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Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Hickory, North Carolina

We are going to spend a day driving through the Appalachians, in one of the parts of the country where there is a little bit of weather today. Will it continue tomorrow for the 503 miles between the cities? We will cover the ground over the course of a day at 62.3mph. Lets be on our way!

A stalled front continues to lie from the Mid-Atlantic to the central Gulf of Mexico. A weak low will rise out of the Gulf through the day and lift into Virginia by the time we get going tomorrow morning. It will be very rainy in Lancaster as we get out of town. The first jaunt of the trip takes us west towards Harrisburg. This stretch of route will bring about some sleet and maybe freezing rain. It’s going to be nasty. That sleet will be a possibility south through Hagerstown, when temperatures will begin to jump up above freezing into the low 40s. Riding on the east side of the Appalachians, we will continue to see some rain. It will begin to taper off around Roanoke. The dreary, drizzly business will continue even after Roanoke, to complete the crummy day’s drive. Too bad, because the drive would otherwise be scenic. Hopefully we can stay in Hickory long enough for things to clear out so we can see the sites.

Serene Skies

The expected quiet weather in Lancaster didn’t disappoint, with some pleasant daytime highs, but a bit chillier Friday morning as high pressure ruled the region. The mostly sunny skies led to the NWS nabbing the top spot.

Thursday: High 57, Low 34.
Friday: High 62, Low 28.
Forecast Grade: A

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Ahh, here we are, back to forecasting. I spent the past week out west, so of course we’re going to the east coast to forecast.

At 1053PM, ET, Lancaster was reporting a temperature of 46 degrees with clear skies. A weak ridge of high pressure was covering the east coast, leaving the entire region clear of any clouds or fog, on top of the dearth of precipitation. A system in Canada is bringing a few showers to the Northern Plains, and the strength of the associated jet suggests it will not fade quickly.
The jet streak is a part of am almost circular pattern that doesn’t show much proclivity for an eastward progression. Expect the system over the plains to lift north to the east. The overall flow of the jet will continue to rip through the same path it rides along, but will not have the same jet strength. The continued vorticity through the Ohio Valley will create redeveloping systems along the river, however none of it will be able to creep far enough east to be of influence for Lancaster.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 56, Low 35
Friday – Partly cloudy, High 57, Low 30

TWC: Tomorrow – Mainly sunny High 57, Low 35
Friday – Abundant sunshine. High 59, Low 31

AW: Tomorrow – Pleasant with sunshine against a deep blue sky High 55, Low 32
Friday – Sunny and nice High 60, Low 30

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 57, Low 24
Friday – Sunny High 61, Low 31

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 57, Low 34
Friday – Sunny, High 61, Low 32

So, sunny skies. It took me forever to write this… I’m not really back in the swing of things yet. Here is the satellite.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Oxnard, California

No better way to start a week than by planning a road trip that covers the whole thing. It’s going to be a 5 day trip headed out west covering 2703 miles. We’ll get there at a clip of 65.8mph, which will be good for about 527 miles a day for the first 4 days. We have a bit of driving in our future, so lets be on our way!


The first day of our trip looks like it will be the only truly unpleasant day of the trip. It will be dreary with rain for most of the day, though I wouldn’t anticipate really heavy rain. It will be enough that the windows will likely need to be closed, but it shouldn’t slow the trip. Our drive will end in Lisbon, Indiana, east of Indianapolis, with not much hope for seeing the sun on Tuesday.

Upon waking up, it will still be a bit dreary in Indiana, and will be a little gray until we cross into Illinois, when things will rapidly clear up. Driving through Saint Louis will be a treat weatherwise, with sun shining and temperatures climbing. A warm front type system is going to be developing over southwestern Missouri, and we will run into some showers and storms around the Lebanon, Missouri area with about an hour left in the day. We’ll end up in Halltown, just past Springfield.

The little system in the central Plains will spin itself up in place, bringing heavy overnight rain to Missouri, including Halltown. Make sure everything is closed up tight overnight. When we leave Thursday morning, we will be engaged in the shower activity. We’ll begin to clear out by the time we reach Tulsa, but the threat for some rain all the way to the Texas border will continue. Driving the the Panhandle, through Amarillo, however, it will get dusty and dry. The day will end about 20 miles from New Mexico, in Adrian, Texas.

The dry weather will continue through New Mexico and Arizona, as one would expect. It will be a bit cooler in the mountains, but the drive will be warm and sunswept. We’ll end in Parks, Arizona, between Flagstaff and Williams.

No rain as we approach California, but a trough over the west will drive winds up, and we’ll have to worry about some gusty conditions all the way from Needles to the Coast. Driving through the desert, it may get a little dusty if the wind picks up, but the rain they are seeing to day could keep it down a bit. I wouldn’t count on it. We’ll arrive on the coast with partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 60s.