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Almost in the clear

As a figure of speech, Kankakee was indeed in the clear over the last two weeks. There was no rain, as one sorry outlet had thought there would be. In a more literal sense, it was not actually clear in Kankakee. It was overcast for most of the weekend in Kankakee, which kept temperatures quite cool, never reaching anything warmer than 41. On the other hand, the temperatures weren’t allowed to cool very much either! The lows were never once below freezing. The weather Channel ended up winning the forecast, despite being 5 degrees off on Sunday’s high.
Actuals: Saturday – High 41, Low 34
Sunday – High 39, Low 32

Grade: B-C

Kankakee, Illinois

We’re headed to the western Great Lakes, the Chicagoland area or the Great Lakes for today’s forecast, depending on your local parlance.

At 715PM, CT, Kankakee was reporting a temperature of 39 degrees with light rain. Kankakee’s overcast was helping to keep freezing temperatures at bay, as subfreezing temperatures were found as close as Rockford. Light rain was most widespread in northern Indiana, with the shower activity more scattered southeast of a line from Joliet to Macomb in Illinois.
Kankakee will remain at a region of great atmospheric conflict for the next couple of days. There is a a jet streak running from northwestern Mexico to the Great Lakes, with a weaker segment from the Oklahoma Panhandle to Iowa. With the stronger base of the trough, there is going to be strengthening of low pressure circulation in the region. The arctic jet is ridging prominently in northern Canada, helping to engender a strong surface ridge in the northern Rockies. As the low developing in the southern Plains strengthens, expect it to begin moving northeast along the jet. This will mean shower activity will remain a possibility in Kankakee through much of the day tomorrow. That said, the feature will be moving away from the base of the trough that fed it, and the northern ridge will push it to the southeast. Kankakee will be cooler but drier on Sunday.
Tomorrow – Overcast with light rain, High 43, Low 35
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, High 45, Low 30

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy, High 41, Low 35
Sunday – Mostly Sunny, High 44, Low 30

AW: Tomorrow – Mainly cloudy and colder High 42, Low 36
Sunday – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 45, Low 29

NWS: Tomorrow – Cloudy, High 42, Low 36
Sunday – Mostly sunny, High 45, Low 31

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy, High 42, Low 36
Sunday – Partly cloudy, High 44, Low 31

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy High 43, Low 36
Sunday – Partly Cloudy High 45, Low 32

FIO: Tomorrow – Overcast throughout the day. High 46, Low 36
Sunday – Mostly cloudy in the morning. High 48, Low 32

Unusual. I’m usually the most optimistic, but I am the only one with rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Hmm. Here is the radar right now. It definitely LOOKS like rain is on the outs.

Brightening horizons

A lot of the cloudiness in the Midwest and Great Lakes lately isn’t actually cloudiness, but rather haze from fires in the Pacific Northwest. A lot of, but not all of, I should note. Kankakee did report an isolated shower and thunderstorm on Saturday with a weak wave cycling through. That wave helped clear the pattern aloft a bit, and definitely allowed warmer air into the region. Still, that haze tempered temperatures as compared to what guidance suggested they could have been. Weatherbug and WeatherNation secured a spot in a three way tie by having a cooler forecast. Accuweather nabbed the third spot by having perfect overnight lows.
Actuals: Saturday, .05 inches of rain, High 76, Low 62
Sunday – High 80, Low 64

Grade: B-D

Modesto, California to Kankakee, Illinois

Up, up and away once again. We won’t be covering the entirety of the United States with this trip, merely stopping 2/3 the way, in Kankakee. It will take us 4 days to cover 2125 miles, which means an hourly pace of about 65mph, leading to the three leading days being through after about 520 miles, leaving the change for Tuesday. Let’s climb the mountains and make our way east.

DAY ONE (Saturday)
There is a large system moving into the northwestern United States, and San Francisco Bay will be seeing some rain and wind by the time we hit the road tomorrow. This will follow us through the Sacramento Valley, but will really be tapering off by the time we reach Sacramento itself. The Sierras look good, and we will be dry through western Nevada, There will be some mountain showers and storms, but many are focused near Salt Lake City, which is too far east for our Sunday goal. Instead, dry weather, fairly warm, to be sure, will allow us to camp in an RV or tent around Deeth, Nevada, with no fear of rough weather.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
Guidance suggests a long stream of showers from the Baja to the Canadian Prairies with little variation from this swath. Expect it to be dry through Salt Lake City, with some rain chances picking up as we climb into the mountains. The best shot at rain will be from Summit Peak, east of Salt Lake, to Rock Springs Wyoming. It will dry out quickly on the way east, before we stop in what should be a quiet Walcott, Wyoming.

