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Grand Rapids, Michigan to Greenville, North Carolina

Here we go again! Another day, another road trip, however this will be a little bit longer than our day trips the past couple of times. This drive will take 2 days, covering 889 miles at a pace of about 60.2mph. The first day will take the full 8 hours and be over after 481 miles of driving. Let’s hit the road once again!

Grand Rapids
A cold front is morning through Michigan today, but by the time we head out tomorrow morning, things will be much clearer. Given that there will be a fairly vigorous flow off of Lake Michigan, most of the UP will see some clouds that will begin to break apart shortly after noon. Western Ohio shouldn’t provide us with many challenges, but around the time we reach Columbus, we will intersect with the back edge of the cold front. The heavy convection will remain east of us on Saturday, but we can still expect rain between the capitals of Ohio and West Virginia. Charleston is the destination for the day.

The front will keep moving east while we sleep and remain stationary. In fact, it is likely that the front will be nearly offshore by the time we even start our day on Sunday. The drive through West Virginia and Original Virginia will sunny and pleasant, and so too will it be in North Carolina. We will arrive in Greenville to enjoy a mostly sunny sky and comfortable temperatures.

Freezing morning surprises all

The forecasts for Greenville, North Carolina were pretty good across the board. There was one little issue though: the low on Saturday was only 32 degrees. It was at least 7 degrees off of all forecasters. Victoria-Weather was off by 10 degrees on Saturday morning, but only 2 degrees for the other verifying times. We even nailed the rain that fell Easter Sunday, and we nabbed the top spot.
Actuals: Saturday – High 66, Low 32
Sunday – .05 inches of rain, High 71, Low 48

Grade: C

Greenville, North Carolina

Today we’re off to Greenville, North Carolina, the largest city in Pitt County, and a city I’ve been to several times when I lived about 25 miles away during my youth. What weather is in store for us during this Easter Weekend? Let’s take a look!

The temperature at Greenville, NC at 915pm EDT was 45 degrees under partly cloudy skies. A large ridge of high pressure is found over the eastern US, however, a mid-level disturbance is working its way through the Southern Appalachians. While mostly cloudy skies are expected tomorrow, this activity should skirt off to the south over SC before it fizzles out over the Atlantic. Easter Sunday, however, is going to be less forgiving. A large trough is going to be digging into the Central US Saturday then swing its way to the Eastern Seaboard for a soggy Easter. Rainfall amounts shouldn’t be heavy, as most of that activity should miss Greenville just off to the north, but there will be a small chance of a couple scattered thunderstorms wandering into Pitt County during the afternoon. Be sure to bring an umbrella to Sunday mass, just in case a couple of those showers decide to sneak in a bit earlier than anticipated. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

Saturday: Increasing clouds, showers remain south. High 65, Low 42.
Sunday: Rain showers possible by afternoon. Slight chance of a scattered thunderstorm. High 71, Low 47

TWC: Saturday: Partly sunny. High 64, Low 41.
Sunday: A few scattered showers/t-storms. High 69, Low 44.

AW: Saturday: Partial sunshine. High 64, Low 40.
Sunday: A few showers. High 70, Low 46.

NWS: Saturday: Partly sunny. High 63, Low 39.
Sunday: Chance of afternoon showers. High 66, Low 45.

WB: Saturday: Partly sunny. High 62, Low 39.
Sunday: Chance of rain showers, mainly in afternoon/evening. High 66, Low 45.

Here we see some lower clouds lingering off to the west around the Southern Appalachians, while larger thunderstorms are popping off over the Plains.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Greenville, South Carolina

It’s actually further than I thought to get from Oklahoma City to Greenville. It will be a nearly complete 2 day drive and almost 1000 miles. The average rate of speed will be 63mph, slowed, perhaps, by treks through Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanta.


A combination of factors will influence the day on Sunday. First, a cold front moving through the Plains may set off some isolated morning storms over eastern Oklahoma, generally between OKC and the Arkansas border. There will be a prolonged period of dry weather as we move through Arkansas, but afternoon convection thanks to return flow off the Gulf may work it’s way as far north as Memphis. I think the heaviest of the wet weather won’t make it past Jackson, but the threat is still there, so, you know, I gotta mention it. The day will end not far outside of Memphis in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

It’s going to be another touch and go day, with scattered showers and storms pretty much anywhere you go. Well, everywhere you go between Holly Springs and Greenville. The heaviest rain looks like it will be in Alabama, east of Birmingham, but I wouldn’t put any stock into that. I would plan on the threat being someone lessened when we are east of Athens, Georgia, however. Still, bring an umbrella to upstate South Carolina.

