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Fargo, North Dakota

Today we venture to the Northern Plains, to the bustling North Dakota metropolis of Fargo. Will the start of the workweek continue the pleasant weather they’ve had over the weekend? Let’s find out!

At 5:53pm CDT, the temperature in Fargo, ND was 65 degrees under fair skies. An area of low pressure shifting out of Ontario into the Great Lakes is pretty much the only system of significance anywhere close to Fargo and it will continue pushing off to the east over the next 24hrs. A broad area of high pressure will shift through the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest over the next couple of days. Late Tuesday will see a few increasing clouds, along with gustier southerly winds, as an area of low pressure begins to develop over eastern Montana. Dry weather in store for the next couple of days!

Monday: Sunny. High 63, Low 41.
Tuesday: Continued sunny, some late clouds. High 66, Low 41.

TWC: Monday: Sunny. High 62, Low 41.
Tuesday: Sunny, windy. High 65, Low 40.

AW: Monday: Pleasant with plenty of sun. High 63, Low 40.
Tuesday: Sunny, windy and mild. High 66, Low 40.

NWS: Monday: Sunny. High 63, Low 39.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 66, Low 39.

WB: Monday: Sunny. High 65, Low 37.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 65, Low 37.

WN: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 64, Low 39.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 66, Low 39.

Here we see just some high-based cirrus clouds off over eastern Montana, otherwise all is quiet over the Dakotas.

Hot and Stormy

As expected, it was a hot couple of days in Fargo, as a dome of high pressure continues to bake the Central US. However, a wandering frontal boundary over the far northern US has been the catalyst for several severe storms from Eastern ND through northern MN down into northern WI Sunday and Monday. A thunderstorm moved through early in the afternoon, with a gust reaching 51 knots even! Monday was expected to be mainly dry, but a shower skimmed the city in the afternoon, dropping a trace of rain. Curses! VW had the best temperature forecast of the group, but NWS/WB will share the win as they had a mention of showers on Monday.

Sunday: 0.05″ of rain in morning thunderstorm. High 95, Low 69.
Monday: Trace of rain in afternoon shower. High 93, Low 69.
Forecast Grade: B

Fargo, North Dakota

Today we visit Fargo! Will the residents of this North Dakota city have a pleasant weekend or will summer hit them with a ferocity that it’s seems to be dealing most of the Central US right now. Let’s take a look!

At 353pm CDT, the temperature at Fargo was 94 degrees under fair and breezy skies. A strong dome of high pressure is controlling the Central US, causing most of the Plains to bake as we start to head our way towards Labor Day weekend. Several record highs are being set throughout the central portion of the US, with the heat expected to stick around for the next few days. Sunday and Monday, however, are expected to be the worst 2 days over the Northern Plains and the Upper Midwest. There is a bit of a trough expected to swing through the Dakotas and into MN overnight into tomorrow, but it won’t provide any cooling temperatures. It could kick off a few scattered strong storms overnight, so don’t be surprised to hear a few rumbles of thunder before the sun comes up. After that, most of the activity is expected to remain off to the north as temperatures spike into the low to mid 90s. The record highs for the next couple of days are 100 and 98 respectively, so luckily I don’t think we’ll make it quite that high, but still will be extremely warm. Stay cool everybody!

Sunday: Some early AM thunderstorms possible, clearing out by sunrise, making way for hot and sunny day. High 95, Low 71.
Monday: Partly sunny, continued hot. High 96, Low 69.

TWC: Sunday: Chance of overnight thunderstorm, sunny during the day. High 97, Low 72.
Monday: Partly cloudy. High 96, Low 68.

AW: Sunday: Mostly sunny, hot and humid. An isolated storm possible. High 94, Low 73.
Monday: A thunderstorm in the afternoon possible. High 96, Low 68.

NWS: Sunday: An isolated early morning thunderstorm, then sunny and Hot during the day. High 94, Low 73.
Monday: Continued hot. High 93, Low 67.

WB: Sunday: Chance of early morning thundershower, then hot and sunny. High 94, Low 73.
Monday: Partly sunny, some late evening showers/storms possible. High 93, Low 67.

Here we see some strong thunderstorms rolling along the Canadian border. Some of these could develop well after sunset tonight and threaten the Fargo area after midnight.

Deja Vu

High pressure shifting over eastern North Dakota was expected to keep Fargo pretty quiet through the start of the weekend. Mother Nature behaved like it was supposed to, and a terrific weekend, weather-wise anyways, was had by the fine residents of North Dakota’s largest city. The high temperature on both days was 78, and the lows were nearly identical as well. This was a touch higher than forecasted, but I’m sure nobody’s complaining, especially TWC since they took home the top spot.

Friday: High 78, Low 51.
Saturday: High 78, Low 53.
Forecast Grade: B

Fargo, North Dakota

We are headed off to North Dakota to take care of the first forecast of August. Is it still summer up there?

