

The big thing that made forecasts bust in Lubbock the last two days was the morning low. Dry air and clear skies allowed temperatures to drop all the way to 53 both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Everything else really worked out fine, especially for ourselves and the Weather Service, who hauled in the top forecast.
Actuals: Saturday – High 95, Low 53
Sunday – High 90, Low 53

Grade: C

Lubbock, Texas to Wichita Falls, Texas

What’s this? A short road trip? That will only take 3 1/2 hours to go almost due east (actually a little bit north) a grand total of about 210 miles. The rate of speed, interstate free, will be 60.8mph. The hardest part of this forecast is writing the intro.

It’s going to be downright lazy, atmospherically when we depart Lubbock. A weak lee trough is going to keep everything pretty calm for west Texas, but winds will pick up, and it might get downright breezy by the time we reach Wichita Falls. And…. that’s about it. Temps in the low 80s when we arrive.

Lubbock, Texas

Today (well, tonight, sorry for the late post) we head off to West Texas, were the only thing more bankable than High School football is conditions being dry. Will the trend continue?

At 11:53AM CDT, the temperature in Lubbock, TX was 76 degrees under fair skies. The entire country is kind of in a state of gridlock, weather-wise that is. There’s a large area of high pressure sitting off the East Coast, and a cutoff low pressure system has firmly entrenched itself over the Great Lakes region. With broad high pressure sitting over the Rockies and High Plains, systems moving in from the Pacific are forced up and over it through Canada. What’s all this mean for the lovely residents of Lubbock? It means warm temperatures and sunny skies for the weekend! Like they haven’t gotten enough of that this summer. Well, enjoy the warm weather, hopefully some rainfall is on the horizon for you!

Saturday: Sunny. High 93, Low 59.
Sunday: Continued sunny. High 90, Low 59.

TWC: Saturday: Sunny. High 92, Low 59.
Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 89, Low 58.

AW: Saturday: Plenty of sun. High 92, Low 59.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 91, Low 59.

NWS: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 92, Low 58.
Sunday: Sunny. High 91, Low 58.

WB: Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 92, Low 59.
Sunday: Sunny. High 91, Low 58.

Here we see the storm system sitting over the eastern US, but the central US is high and dry and full of sunshine. A great weekend for West Texas! (Although I’m sure they’d welcome a washout)

Lubbock, Texas to Worcester, Massachusetts

Today we start quite the trek, from the vast open roads of West Texas through the Appalachians to the historical side of Massachusetts. It’ll take 4 days to cover to 2,027 miles between the 2, so we better get a move on! We have weather to try and stay ahead of!


We start off heading east out of Lubbock on HWY-82 towards Wichita Falls, with a bright, shining sunrise blinding us as clear skies overhead make for an easy start to the lengthy trip. A broad ridge of high pressure over the Southwestern US includes the Southern Plains, so we shouldn’t have much to worry about through the day. We’ll make a northward turn on I-44 heading into Oklahoma and make our way past Lawton then Oklahoma City with only a few high clouds expected. Our quiet Day One will conclude as we continue northeastward past Tulsa to Vinita, OK, our stop for the first night after 515 miles.


Our day will start off nice and quiet once again as Vinita will be sitting in a ridge of surface high pressure. There may be some surface fog to burn off as the morning progresses, but by the time we’re continuing on I-44 through Springfield, we should be seeing sunny skies once again and just a few high clouds. As an area of low pressure shifts into the Northern Plains, a warm front will begin to take shape during the late afternoon and evening hours down through IA/north MO, so clouds could be on the increase as we make our way past St. Louis and cut through Illinois on I70. We’ll finish up our 505 mile day in Terre Haute, IN under pleasant weather once again.


The aforementioned warm front will continue developing overnight and make it’s way to IA/IL, igniting some rain/thunderstorms ahead of it. Overcast skies are expected as we start our day heading towards Indianapolis. Some light rain showers are possible as we past the capital and continue on I70 towards Ohio. For most of the day, we’ll be outrunning the shield of rain showers being pushed ahead by the warm front, from Dayton, to Columbia and up towards Cleveland. Any rain showers we experience should remain on the light side, as the heavier stuff will continue to trail us throughout the day. Winds will remain on the light side overall as we continue to sit in a small area of high pressure ahead of the front, so that’s some good news. After Cleveland, we’ll continue along I90 to Erie, the ending point of our 490 mile day.


Not a fun weather day for our final leg of the trip, a 529 mile jaunt through southern NY past Binghamton and Albany and onwards into MA. The warm front will start to slow down over the Northeast and Southern New England, dropping steady rains over the region with low clouds. Some wind gusts could kick up through the mountains as we push our way through Eastern NY during the afternoon hours, but the worst of that will, once again, linger off to our south and west. Rains will lighten up as we make our way into Western MA and eventually into Worcester, but finish off a gloomy day overall.

Springfield, IL to Lubbock, TX

A 2-day, 940 mile trip through America’s Heartland. Will we see sunny skies or a good old-natured Plains thunderstorm? How about we dabble in both?!


A large ridge of high pressure has parked itself over the Great Lakes with some patchy morning fog found over Central Illinois. We’ll make our way down I-55 towards St. Louis under sunny morning skies and relatively light winds. The high pressure ridge continues into the Southern Plains, so with the exception of a few high clouds later on in the afternoon, the day should be sunny and quiet. Sunglasses will be a must as we continue through Springfield, MO and make our way down I-44 to Tulsa, OK, our stop for the night.


We head out of Tulsa towards Oklahoma City, with significantly more clouds than we started off yesterday with. A cold front pushing its way through the Plains yesterday has pushed itself further south as well during the overnight. Showers and thunderstorms that continued through the night over CO and KS have pushed ahead of the front into portions of northwestern OK by morning. Overcast skies will take over by midday and we can expect some scattered showers and thunderstorms to wet the windshields as we make our way south out of Lawton, OK and towards Wichita Falls, TX. Chances for showers and storms will remain through the rest of the day into Lubbock, but luckily are not expected to be severe.