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Gainesville, Florida to Fort Worth, Texas

A nice, easy two day trip is in store for us to begin next week. It’s 1066 miles between the two cities, and we will be able to keep up a 66mph pace, which is rather fleet. Thank goodness we get to hang out on the same interstate for quite a while. It’s going to be about an even split on driving distance between the two days, but day one will be a hair longer at 528.1 miles. Head west, young man!

There is a weak area of low pressure off the Louisiana Coast that will only continue to develop overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. The beginning of our drive will be dry, but that won’t last long. We will first encounter the rain in Live Oak, and the rain will only become more persistent and heavier as we head west. Moderate rain will be possible between Marianna, Florida and Mobile, with torrential downpours the rest of the way to Madisonville, Louisiana, which is on the north end of Lake Pontchartrain.
The good thing about this developing system is that it will finally provide a little motivation, so the pattern begins to change along the Gulf Coast. After days upon days of rain in Texas, east Texas will be abe to see the sun. There might be a little drizzle early on, but by the time we reach Lafayette, maybe an hour into the day, it looks pretty good. Sunny skies in Fort Worth!

The Texas sauna

There was absolutely nothing to break the heat in Fort Worth the past couple of days. Sure, there was the gusty 34mph winds, but they were dusty and unpleasant, rather than refreshing. The dust was ironic, given the dew points in the mid to upper 60s. All told, it was just gross. Thunderstorms did erupt along the dry line as I had anticipated, but it was even further away than I thought, with the storms developing yesterday in the Texas Panhandle, no use to Fort Worth. Weatherbug had the top forecast in town
Actuals: Sunday, High 99, Low 77
Monday, High 102, Low 78

Grade: A

Honolulu, Hawaii to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Ah yes, the trip across the ocean from Honolulu. Obviously, we can’t drive the distance, but sights like Kayak offer you the option to search for flights. I am going with the cheapest 1 way flight that came up that begins tomorrow. IT is a US airways flight that departs Honolulu late, at 1050pm tomorrow for Phoenix, after which it will head for DFW (but only after a 4 1/2 hour layover) I’ll give the flight forecast for the trip, take offs, landings, turbulence etc.

The good news is, there isn’t much going on across the central Pacific. There might be a few showers over Honolulu, but the chances for that are very low, especially at about 11 at night. Even if the showers do move in, expect them to move out very quickly. We should be able to sleep just fine on our red eye flight to Phoenix as it will be high pressure the whole way in. The nice thing, too, is that our arrival in Phoenix will be just before 8AM, which will be nice as we land. If it gets too hot, then… well, you’ll see when we land at DFW.
The flight from Phoenix to Dallas will be similarly pleasant, as there won’t be any strong upper features to provide issues as we head to the east. There might be a bump or two as we fly over elevation, and we may have avoid a thunderstorm or two over the Texas Panhandle, but they won’t be so widespread that we have to fly through them, and they won’t provide too much discomfort for passengers. As we land at DFW, however, temperatures will be in the 90s all ready, which often causes it’s own problems. Heat at the surface can rise rapidly and really affect a plane upon it’s descent, causing it to pitch and bounce as it gets near the runway. This will probably be the worst part of the trip, if one of those thermals starts to ascend right under our landing aircraft. IT happens every day, though, and we shouldn’t worry about a thing.

Fort Worth, Texas

We’re off to Texas and the quieter of the two primary cities in the Metroplex.

At 953AM, CT, Fort Worth was reporting a temperature of 82 degrees with mostly cloudy skies and winds gusting to 25mph. There was a lower level trough moving through the central Plains inducing some of the stronger southerly flow bringing humidity and clouds to east Texas, but also more dry air to west Texas, where the threat for wild fires is extremely high.
The troughing over the center of the country is likely to persist thru the period, acting almost as a thermal low, but with a very slim degree of upper level support. This will encourage continued southerly flow, which will keep humidity in place over the Metroplex, but also draw more dry air into west Texas, which will reinforce the fire danger. The contrasting airmasses may lead to thunderstorms towards Abilene that aren’t picked up on the model guidance.
Tomorrow – Hot and humid, High 97, Low 75
Monday – Heat continues, High 99, Low 75

TWC: Tomorrow – A mainly sunny sky High 99, Low 75
Monday – Abundant sunshine High 100, Low 75

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, breezy and hot High 102, Low 75
Monday – Mostly sunny and breezy High 97, Low 75

NWS: Tomorrow – Sunny and hot High 99, Low 76
Monday – Sunny and hot High 99, Low 76

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny…breezy High 101, Low 76
Monday – Sunny High 101, Low 78

I don’t know, Weatherbug, if I can use the word “breezy” when it is 101 degrees. It makes it sound cool and refreshing. Clouds are widespread over the eastern part of Texas.