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Gainesville, Florida

It’s the second Gainesville of the week! Probably the one that most of the world is familiar with, though, as it is the home of the University of Florida.

At 753PM, ET, Gainesville was reporting a temperature 78 degrees of with mostly cloudy skies. A boundary has stalled over central Georgia, leaving Gainesville to a regime of sea breeze thunderstorms thanks to mostly easterly trade winds.
A weak upper level trough is moving out of Texas and into the Gulf of Mexico at the behest of a stronger system to the north. This weak disturbance will churn up the Gulf and induce an active, southerly flow over the Florida Peninsula. Expect tomorrow to feature more isolated storms, with more widespread thunderstorms possible across Florida, including in Gainesville, on Monday.
Tomorrow – Isolated thunderstorms, High 87, Low 68
Monday – More widespread storms, High 87, Low 69

TWC: Tomorrow – Isolated T-Storms High 88, Low 70
Monday – Scattered T-Storms High 88, Low 70

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny with a shower or thunderstorm around High 94, Low 68
Monday – Variable cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms High 86, Low 69

NWS: Tomorrow – Isolated showers, then scattered showers and thunderstorms after noon. Patchy fog before 9am. High 85, Low 68
Monday – A chance of showers, then showers and thunderstorms likely after noon. Partly sunny, High 85, Low 71

WB: Tomorrow – Patchy fog in the morning. Partly cloudy in the morning…then mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 85, Low 67
Monday – Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers in the morning…then showers and thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. High 85, Low 71

No football to interrupt in Gainesville this week. Not that they play on Sundays there anyways. Here is the satellite, showing a little cloudiness in north-central Florida.

An infusion of cool air

Temperature forecasts were surprisingly cool for Gainesville, Georgia the past couple of days, especially considering it’s still September and the sun was out. Just to show you how surprising the cool weather was, let me tell you that it was at least a degree cooler than anyone thought for every high temperature. As a result, The Weather Channel, with their cool forecast, had the top spot in their backyard.
Actuals: Wednesday, High 78, Low 64
Thursday, High 75, Low 61

Grade B

Gainesville, Georgia to Rochester, New York

We’re hitting the road again, taking a trip from Georgia to western New York. Rochester always seems, in my minds eye like a sparkling, clean metropolis, but I’ve never been, so I have no idea. It’s a 2 day drive between the two cities that are 923 miles apart. We will be on a 61.1mph pace, which will cover set a goal of 489 miles on day one. Let’s head north to the mythical city of Rochester!


We really couldn’t ask for much better a day than the one we will experience on Thursday. The drive through Appalachia and eventually to Flatwoods, West Virginia, smack dab in the middle of the state, will be beautiful. We will see some great weather and awesome scenery. Temperatures will be cool compared to the rest of the summer, and valley fog will settle in late. Great day for driving.
Our second day in the car will be significantly less beautiful. A cold front moving through the Great Lakes will meet us as we cross into Pennsylvania. It is kicking up a lot of rain right now over the Upper Midwest, and there is no reason to think there will be any difference in the Ohio Valley. Expect rain to start falling around Washington, Pennsylvania, if not a little sooner, then to be a steady issue all the way north into New York, and yes, even in Rochester. So much for that idyllic wonderland I had envisioned.

Gainesville, Georgia

Off to Georgia. Can’t wait.

At 453PM, ET, Gainesville was reporting a temperature of 78 degrees with clear skies. A combination of a stationary boundary over the Gulf of Mexico and a massive upper level ridge was leading to cool, dry temperature and sunny skies, unbefitting of a typical summer day in the southeast.
Expect the pattern to remain entrenched across the region, even as a cold front moves into the middle of the country. Pleasant temperatures and germanely warming temperatures will be in the forecast.
Tomorrow – Sunny, High 80, Low 61
Thursday – Sunny, High 80, Low 61

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 79, Low 62
Thursday – Partly Cloudy High 79, Low 61

AW: Tomorrow – Delightful with plenty of sun High 80, Low 60
Thursday – Delightful with a full day of sunshine High 80, Low 60

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 80, Low 61
Thursday – Mostly sunny High 81, Low 60

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 83, Low 61
Thursday – Mostly sunny High 81, Low 60

That’s quite similar across the board, yes? Anyways, here is the very empty satellite. A nice looking stationary front to the south though.

Burlington, Vermont to Gainesville, Georgia

We’re on the road again, headed to Georgia. It’s going to be a slow drive, covering 1114 miles at a pace of only 59.5 miles an hour. It will take us two long days of driving, and we will cover 476 miles on the first day. Not our best work, but there will be a lot of traffic.


