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Joplin stays snow free

With a deep upper level trough and strong surface high pressure digging into the center of the country, speculation was rampant that there would be some flurry activity at the leading edge of that feature. There was, but the snow was intermittent (it was reported just across the border in Arkansas) and managed to steer clear of Joplin for the past two days. Only one outlet managed to get the correct precipitation forecast, but The Weather Channel dominated the temperature forecast, and ended up winning the day.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 48, Low 22
Thursday – Hgih 29, Low 15

Grade: A-C

Joplin, Missouri

Apologies for the lack of the post yesterday, Joplin deserves better than my inferior calendar reading skills. I blame my trip to the dentist this morning. Anyways, you get 2 forecasts for the price of 1 today!

At 253pm CST, the temperature at Joplin, MO was 40 degrees under fair skies. A dissipating area of high pressure is keeping conditions relatively pleasant at this time over southwest Missouri, but things will drastically change over the next couple of days. An area of low pressure will develop over the northwest Gulf by midday tomorrow, kicking up precip over most of the Lower MS River Valley. Also, a disturbance is sliding southward over the Dakotas right now and looks to make its way into the Mid-MS River Valley by late tomorrow. While the Gulf low should stay far enough to the south of Joplin to keep its effects at bay, the same can’t be said for the northern disturbance. It should deflect some off to the east as it swings into the region, but looks to bring some light snow showers to the area on Thursday morning before it moves on. They shouldn’t accumulate to more than an inch, but still could make things tricky on the roads for those heading off to work.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, clouds increase in the late evening. High 47, Low 23.
Thursday: Some light early morning snow showers possible, then cloudy and dry for the remainder of the day. Temperature dropping throughout much of the day. High 29, Low 12

TWC: Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 48, Low 23.
Thursday: A few morning flurries or snow showers possible, then cloudy. High 30, Low 15.

AW: Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 47, Low 20.
Thursday: Early morning snow showers, then mainly cloudy and much colder. High 29, Low 14.

NWS: Wednesday: Mostly sunny, slight chance of rain/snow late evening. High 45, Low 22.
Thursday: Slight chance of snow in early morning hours. High 33, Low 17.

WB: Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 45, Low 21.
Thursday: chance of early morning snow. High 27, Low 15.

WN: Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Evening rain changing to wintry mix. High 45, Low 23.
Thursday: Windy with isolated snow showers in early morning. High 34, Low 18.

FIO: Wednesday: Mostly sunny, clouds increasing in evening. High 46, Low 24.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy throughout the day, breezy in morning. High 30, Low 16.

The Joplin area is pretty quiet right now, but that developing system over TX/OK is what will give us our brush with precip tomorrow night.

Almost perfect

You could say the weather, which featured highs in the low 70s and sunny skies for two days in Joplin, was almost perfect (I would prefer an extra degree or two.) Or, you could say that The Weather Channel was almost perfect, missing by only one degree on the Tuesday high, but nailing it everywhere else.
Actuals: Tuesday, High 73, Low 52
Wednesday, High 72, Low 48

Grade: A

Joplin, Missouri

Joplin is famous in the meteorology world for the disaster that afflicted the city last year. An F5 tornado killed 160 people in the town last summer, and residents are still trying to put the pieces back together. This will be a good couple of days to do that.

At 153AM, Joplin was reporting a temperature of 55 degrees with clear skies. A push of cold air had finally found it’s way into the center of the country, and high pressure was beginning to build into the south central portion of the country.
A sharp trough has been cut off over the center of the country, which is preventing the ridge from developing strongly. That said, moisture will be shunted south, focused along a surface low over northeastern Texas. Joplin should enjoy sunny skies and seasonable temperatures through Wednesday.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 74, Low 51
Wednesday – Sunny, High 73, Low 50

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 72, Low 52
Wednesday – Sunny High 72, Low 48

AW: Tomorrow – Less humid with times of sun and clouds High 73, Low 50
Wednesday – Mostly sunny High 72, Low 49

NWS: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 71, Low 56
Wednesday – Sunny High 72, Low 49

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny. High 71, Low 55
Wednesday – Sunny. High 72, Low 49

Pretty nice for Joplin. Hope it stays that way for a while. Satellite shows the moisture off to the south causing it’s problems.

