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Lansing, Michigan to Bellingham, Washington

We are on our way west again. These always seem like the longest trips, and again, this trip will be 4 1/2 days covering about 2350 miles. We will move slowly through the Chicago area but move quickly through the Plains, which will result in an average speed of 66.1 miles per hour. The days will be through after 529 miles(though obviously after a shorter drive on Saturday)


A cold front (if you can call it that) will be sliding through the upper Midwest, creating some shower activity throughout southern Michigan. The front hasn’t held together well at all, so the activity portends to be fairly hit or miss. We will be in and out of these rain showers all the way through Chicago, and as we take a turn to the north, life will get a little bit easier. The drive through Wisconsin should be easy, and our day will end in Lewiston, Minnesota, which is east of Rochester.

The passage of a system moving through Canada will continue to draw warm air north, and our trip through southern Minnesota and South Dakota will be sweetly warm. In December. Which is strange. We will end the day in the Buffalo National Grassland.

Yet another round of low pressure will eject from the broader system in the Gulf of Alaska and Pacific Northwest on Thursday. A loosely organized cold front will generate some showers in western South Dakota and across portions of northern Wyoming. The best chance to break out of the drear will be in southeastern Montana, but as we approach the Rockies, we can also expect some snow falling in the higher elevations around Bozeman. It’s not going to be a blizzard or anything crazy like that, but in the exposed, empty quarters of the High Plains, those cloudy, snowy skies will make things seem awfully lonely. The day, like I mentioned, will end in Bozeman.

Friday is going to be a fairly nasty day for driving. It’s going to be an uncomfortable mix of rain and mountain snow across the Montana Rockies, Idaho Chimney and eastern Washington. Most of Washington will be rain, and most of Montana that we are in, anyways, will be snow. Idaho? Wild card. We should get into George, Washington, in the rain.

One last day, and things are expected to clear out in Washington, albeit only a bit. We will leave George dry, and likely won’t see any rain for the few hours to Bellingham, however when we descend towards Seattle, it will be into clouds, and probably a little bit of of fog, all of which will stay with us into Bellingham.

Twilight on a night and day front

The warm front that has run through the middle of the country for what seems like a week, has been incredibly strong. It had a 50 degree temperature gradient in parts of Nebraska, with 100s in Sidney and 50s in Chadron. So, it was going to go one way or another in Lansing. Or so it seemed. It wasn’t the drear found on the north side of the front, but it wasn’t the inferno found south of the front. In fact, this Memorial Day weekend has been pretty awesome in Lansing (I assume). Temperatures were 75 and 83 for highs, and there was just a little bit of rain on Saturday. This didn’t bde well for forecasts, which were awful, but it was pretty good news for anyone that wanted to be outside. Weatherbug had the top forecast, but it wasn’t very good.
Actuals: Saturday – .06 inches of rain, High 75, Low 60
Sunday – High 83, Low 61

Grade: D

Lansing, Michigan

The Michigan capital is our forecast site today. Just to the east, (in East Lansing) is Michigan State University. So, kids,I hope you are reading.

At 453PM, ET, Lansing was reporting a temperature 80 degrees with mostly sunny skies. A weak cold front has moved through Lansing earlier today, though it quite apparently hasn’t brought much cold air with it. A fairly deep trough aloft to the west was going to dig in, which should help with the clearing pattern in Lansing for the short term.
With a ridge developing aloft in the Great Lakes, a warm front will begin to move north through the Great Lakes. The rain will become fairly widespread on Sunday, though Saturday should be a bit more manageable. Expect a nice, hot, humid end to the Memorial Day weekend.
Tomorrow – Partly to mostly cloudy, High 82, Low 56
Sunday – Scattered showers and thunderstorms High 90, Low 65

TWC: Tomorrow – Isolated T-Storms high 89, Low 65
Sunday – PM T-Storms High 90, Low 67

AW: Tomorrow – Times of clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm around; very warm and humid High 86, Low 54
Sunday – Partly sunny and very warm with the temperature approaching the record of 93 set in 1911 High 92, Low 60

NWS: Tomorrow – A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny High 83, Low 59
Sunday – A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly sunny and hot, High 93, Low 65

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms high 82, Low 60
Sunday – Mostly sunny with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 92, Low 65

Looks toasty this weekend. I expect the thunderstorms won’t be widespread enough to really ruin any plans. Here is the current satellite. The low getting ready to push a warm front into Michigan is still in the Rockies.

Columbia, South Carolina to Lansing, Michigan

Off on a trip! Are you ready? It will be a day and a half from the Carolinas to the Great Lakes. It’s 774 miles in the midst of an early spring warmup. We will average just short of 60mph, which means the first day will be done after 479.5 miles. Let’s head to the northland, shall we?


The first day on the road will be a bit of a struggle. Do you leave the windows open, or no? Wipers on or off? Showers will be intermittent as we move through South and North Carolina, becoming a bit less abundant in western Virginia, but there might be more rain again in West Virginia. By the time we hit southern Ohio, we will likely be north of any precipitation, and when we get to Chillicothe, Ohio, our destination for the night, the stresses of wipers or no will be long in our past.

Day two, Wednesday, will just be a quick jaunt to Michigan’s capital, with very little to concern us, except maybe where to stop for lunch in Toledo. Lansing awaits!

Lansing, Michigan to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

After I took my nice, relaxing road trip out to the west coast, here is a nice, relaxing road trip through the upper Midwest. It will take a day and a half to cover 819 miles. We’ll keep a pace of 64.2mph, thanks in large part to our time spent on I-80. Our pace will allow us to notch 514 miles on Monday, leaving a short little drive on Tuesday.


Much of the upper Midwest made news this weekend for the big time snow totals, which came earlier in the season than is typically expected. Well, I am happy to inform you that this isn’t the expectation for this little adventure. As soon as we get to I-80 in the Chicagoland area, we should start to see some sunny skies as we pass through Illinois. Sunset comes early, so the sun will be in our eyes until the Quad Cities, then it will simply be beyond the horizon from then on. By the end of the day, a few clouds could start filtering back in. It shouldn’t be a terrible drive.

A little pulse of moisture will pass along the Iowa/Minnesota border as we sleep, and some of those clouds will remain in place as we drive towards Omaha, then north into Sioux Falls. Still, there shouldn’t be anything by way of disruptive weather, though don’t count out the chance for a decorative snowflake or two as we approach our destination.