We will awake to a driving rain in Burlington, with some thunderstorms and blustery winds to boot. We will drive south along the line of storms for most of the day, with thunder becoming more and more likely as we head southbound. It’s going to keep on storming, probably, until we start our turn east around Newburgh, New York, though by the that point, we will be in some post frontal rain, rather than thunderstorms. Expect things to clear out fairly well over eastern Pennsylvania, but in the valleys of the center part of the state, there could be some clouds and fog settling in late. The day will end in Shippensburg, PA.

Some light rain associated with an inverted trough will be hung up in the Appalachians, and some of that light rain, maybe a bit of fog will be a bother as far south as Staunton, Virginia. Expect some clearing conditions through North Carolina, as a northwest flow will be impeded by the Appalachians, with rain falling there, northwest of our route. There may be an isolated shower in Gainesville at days end, but it won’t be anything like what we left in Burlington.

Napa, California to Gainesville, Georgia

It’s going to be a nice, long journey across the country to begin the final week of April. The day will last 5 days and cover 2549 miles. The first 4 days will be full days that net 528 miles. The extensive time spent on I-40 will mean that we can cover ground at nearly 66mph, which is pretty good.


We won’t be able to get out of the state at any point during the day Saturday, instead shuttling from north of San Francisco Bay through the Central Valley and eventually to the Mojave. The day will end in Essex, California, which is sort of a dusty town on the fringes of the Mojave National Preserve. All of this will be accomplished with nary a cloud and increasingly warm temperatures. In fact, by the end of the day, it will be downright hot in southern California.

Another day filled with dust and heat. Fortunately, our elevation will rise, and the temperatures will become much more manageable. It’s going to be terribly lonely, this drive, but at least it might get a little interesting, with a few high elevation rain showers after about 4pm, as we move from Arizona to New Mexico. The day will end in Laguna, New Mexico, which is less than an hour west of Albuquerque.

There may be some morning shower and storm activity over the Texas Panhandle, but it should long be over by the time we arrive on the scene. There may be some fairly scattered clouds over the Panhandle and western Oklahoma, but nothing that will negatively influence the day. We will end our Monday in Hydro, Oklahoma, which is just east of Weatherford.

High pressure will remain entrenched over he south central portion of the United States, which is going to be different than the other days we have gone through so far. Why? Trees. There are actually trees in much of Oklahoma and throughout Arkansas. IT’s going to be a delightful change of pace, though it will be more humid. Still sunny. The day will end in Memphis. The real, live, gigantic city of Memphis.

Just one day left in what will turn out to be a fairly pleasurable road trip from Napa to Gainesville, Georgia. No rain again, only sunshine through the Southeast. The comparatively leisurely day will finish off a trip where our greatest stress will be Atlanta area traffic.

Gainesville, Florida to Green Bay, Wisconsin

North we head to a part of the country that saw some very active weather yesterday, over a route that is seeing the inclement weather today. It’s a 1266 mile, 2 1/2 day drive, which means the average speed is about 61.6mph, not terribly fast. We’ll cover 493 miles a day through some very pretty countryside as we make our way north.


Fortunately for us, things are getting much clearer in the southeast overnight and into tomorrow. Our drive north from Florida into Georgia and eventually into southeastern Tennessee will be pleasant. Humidity is going to break in the wake of the system moving through, so the summer time driving conditions won’t put a huge strain on our air conditioner. We will end our day in Mont Eagle, Tennessee which is northwest of Chattanooga.

Our second day will be similarly pleasant, though we will be seeing different cities. I happen to really enjoy Louisville, so be sure to stop while passing through, because the weather should be velvety and warm while we are in town. I-65 awaits, however so don’t linger too long. We will make it to Roselawn, Indiana, which is about 20 miles south of Gary.

Come Friday, the party will be over. A cold front will emerge in Illinois as we begin our drive, and there will be heavy rain and thunderstorms as we set forth towards Chicago. Fortunately, it should be early enough in the day that these storms will be more bark than bite, but they will feature very heavy rain. The thunder will likely end, but the rain will continue as we cross into Wisconsin, and it’s going to be pretty wet as we make our way into Green Bay.

Record Heat

The forecasts for Gainesville had them a couple degrees below record heat for both days, with the threat of a stray shower or thunderstorm keeping them from reaching those levels. However, Mother Nature would not be denied as Tuesday saw a new record high and Wednesday tying the old record set back in the 80s. A brief thunderstorm did move overhead on Wednesday, but this midweek heat will stay with them for a while, or at least in the record books. TWC again edged out the competition to take home the win, with AW bringing up the pack once more.

