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Jefferson City, Missouri to Gainesville, Georgia

We’re going to take a day and a half to sneak from Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri, to Gainesville, Georgia, the Chicken Capital of the World. The World! It’s a 683 mile drive, of which we will cover 483 miles on the first day. A lot of time spent off the main roads will mean a pokey 60mph pace. Well, let’s get pokin’ already!


Our first pokey day in the car will spend time in St. Louis and Nashville before terminating in Smyrna, Tennessee, which lies on the southeast side of Nashville. The drive should be all right, as a stationary front is wrapping from northern Illinois to Northern Missouri and southwest towards Oklahoma. South of this boundary, we’ll get to see some hot weather by afternoon, but we won’t have any other problems than that, especially if the rain stays along the front, north of our route, as it’s expected to.

All the moisture being trucked north from the Gulf is being brought north on the backside of a weak ridge in the southeast. That means all the showers and storms are going to develop over Texas and the southern Plains, and the front, as it sags south towards our route will dry up. Expect some clouds, though, and still warm weather as we arrive in Gainesville.

Sunshine State Holds True

The Gainesville forecast had plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. Some dense fog develops early Thursday morning and burned off shortly after sunrise, but kept morning low a couple degrees higher than most people had. All told, VicWx and TWC finished in a tie for 1st. AW didn’t live up to their moniker, once again, and brought up the rear. Apologies for the delay in the verification, there was a glitch in the system. No worries, it’s been fixed!

Thursday: High 84, Low 47.
Friday: High 85, Low 48.

Forecast Grade: A

Gainesville, Florida

From coast to coast my forecasts take me this week. Strangely enough, the weather is just as monotonous.

At 1:53pm EDT, the temperature in Gainesville is 76 degrees under fair skies. Normally we have a in-depth writeup about what weather features are affecting the area, if they are going to bring in precip, or huge differences in predictions between our competitors. Today, there’s none of that. A large dome of high pressure has parked itself over the Southeast US and will spread over the East Coast over the next couple of days, pushing that pesky area of low pressure over New England out to sea finally. What does this mean for Gainesville and it’s hoardes of sun-loving college students? Sunny skies and warm temperatures. Bust out the sunscreen!

Thursday: Sunny. High 83, Low 46.
Friday: Continued sunny. High 83, Low 49.

TWC: Thursday: Sunny. High 84, Low 47.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 83, Low 51.

AW: Thursday: Sunny and nice. High 82, Low 44.
Friday: Sunny and pleasant. High 82, Low 51.

NWS: Thursday: Clear. High 82, Low 44.
Friday: Continued clear. High 82, Low 48.

WB: Thursday: Sunny. High 82, Low 44.
Friday: Sunny. High 83, Low 48.

As you can see, not much going on out there. Enjoy!

Denver, Colorado to Gainesville, Florida

From the foothills of the Rockies to one of the biggest party schools in the nation, our drive is going to cover 1737 miles. Better hit the road!


A rather vigorous upper-level trough is digging into the Western US, with an area of low pressure intensifying over the Central Plains. This area of low pressure won’t move very much throughout the day, but strong low-level flow out ahead of it is going to make for some VERY windy conditions for nearly the entire route between Denver and Kansas City. A couple of light rain showers are possible in the Denver area during the morning hours as we head our way eastwards into Nebraska, but for the most part the trip today should be dry as the cold front makes its way out of the Four Corners and into the High Plains from Kansas to western Texas.


The cold front will continue to move through the Central Plains during the overnight into Friday morning, drawing closer to KC. However, most of the precip will remain right along the front, so showers should be of worry as we push eastward through Missouri during the morning hours towards St. Louis. However, winds will continue to be gusty out ahead of the front so keeping the car on the road will require a little bit of attention. By then end of Friday, the cold front will have made its way into Missouri, but winds will be lighter over central TN, where we’re parking in Nashville for the night.


Once again, it’s a race against the cold front. By morning, rain and thunderstorms will have made their way to Memphis, with a chance of a few spotty showers pushing as far east as Nashville.  Things should dry out as we head southeastward through Atlanta, as high pressure over the East Coast will put the kibosh on any significant amount of showers pushing too far ahead of the front. Winds will be a lot calmer today as well as we push towards FL, due to the high pressure. Mostly clear skies should greet us in Gainesville as we arrive in the late evening. Saturday night in a big college town, surely there will be a couple of parties to relax after a long trip!

This sounds great

Right now in Minneapolis, its cold enough that I can see my breath. The past two days in Gainesville, they saw mostly sunny skies and temperatures that climbed into the low 70s. That sounds like a little slice of heaven. Not distracted by the amazing weather, Accuweather had the best forecast.
Actuals: Tuesday, High 70, Low 42
Wednesday, High 76, Low 42

Grade A

Columbus, Georgia to Gainesville, Florida

It’s a little shorty with this shift, that will take less than 5 hours. We’re headed south into Florida, a trip that will cover 279 miles. If you do the math, that means a slow pace of 59.4mph. Let’s go ahead and inch our way to Florida.

Not only will the drive be brief, it will be remarkably easy. There could be a few lingering clouds over southern Georgia, but really nothing that should hinder our drive. Things will simply clear out, probably by the time we reach Albany, Georgia. Sunny and seasonably cool conditions await us in Gainesville.

Gainesville, Florida

Today we will go to north central Florida. Boy, that sounds nice right about now.

At 1213PM, ET. Gainesville was reporting light showers and a temperature of 53 degrees. A weak band of light rain was running from Jacksonville down towards Gainesville behind a cold front that had pushed deeper into the Peninsula. The upper level low generating this system was wrapped up in itself, sending multiple waves into Florida behind the cold front.
The system is still part of the larger flow and will continue to move northeast towards New England, where it is already providing rain and thunderstorms to the Mid Atlantic. The jet will broaden over the southeast, providing a healthy barrier between any Springtime systems and the Florida Peninsula by midweek. Expect a warming trend with clear and sunny skies for Gainesville for the next couple of days.
Tomorrow – Clearing, High 69, Low 44
Wednesday – Sunny and warmer, High 76, Low 47

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies. High 72, Low 47
Wednesday – More clouds than sun. High 78, Low 45

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 71, Low 43
Wednesday – Partly sunny and comfortable High 77, Low 44

NWS: Tomorrow -Sunny High 71, Low 44
Wednesday – Sunny high 77, Low 44

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 71, Low 44
Wednesday – Mostly sunny High 77, Low 44

And the satellite (because the rain was too light to be a really informative radar still) shows the position of that low.