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Some time to dry out

As I mentioned earlier in the week, it’s been a tough stretch for the southeast, and they likely needed some time to pick up the pieces after tornadoes raked the region. The forecast for Jackson thankfully panned out. A couple of dry days with warm weather and no more rain for the region. Jackson wasn’t affected nearly as badly as other places, but the quiet period was undoubtedly appreciated by storm weary residents and skittish pets. Weatherbug also appreciated the pleasant weather, as they had the top forecast in Jackson.
Actuals: Friday – High 79, Low 50
Saturday – High 82, Low 54

Grade: A

Jackson, Mississippi

The southeast has had a turn of fortune lately, with high pressure developing and dominating that part of the country. Will it continue in Jackson?

At 1053PM, CT, Jackson was reporting a clear skies with a temperature of 53 degrees. A weak area of low pressure moving through the Great Lakes is generating a weak boundary through the Ohio Valley,
Weak jet flow dominates the country, and it sits north of Mississippi. This pattern has a couple of different ramifications for Jackson. First, it will keep the city warm and dry, but with some troughing, it will instigate an easterly flow, rather than moist onshore flow which could lead to some diurnal thunderstorms. Hot but dry days are in the forecast for the Mississippi capitol.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 80, Low 48
Saturday – Sunny and warmer, High 85, Low 53

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny skies High 80, Low 49
Saturday – Sunshine High 86, Low 52

AW: Tomorrow – Abundant sunshine High 81, Low 50
Saturday – Mostly sunny High 86, Low 54

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny High 78, Low 48
Saturday – Sunny 85, Low 53

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny High 79, Low 51
Saturday – Sunny, High 85, Low 54

Satellite shows a weak l’il front pushing north of Mississippi.

A difficult forecast well handled

Spring time systems are generally very strong. On the northern end, you can count on some snow, and on the south, you very well know there will be changes in temperature usually ushered in by potentially strong thunderstorms. Even with a clash of air masses like this, the general forecast isn’t really that big a mystery. Well, not until you get really close to the actual center of low pressure. Will the low pass to the southeast, keeping the city cold and rainy? Will it be to the northwest, meaning some rain early, then a warm up, followed by some thunderstorms? Will the warm and cold front be occluded by the time the low arrives? Well, in the case of Jackson, Michigan, it was option two. It rained on Monday, with a pleasant warm up on Tuesday before a brief rumble of thunder (though Jackson was in a tornado watch for most of the afternoon). With all the potential variables in Jackson, Victoria-Weather’s top forecast, a good one at that, can only be seen as a coup.
Actuals: Monday – .18 inches of rain, High 53, Low 47
Tuesday – .03 inches of rain/thunderstorms, High 72, Low 47

Grade: B

Jackson, Michigan

Sorry for the late posting, holidays will kinda do that to you! But no worries, I haven’t forgotten about the fair people of Lower Michigan!

At 11:56PM EDT, the temperature in Jackson, Michigan was 52 degrees under overcast skies. While conditions are benign right now, that will radically change over the next 48 hours. An upper-level trough is digging in over the Western US right now and will push over the Plains by Monday evening. Over the last couple of days, there has been a stalled out boundary from the Northeast through the Ohio and Mid-MS Valleys trailing back to the Southern Plains where a broad low-pressure system is located. With the upper-level trough acting to intensify this low pressure system in the Plains, it will also finally start to push it towards the northeast, after days of lingering over the Central US. The warm front will lift towards southern Michigan during the day Monday, with rain and scattered thunderstorms sliding along north of it. Some heavy rains are possible as storms are expected to train along the front through the early morning hours of Tuesday. The low pressure will shift over WI/IL by afternoon and begin to occlude, with some scattered strong thunderstorms possible in the afternoon as the triple point passes through the Great Lakes. Conditions will dry out some on Tuesday evening into early Wednesday, but don’t relax just yet. More showers and storms are possible for midweek as another low pressure lifts into the region. No rest for the weary!

Monday: Rain increases in afternoon, thunderstorms possible. High 57, Low 46.
Tuesday: Heavy rain possible early morning, a few scattered stronger thunderstorms. High 70, Low 48.

TWC: Monday: Rain expected, possible thunder. High 56, Low 47.
Tuesday: Scattered strong thunderstorms. Windy. High 65, Low 51.

AW: Monday: Rain. High 59, Low 45.
Tuesday: Thunderstorms and windy, but warmer. High 69, Low 48.

NWS: Monday: Thunderstorms possible. High 57, Low 40.
Tuesday: Thunderstorms, heavy rain possible. High 69, Low 50.

WB: Monday: Thunderstorms expected. High 57, Low 44.
Tuesday: Thunderstorms, heavy rain anticipated. High 69, Low 50.

Here we see the heavier thunderstorms over the Southern Plains. How far north will these push over the next couple days?

Chillier than Anticipated

The cold front that brought some afternoon rain to Jackson, TN brought in a cold air mass behind it that nobody expected to cool off the region as much as it did. Clear skies and calm winds Thursday night dropped temps all the way into the mid 30’s, no doubt making for a brisk Friday morning for people going out to retrieve their newspapers. V-W had the coldest forecast low for the area Thursday, which was enough to put us into a comfortable win.

Wednesday: 0.35″ in a heavy rain shower. High 78, Low 56.
Thursday: Non-standard day, High occurred at midnight. High 56, Low 34.
Forecast grade: C

Jackson, Tennessee to Vallejo, California

After the brief little road trip we took yesterday, we’re off for a cross country adventure from western Tennessee to the Bay Area of California. it will be a 4 day trek from Jackson to Vallejo that covers 2186 miles. Most of the drive will be on I-40, which means our drive will move along fairly quickly at almost 68mph and about 541 miles a day. Thats a lot of ground to cover, but we have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s be on our way.