Feature Forecast: Greenville, North Carolina, Feature Forecaster: Les Still

Now this is a real treat. Les Still from WCTI 12 in New Bern, North Carolina is our guest forecast for today’s Feature Forecaster. He decided to go ahead and cut a video for us. I have nothing else to add, so I will let Mr. Still take it away!

You can find Les Still at WCTI in New Bern. More about him here. The WCTI Facebook page is found here, While Les’s is here. Thank you again to Les Still!

Summery in South Carolina

Thunderstorms are always hit or miss in the southeast. They never move in lines like they do further north, they crop up and drift. It’s really hard to say whether a certain city will see a storm beyond about two hours. Somehow, Weatherbug correctly asserted that the rain would not find it’s way into Greenville, and were the only ones to do so. The best part was that their temperature forecast was the best by a few degrees as well, so it wasn’t just luck that won the forecast. In fact, the forecast was only off by a degree total through the period.
Actuals: Sunday, High 91, Low 73
Monday, High 93, Low 73

Grade: A

Greenville, South Carolina to Tallahassee, Florida

Our Monday afternoon drive will be fairly enjoyable. It’s only about 7 hours from Greenville to Tallahassee, covering 414 miles. That puts us on a pace of 59.7mph, thanks in large part to some country roads and a trip through the heart of Atlanta.

For a drive through the southeast in the dead of summer, this will be a fairly easy trip. A low off the Florida coast will pass over the Peninsula and draw almost all focus for thunderstorms south of our route. It’s going to be so blasted hot and humid for the drive that there is that outside chance of a storm, but that likely won’t come until after we have been on the road for a while. I would say we will be dry until we reach Macon, after which we will fend off some isolated showers until we hit the Florida border. No rain is expected in Tallahassee, but it will be incredibly warm.

Greenville, South Carolina

Up into the Piedmont to end out week today.

At 1153AM, ET, Greenville was reporting a temperature of 84 degrees with clear skies. A persistent boundary, borne both of a weak surface low just off the coast and the moisture of the Gulf of Mexico sat just south of the Greenville-Spartanburg area and was generating some clouds along the Georgia border and keeping dew points a little bit lower than sites touth of the boundary.
The weak system will actually do enough to keep moisture south of Greenville for today. The effect of Tropical Storm Colin in the western Atlantic will actually assist in shifting the boundary south, further away from Greenville, but the absence of an east-westboundary will allow for a weak north-south wave to ripple into the Piedmont and bring the threat for an isolated thunderstorm Monday afternoon.
Tomorrow- Mostly sunny, High 94, Low 71
Monday – Isolated thunderstorms, High 94, Low 73

TWC: Tomorrow – A mainly sunny sky. High 92, Low 73
Monday – Isolated thunderstorms. High 90, Low 73

AW: Tomorrow – Variable cloudiness with a shower or thunderstorm around, mainly later; warm High 95, Low 72
Monday – Partly sunny and remaining warm High 94, Low 74

NWS: Tomorrow – A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm. Partly cloudy High 93, Low 72
Monday – slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2pm. Partly cloudy High 93, Low 73

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly Sunny, High 91, Low 73
Monday – Mostly Sunny, High 94, Low 73

Wow, not often Weatherbug and the Weather Service have different precipitation forecast. Here is the latest satellite.

Greenville, North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee

Today we get a nice long trip across I-40 from the Coastal Plains from NC to one of the hotbeds of country music, Nashville. I’ve actually taken this trip before, and midway we get to enjoy the picturesque Smoky Mountains. But will Mother Nature cooperate and give us some sunny skies to enjoy the scenery? Let’s see what this day-long 621 mile haul brings us!

We head out early today given the length of this trip, making sure to get out of the city before all of the college students from ECU can continue their weekend fun. An area of low pressure has been camping off the Outer Banks for the last few days, keeping scattered shower and thunderstorm activity over the region. This low pressure, however, is starting to drift towards the northeast as a cold front makes its way through the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, drawing the low pressure towards it. We expect a few scattered showers over Eastern North Carolina when we get going, however, with the cold front pushing through the Appalachians at this point, shower and thunderstorm activity is expected to quickly blossom during the late morning hours. By the time we roll past Raleigh towards Greensboro, the Rain-X we applied could be coming in pretty handy as some strong thunderstorms could kick up over the Coastal Plateau. By early afternoon, we should be heading towards Ashville, with much of the thunderstorm activity behind us heading towards the coast. With the front shifting through, skies should be clearing out, leaving us with fairly nice weather as we mosey on through the Appalachians into TN. There might be a couple lingering showers over the southeastern portion of TN during the late-afternoon/early-evening, but for the most part should be clear sailing as we speed on down I-40 towards Nashville. Country music awaits!