DAY THREE (Monday)
Strong surface low pressure will be developing in the far northern Plains as we head east, but won’t emerge far enough into the Plains to make too much of an impact. The boundary extending from local pressure minima in Saskatchewan and eastern Colorado will run through the North Platte area, bringing some fluffier clouds, and perhaps a stray shower (which, in this part of the world could always entail some thunder as well). Anything we see will be brief, which is fantastic news, and we will press onward to York in hot, sticky late August air.

DAY FOUR (Tuesday)
Guidance isn’t 100% sure, but it definitely seems possible that the drive through Iowa will remain dry, but with temperatures warm and the atmosphere soupy, it’s entirely possible that some lifting parcels breach the cap, and there could be a stray thunderstorm throughout the Hawkeye State. Northern Illinois will be even moister, which means more instability, so don’t be surprised to see a little more stratiform rain mixed in with the thunder. There will still be more sun than rain, and generally speaking, those school buses we pass as we arrive when we get to Kankakee will be upset they spent the whole day in school.

Kankakee, Illinois

Hey, I’m back! It’s been a while, which is pretty strange, I guess. Off to northern Illinois for my first forecast of the week.

At 915PM, CT, Kankakee was reporting clear skies and a fairly muggy 68 degrees. A sharp but rapidly diminishing wave moving through the Upper Midwest was responsible for the moisture across the region, and was producing a persistent swath of rain northwest of a line from the Quad Cities to Rockford. Expect a dry night for Kankakee for tonight, however the trough will get folded into a weak upper level perturbation and begin to shift eastward tomorrow afternoon.
The boundary will work its way through northern Illinois tomorrow, which may lead to a stray shower or thunderstorm, though widespread precipitation is not anticipated. The shear associated with the trough will deteriorate, and a weak ridge in the Appalachians will lead to the remnant energy to stall in the western Great Lakes and lower Ohio Valley. This will mean a mostly cloudy Sunday, but with cold air not available, it should remain rather stuffy.
Tomorrow – Scattered showers, with an isolated thunderstorm, High 80, Low 63
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, but warm, High 84, Low 63

TWC: Tomorrow – Scattered Thunderstorms, High 81, Low 61
Sunday – PM Thunderstorms, High 86, Low 62

AW: Tomorrow – Rather cloudy with a shower or thunderstorm around High 79, Low 62
Sunday – Humid with variable cloudiness High 85, Low 64

NWS: Tomorrow – Scattered showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 4pm. Cloudy High 79, Low 63
Sunday – A 20 percent chance of showers after 1pm. Partly sunny, High 83, Low 64

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy. Chance of showers until late afternoon…Then a chance of showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms late in the afternoon. High 79, Low 63
Sunday – Partly sunny. Chance of light showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 83, Low 64

WN: Tomorrow – Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Showers High 79, Low 63
Sunday – Partly Cloudy with Isolated Showers high 82, Low 64

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain starting in the afternoon. High 83, Low 63
Sunday – Rain throughout the day. High 85, Low 69

It will be interesting to see how much of that lingering moisture actually hangs on for Sunday. I suspect with temperatures warming, the cap will be strong. Take a look at the current radar, with all the rain to the northwest.

Kankakee, Illinois to Blacksburg, Virginia

Day two of our zig-zagging road trip streak, and this trip will only take one day, albeit a lengthy day. It will take 10 hours to cover 599.6 miles, and travel through some fairly large metropolises and over the Appalachians will slow us down to only 58.8mph. So let’s go, daylight’s wasting.