Tuesday: New record high of 98, Low 77.
Wednesday: 0.03″ of rain in a thunderstorm, Tied-record high of 97, Low 75.
Forecast grade: B

Salt Lake City, Utah to Gainesville, Florida

Today we travel from Salt Lake City to Gainesville. Well, it’ll take four days but if the Utes and Gators were ever to play a high-stakes football game, at least the fan base would know where to travel! This trip will cover 2,207 miles over 4 days. So let’s all hop into the minivan and travel to the Sunshine State!


It’ll be a somewhat cloudy start to the day in Salt Lake City, as some remements of overnight monsoonal showers and thunderstorms lift northwards over the region. While no showers are expected in the area as we head eastward on I-80 into Wyoming. The sun should break out fully as the morning progresses and the land heats up, but as with the typical monsoon routine, thunderstorms should start blowing up around midday. The tail end of a cold front that’s pushing through the Northern Plains will be the focus of showers and thunderstorm activity, most of which should stay out over the Dakotas and over Northern WY. Scattered thunderstorms are quite possible as we roll through Laramie towards Cheyenne, and a few should continue to hang around the region as evening approaches and we continue on into Western Nebraska towards Sidney, our first stop of the night. No severe storms are expected today, they should all stay well off to the north and east of today’s leg.


As the tail end of the cold front pulls away from the Upper Midwest and high pressure starts to build in, it should be a fairly nice start to the day as our trip along I-80 continues on its’ merry way. The base of the high pressure will continue to push down over NE and Western IA, keeping partly cloudy skies overhead as we roll through Kearney and Grand Island by early afternoon. Overall, it should be a rather pleasant day through and through as we turn southward and head into Kansas City, our stop for the second night.


The main dome of high pressure will continue eastward overnight into the Western Great Lakes, with the base of it pushing down into the Mid-MS Valley. With another system developing over the Northern Plains, a weak boundary will set up from southeast MO northwestward into the Dakotas. The start of the day will be nice, with us starting our way over on I-70 towards St. Louis. Clouds will build through the late-morning hours as a few thunderstorms attempt to develop over the region, with better chances as we make our way along I-24 to kick off the afternoon past Mt. Vernon, IL. The afternoon will continue to get a bit drearier though, as numerous showers and thunderstorms are expected to ignite over western KY and TN into the early evening hours. The windshield wipers should have gotten a pretty good workout by the time we roll into Nashville, our stop for the third night.


This area of high pressure has been rather kind to us for the most part the last couple of days, following us along the US and getting our days off to good starts. Today won’t be any different either, with it building southward into the TN Valley and Southern Appalachaians while the main center remains over the Central Great Lakes. The cold front mentioned previously will have pushed off the Eastern Seaboard mostly, but the tail end of it will have shifted to southeast GA/FL Panhandle and westward along the Gulf Coast. This axis will be the main area for showers and thunderstorms, which we won’t get to until well in the afternoon after making our way though Chattanooga by mid-morning and Atlanta by midday. Once we get south of Macon is where we’ll start to see increasing clouds and a few scattered storms, which we’ll have to dodge for the remainder of the day as we pull into Gainesville. Time to do the Gator Chomp!

Gainesville, Florida

Off to the Sunshine State we go, there summer thunderstorms normally rule the landscape. I also have family that lives in the Gainesville area, will they be able to ward off the summer storms or get some afternoon soakings traveling about the city?

At 12:53PM EDT, the temperature at Gainesville was already a toasty 93 degrees with a few clouds overhead. As I mentioned in my Salt Lake City forecast, broad high pressure continues to rule the Southeastern US, with a cold front slowly sagging through the Carolinas up into the Mid-MS Valley. This front will be falling apart over the next couple of days, but will be the focus of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours. While this broad ridge of high pressure will keep the front well to the north of the region, very hot temperatures are expected over the FL Peninsula. Scattered thunderstorms are expected both days, but mainly over the western half of the peninsula since a general east to west flow should be in place. Gainesville will probably escape the brunt of the thunderstorm activity, but certainly can’t rule out a couple stray thunderstorms will soak some Gator summertime activities.

Tuesday: Isolated thunderstorms possible. High 95, Low 73.
Wednesday: Slightly better chance of thunderstorms. High 96, Low 74.

TWC: Tuesday: Isolated afternoon thunderstorms. High 96, Low 75.
Wednesday: A few scattered thunderstorms. High 95, Low 76.

AW: Tuesday: Scattered thunderstorms expected. High 94, Low 73.
Wednesday: A few less thunderstorms possible. High 93, Low 74.

NWS: Tuesday: A few early evening thunderstorms possible. High 95, Low 73.
Wednesday: More scattered thunderstorms expected. High 95, Low 74.

WB: Tuesday: Scattered thunderstorms possible. High 95, Low 74.
Wednesday: More scattered thunderstorms possible. High 95, Low 74.

A few thunderstorms are already popping off towards the west. Will they see some farther east today? Time will tell…