The showers that will be seen across Tennessee today will be out of Jackson by the time we set forth for the west coast. A weak area of high pressure will set up through the southern Plains, though don’t expect it to bring in a bunch of cold air, as the primary jet will be just off to our north. It may be a little blustery, but fairly pleasant for our drive through Arkansas and into Newalla, Oklahoma, which is on the eastern fringes of the Oklahoma City metro.

There is a huge system parked off the west coast that keeps pumping energy into the western US. Overnight, it will probably rain a little bit in Oklahoma City, but as we get ready to go on Friday, things will be dramatically improved. Additionally, the precipitation will leave some warm temperatures in it’s wake, so the drive through the rest of Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and on into New Mexico will be rather toasty. The day will end in Sandia Park, just east of Albuquerque.

I tell you what, those engineers were smart when they built the interstates. I-40, out continued home for the day will run south of the copious precipitation falling through the Rockies and Great Basin. The low off the coast looks like it is finally moving ashore Saturday though, so the end of our drive looks as though it may be a little bit more interesting than the first three days of the drive. The day will end along the California-Arizona border in Topock.

Ha! Just kidding. The front will collapse as it moves ashore. There may be some sludge in the California Valley, given all the rain that’s moved through the area, but for the most part, the drive through California is going to be fairly comfortable. At the end of a long 4 day trip that has been more lucky than pleasant, we will arrive in Vallejo, which should be fairly comfortable and welcoming on our arrival.

Johnson City, Tennessee to Jackson, Tennessee

Sure, we are staying in-state for today’s road trip, but Tennessee is a mighty long state to run the length of. We’re covering about 415 miles in 6 and a half hours, so the drive is no picnic. We’ll even be moving along at 63.8 miles an hour, so it’s not like we’ll bbe inching along. Let’s go for about as long a trip as we can without even crossing state lines.

Really, thunderstorm activity across Tennessee tomorrow is going to be fairly sparse. It helps that the primary threat for the wet weather will be coming early in the day, so really heavy weather probably isn’t likely. Still, the threat for shower activity will begin around Cookeville, maybe a little further west towards Nashville an hour or two into the drive. I think the really heavy weather will continue to develop behind us, that is to say, in eastern Tennessee, but don’t be surprised if we see a few more showers through Nashville and on towards Jackson, but I would put the chances as “good” that we will be in the clear by the time we cross Kentucky Lake. Not terrible for a one day trip through Tennessee, I would say.

Jackson, Tennessee

If you didn’t know, Jackson is very near Henning, Tennessee. Yes, it is named after me.

At 853PM, CT, Jackson was reporting a temperature of 71 with clear skies. Bands of clouds were rolling through the mid-Mississippi Valley, with a high topped band just to the east, but the actual precipitation remained in Missouri, west of Cape Girardieau and north of Poplar Bluff. This was all in association with a poorly organized system in the Missouri Valley that was expected to slowly wind itself out over the next 48 hours.
That isn’t to say there isn’t a good deal of moisture associated with this system, and the lower level vorticity will be enough to generate a few strong thunderstorms tomorrow as the wave of energy slides along a jet through the Ohio Valley. Since the disturbance is shortwaved and generally found in the lower levels, it is expected to move very quickly. Upper level support is present but very weak, so it doesn’t appear that there will be much cold air brought south, however there will be enough for some wet weather tomorrow afternoon,, and enough to notice a definite change on Thursday. Lingering clouds are possible on Thursday.
Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a chance for some rain, High 78, Low 52 (non standard)
Thursday – Partly cloudy and cooler High 56, Low 42

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms possible. High 75, Low 56
Thursday – Mostly sunny. High 57, Low 46

AW: Tomorrow – Times of clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm in the area High 75, Low 58
Thursday – Mostly sunny and nice High 62, Low 46

NWS: Tomorrow – A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy High 76, Low 52
Thursday – Sunny High 58. Low 42

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy High 76, Low 52
Thursday – Cooler…sunny High 62, Low 44

A look at the radar shows those showers to the northwest. For the record, everyone is going warmer than model guidance for Thursday’s high, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Blacksburg, Virginia to Jackson, Michigan

Talk about consistency. The last road trip I did was 507 miles. This one is about a 5K jog longer, at 510 miles. Will this jaunt from Virginia Tech to Eastern Michigan University have sunny skies? It’s the famous Hokies/Eagles showdown, road-trip style!

Upon our departure from Blacksburg, only a few scattered clouds are expected as high pressure continues to build into the Eastern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. For pretty much the entire trip northward through WV and Ohio, clear skies will rule, along with some gusts of 15-20mph. Don the sunglasses and enjoy the trip!

Soggy Start to Weekend

The dissipating system that moved in from the Gulf continues to spin itself out over the Deep South, bringing some periods of rain to the Jackson area. Friday saw over half-inch fall, including 0.30″ in only 7 minutes at one point. Saturday saw slightly less rain over the region, but with cooler temperatures than most people predicted. TWC had a significantly cooler high for Saturday than everybody else, and turned out to be closest with it only topped out at 89. Then again, the Jackson ASOS decided to go kaput from 11am-230pm. Perhaps Jim Cantore ulplugged it to keep TWC on top? The world may never know…

Friday: 0.59″ of rain. High 95, Low 75.
Saturday: 0.11″ of rain. High 89 (maybe?), Low 75.
Forecast Grade: B