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Lafayette, Indiana to Reading, Pennsylvania

We’re looking at a shorter, less snowy drive for our road trip today. We’ll be departing Lafayette and heading east for a day and a half until we arrive in Reading. The mileage on this trip is 662 miles, and the first day will cover 480 of those miles, because the eastern interstates tend to run slower. For example, our speed will be about 60.1mph, which is a far cry from yesterday’s trip.


This certainly WILL be the exact opposite of yesterday’s trip. We will be south of the track for nasty weather that is presently established through Canada. This will mean nothing but smooth sailing from Lafayette to Somerset, Pennsylvania. There aren’t many places to stop along the PA Turnpike, so we end up stopping in Somerset a lot, it seems.

The rest of the little trip through Pennsylvania will probably be cloudy, what with the Appalachians and a storm system sneaking into New England. I don’t expect any rain or snow or anything like that, but perhaps just enough to keep the sunglasses in their case. Reading will be at the very southern fringe of every system that comes through the Northern US over the next several days, so enjoy that.

Bellingham, Washington to Lafayette, Indiana

This one is going to be lengthy, my friends. There is a lot of ground to cover between Bellingham and Lafayette. It will be a 4 day trip that covers 2258 miles. The first three days will cover 531 miles, leaving the rest for Sunday. The extensive time spent on western interstates will mean a speed of 66.4mph, allowing such a high daily total for our drive. That’s out of the way, let’s get forecastin’.


Unfortunately for our purposes an area of low pressure is diving from the Gulf of Alaska into the Pacific Northwest. There is an honest to goodness cold front associated with this which will mean some more consistent wind flow than there usually is with the Pacific Northwest confused jumble that we have all grown to expect. That said, it will rain almost entirely through the day tomorrow. The heaviest will be along the coast to Seattle, then east towards the Cascades. After we start making our way uphill towards the Snoqualmie Pass, all that rain will turn to a sticky, wet snow that will really slow things down. I hope you have snow tires. It will continue until we get to the top of the climb and start winding back downhill when, suddenly, things will clear out. They will last from the leeward slope of the Cascades until about Spokane, when the dreary skies will probably start spitting some drizzle again. The end of the day will be in Big Pine fishing area in Montana northwest of Missoula. Bring a tent.

That system will continue to follow us into the expanse that is Montana. We will be ducking the snow most of the day, and the precipitation we see will definitely be snow, until we start coming out of the mountains around Butte. From Butte to Bozeman the snow will likely be at it’s fluffiest, with some rain possibly mixing in from Bozman to near Billings. We will get out ahead of the wintry mix eventually to Eplie, which is in the rural southeastern Prairie. No way of knowing if they actually have services there. Bring a tent.

The flurry activity will remain with us when we wake up on Saturday morning. The good news is that, when the system sets itself up on the lee side of the northern Rockies, it’s going to slow down. A warm front will set itself up through North Dakota, or the Dakota we will not be in. Hooray! This means we’ll be able to enjoy sunny skies and seasonably warm temperatures as we make our way to Luverne in the very southwestern corner of Minnesota. It doesn’t come along very often that we end a day in Minnesota. How exciting. And I’m almost certain that we can stash the tent in Luverne.

It’s going to be a long drive to get from Minnesota to Lafayette. I used to make this drive when I was in school though (I went to Purdue, for those that have never checked the about us page), so it can be done. Once again the storm system will catch up to us while we sleep. In this case, however, temperatures will be warm enough aloft and at the surface that we will see only light rain and fog with the system. It’s going to be a Sunday as well, so traffic in the Chicago area will be slowed but not impassable as we reach that last interminable bit of driving. Trust me, the drive from Chicago to Lafayette is tough. It’s not a difficult drive objectively, but after spending 9 hours in the car in crummy weather already, it’s not so much fun. Anyways, maybe some drizzle in Lafayette.

Unexpected lows

Lafayette was still supposed to see a reasonable southerly flow as a little system swung it’s way north of town over the past couple of days, which would bring some increasing humidity and of course, some warming temperatures. Temperatures didn’t respond as they were supposed to. Sure, everything was warmer than average, but every low was at least 4 degrees off. Unsightly. Then there was a mysterious .01″ of rain seen early Sunday morning, though it was discounted by the observer and no falling precip was ever reported. The Weather Channel and Accuweather had the top two forecasts.
Actuals: Saturday – High 82, Low 57
Sunday – High 87, Low 62

Grade C

Lafayette, Louisiana

We’re heading south to Lafayette, Louisiana the major city in south central Louisiana. It is also home to the aptly named Louisiana University at Lafayette.

At 1153AM, CT, Lafayette was reporting a temperature of 78 degrees with clear skies. Generally light flow was seen over land, and a light on shore flow was being seen over the northern Gulf of Mexico. This has led to foggy morning recently, but won’t be inducing thunderstorms this afternoon.
Instead, an upper level low over the southwestern US will move into the center of the country, all while generating a stouter southerly flow. The difference in arimass isn’t as great as in the summer, so widespread thunderstorms aren’t likely until the afternoon on Sunday. Ahead of that time, expect fog becoming increasingly dense in the mornings, with temperatures and humidity climbing through the period.
Tomorrow – Morning fog, then warm, High 85, Low 62
Sunday – Foggy in the morning with a chance for some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, High 88, Low 67

TWC: Tomorrow – Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. Warm. High 85, Low 61
Sunday – Slight chance of a thunderstorm. High 85, Low 66

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny High 84, low 62
Sunday – Some sun with a shower or thunderstorm around; very warm and humid High 86, Low 67

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 86, Low 62
Sunday – A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny High 85, Low 67

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 86, Low 62
Sunday – Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, High 85, Low 67

Weatherbug is going with a 10% lower chance for thunderstorms. Other than that, same thing going on there. We can see the huge system in the west on the satellite image.