Finally A Reprieve

With all of the flooding rains that happened in the area over the last few days, it was nice to see Joplin catch a break for a couple of days and dry out. Flooding along the Mississippi will remain for many days to come, but at least the last 2 days helped to stop adding any more water to the already swollen riverbeds. The NWS took home the top spot.

Thursday: High 71, Low 43.
Friday: High 78, Low 44.
Forecast Grade: A

Joplin, Missouri to Michigan City, Indiana

Before we get underway with the Road Trip, I wanted to touch upon the devastating tornado outbreak last night. As of right now, the death toll stands at 249, making it the third deadliest tornado outbreak to hit the US… ever. There were well over 100 tornadoes reported, but the problem was that very strong tornadoes hit major towns. One in particular tracked from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham Alabama, but other towns like Huntsville, Chattanooga, Rome and others experienced major damage and/or fatalities yesterday. CNN is a good source for some of the aftermath, and the Weather Service out of Birmingham is doing surveys all day today of the widespread destruction, as well as across Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas, however Alabama got hit the hardest.
Anyways, on to the trip at hand.
It’s going to be a 615 mile journey that is supposed to last 10 hours and 2 minutes. The general rule of thumb is to have 8 hour days, with a 2 hour leeway, which means a 10 hour drive would still be a 1 day trek. On that technicality, I should be chopping this drive into an 8 hour day and a 2 hour, 2 minute day. But come on. We’re doing this in a day. At that rate, we’re going to average about 61.3mph. Let’s get underway, we have a long day in the car!

The back end of the system that has caused so much devastation in the southeast is providing some low clouds and drizzle across the lower Ohio Valley today. Even that, however, will pull off to the east by the time we depart for Michigan City. A ridge will build into the center of the country as we drive tomorrow, bringing about warmer temperatures and sunny skies. Hopefully we can find something to do on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Joplin, Missouri

Off to southwestern Missouri for the day’s forecast. Just a few miles to their south or east, and the area is underwater, after over 10 inches of rain has fallen in some places between the Ozarks and the Mississippi since Saturday. Joplin has only received 3.5″, still a lot but a disaster. Tornadoes have also mercifully avoided southwestern Missouri, outside of a minor, damage free twister near the Arkansas border. Will the luck continue?

At 953 AM, CT, Joplin was reporting a temperature of 61 degrees and cloudy skies. Joplin was surrounded by rain, with heavier showers and some thunderstorms over northwestern Arkansas and a band of showers headed towards town from southeastern Kansas. The strong, double barreled area of low pressure continues to develop and redevelop, but it’s gradual eastward progression means that only some post-frontal troughing is found across Missouri by this point.
The nice thing about such a strong, well defined pattern is that after the system finally begins to shunt off to the northeast, a strong ridge of high pressure will be soon to follow. It will take a little time for the weather to clear out tomorrow morning, but much needed dry air will arrive for the area around the Ozarks by tomorrow afternoon. With all the rain recently seen across the region, don’t be surprised to see some dense fog each morning.
Tomorrow – Morning drizzle then clearing, High 70, Low 42
Friday – Sunny and warm, High 77, Low 46

TWC: Tomorrow – A mainly sunny sky High 72, Low 44
Friday – Mainly sunny High 78, Low 50

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy and warmer with plenty of sunshine High 70, Low 41
Friday – Mostly sunny, breezy and warmer High 81, Low 47

NWS, Tomorrow – Sunny High 71, Low 42
Friday – Sunny High 79, Low 46

WB: Tomorrow – Breezy…warmer. Mostly sunny High 71, Low 42
Friday – Breezy. Mostly sunny. High 80, Low 46

I’m glad things are finally clearing up in that part of the world, and I’m also glad I could be the bearer of good news for once. Radar shows a few showers that are still barely hanging on.