Model guidance is not really agreeing on what to do with a developing wave over the upper Midwest, and how much it will impact northern Illinois tomorrow morning. If you believe the GFS, which tends to be over aggressive with precipitation some times, then Kankakee will be inundated upon our departure. IF you believe the NAM, which is significantly less aggressive more often than not, will see dry skies as we leave. What both models agree on, however, is a stream of light showers extending from Indianapolis to Charleston, West Virginia, basically buffeting our entire route. The last little bit of the drive from Charleston to Blacksburg should be a bit more favorable, but we will still be moving through a steeper terrain with chances of drizzle, so the issue heading into Blacksburg will be one of traction, rather than visibility, as it will be early in the trip. Get your umbrella. Virginia Tech is playing at home against Marshall on Saturday!

Salisbury, Maryland to Kankakee, Illinois

And so begins our stretch of 5 days with road trips, and we will start with a day and a half across the Appalachians and Ohio Valley. It is a 828.35 mile trek between the two cities, and given the mountainous and urban legs of travel, our speed will only be 60.17 miles per hour. Like I said, our trip will be over the course of a day and a half, and because of the slow-ish speed. Our full day in the car will be through, therefore, after 481 miles of driving.

High pressure is moseying into the mid-Atlantic today, and it won’t go anywhere tomorrow either. We can expect that the drive through the terrain of western Maryland and Pennsylvania will be sunny and clear. We will make it to the Cleveland metro and get to the west side of town. We will spend the night in North Ridgeville, Ohio in the suburbs.

An area of low pressure is expected to move through the Upper Midwest, giving rise to warming temperatures in the southern Great Lakes. This should destabilize the remainder of our route on Thursday, but not to the point that it will be stormy or rainy after we reach Toledo. It may be cloudy and humid, and in fact it probably will be, but the real show will arrive in Kankakee after we do.

A nice round of clear air

I mentioned that parts of the western Great Lakes were worried about flooding, and Kankakee was among those cities that has been in line for heavy rain in April. Fortunately over the past two days, we saw the end of the rain and a wave of sunny skies moving in. After a little splash Wednesday morning and dry weather on Thursday, things are looking up in Kankakee. In a very tight battle, The Weather Service and Weatherbug had the top forecast for the day.
Actuals: Wednesday. 06 inches of rain, High 49, Low 36
Thursday – High 50, Low 35

Grade: B

Kankakee, Illinois

There are a lot of cities in Illinois, and Kankakee is definitely one of them.

At 1055AM, CT, Kankakee was reporting a temperature of 60 degrees with clear skies. The good weather wasn’t going to last, however, as a broad swath of rain was looming west from a Morris-Pontiac line, poised to make the afternoon gray and damp in Kankakee.
The culprit is an area of low pressure centered over eastern Wisconsin, which is riding the sharply angled exit arm of an upper level trough. This means cold air will remain over northern Illinois even after the front has moved through the area thanks to the burgeoning amplitude of the wave. Tomorrow morning may feature a bit of late season snow before skies clear, giving way to a chilly middle of the week. Tomorrow evening, an eddy riding the mean trough will trigger a chance for another period of flurries tomorrow evening into the early morning Thursday.
Tomorrow – Rain/snow early, and again a chance of flurries late, with skies clear early, High 50, Low 35
Thursday – Light snow before sunrise, then warming, High 55, Low 34

TWC: Tomorrow – AM Clouds / PM Sun (early rain) high 52, Low 35
Thursday – Sunny (early rain) High 53, Low 36

AW: Tomorrow – Clouds giving way to some sun and cool (early rain) High 52, Low 37
Thursday – Intervals of clouds and sun (Early showers) 55, low 35

NWS: Tomorrow – Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny (very early rain) High 51, Low 37
Thursday – Mostly sunny, (rain/snow early) High 53, Low 36

WB: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy.(rain/snow early) High 51, low 37
Thursday – Partly cloudy in the morning then clearing.(rain/snow early) High 53, Low 36

I think the precip scenario is going to be interesting. Quite a bit of cold air aloft behind the front. Here is the current radar. Oof.

Winter winds come howling

The forecast for Kankakee, came at the very end of a storm. The same low that plowed through the Great Lakes and dumped a foot of snow on Iowa and Wisconsin strayed mostly north of Kankakee. They didn’t see much snow in Kankakee, but they saw some. The really big deal was the wind, which gusted to nearly 50mph on Friday morning. Yowza! Hold on to your hat! The top forecast belonged to Accuweather, who missed only by a degree overall. It’s a Christmas miracle!
Actuals: Friday – Early snow, High 32, Low 20
Saturday – High 32, Low 15

Grade: A