At 1153AM, CT, Fargo was reporting clear skies and a temperature of 75 degrees. An area of low pressure over the central High Plains was generating some clouds and clusters of thunderstorms on its northern periphery, and satellite was beginning to light up with the convection stretching through central South Dakota.
The system is primarily surface driven, and there will be no real compulsion for the activity to move northward. There is a west to east jet moving through the Dakotas, but it is almost ridging, and will help force high pressure south out of Canada to deflect the moisture away from Fargo, eventually squashing the lee trough over the Plains and bringing another round of below normal temperatures to the Upper Midwest.
Tomorrow – Partly cloudy, High 76, Low 52
Saturday – Mostly cloudy early, clearing for the afternoon, High 74, Low 51

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 78, Low 54
Saturday – Sunny High 76, Low 52

AW: Tomorrow – Beautiful with intervals of clouds and sunshine High 76, Low 54
Saturday – Partly sunny and comfortable High 76, Low 50

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 75, Low 53
Saturday – Mostly sunny, High 74, Low 52

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny. High 75, Low 53
Saturday – Partly sunny. High 74, Low 52

There is a certain subset of people that would describe this weather as “perfect”. Cool for my taste, but not too bad. Satellite shows those thunderstorms getting ready to rumble in South Dakota. Where Michael Buffer?

Unfortunate moisture

Fargo and the Red River Valley along the Minnesota/North Dakota border have had a difficult time the past few years, with the river spilling it’s banks every spring since 2009. The past couple of days, especially yesterday didn’t do any favors for the beleaguered city, as they saw a trace of snow on Wednesday and about an inch and a half of snow on Thursday. Not good for folks in the flood plain. The Weather Service and Weatherbug had the top forecast for the city.
Actuals: Wednesday – Trace of snow, High 35, Low 15
Thursday – 1.6″ inches of snow with some rain, High 36, Low 32

Grade: C

Fargo, North Dakota

Off to North Dakota, along the Minnesota border where flooding concerns are running rampant for local residents. Will we be looking at the potential for more rain or snow?

At 1153AM, ET, Fargo was reporting a temperature right at freezing with clear skies. A ridge of high pressure dominated the Upper Midwest, and areas of clouds have skirted the western flank of the ridge for the past several days, while unseasonably cool weather has been in charge over Fargo.
This pattern will continue tomorrow again as a system gets shunted well south of North Dakota. A strong jet indicative of a sharp temperatures contrast will begin to move east into the Dakotas late in the day tomorrow. This will bring a rain/snow mix tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures at the outset should already be above freezing, otherwise this would be a perfect set up for a bit of sleet when precipitation begins. Instead, cold rain and wet flakes are all that is expected, with warmer days foreseen after the forecast period.
Tomorrow – Partly to mostly cloudy, High 39, Low 20
Thursday – Rain and snow starting in the evening, High 41, Low 28

TWC: Tomorrow – Flurries or a mix of rain and snow showers throughout the day. High 40, Low 19
Thursday – Mix of rain and snow showers. High 41, Low 28

AW: Tomorrow – Times of clouds and sun High 42, Low 23
Thursday – Mainly cloudy with a bit of snow and rain at times High 45, Low 28

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy (snow late) High 38, Low 18
Thursday – A chance of rain and snow. Cloudy, High 39, Low 27

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy (late flurries) High 37, Low 19
Thursday – Cloudy with a 30 percent chance of light rain or light snow High 39, Low 27

We’re looking at a little bit more precip, and hence, a little more concern for residents along the Red River. Satellite shows clouds dominating the center of the state.

Slow moving

As Anthony mentioned in yesterday’s forecast for Cheyenne, there is a huge, hot are of low pressure holding up traffic on the east coast. It’s making things get extremely warm for the the East Coast, and hung things up over the Upper Midwest as well. A boundary that threatened to move through Fargo Saturday night took until early Sunday to expend it’s moisture. The warm air built quickly behind it as a secondary cold front still hasn’t quite made it’s way through Fargo, and things were rather toasty in the city. Accuweather came through with the top forecast, when you realize I transcribed a 69 when I should have put in 59 for their Monday low.
Actuals: Sunday – .24 inches of rain, High 84, Low 63
Monday – High 83, Low 58

Grade: A

Fargo, North Dakota

It’s going to be stormy today in Fargo, but what will the next two days bring to North Dakota’s largest city?

At 953AM, CT, Fargo was reporting 86 degrees with mostly sunny skies. A cold front associated with low pressure in Canada was sweeping through the Dakotas and would dictate today’s weather along the Red River. The front was clearly demarcated already at this early hour, with temperatures along the Minnesota border already in the mid 80s, however to the west in Devils Lake and Bismarck, temperatures were only in the 70s with dew points that were also about 10 degrees cooler. Across the river in Moorhead, Minnesota, dew points were in the 70s.
Nothing had been triggered as yet in this juicy, dynamic atmosphere, and the visible satellite gave no hints that anything would happen in the next few hours either. The system has languished in the Pacific Northwest for days, but is now moving much more quickly, and the wet weather should be at it’s in by day break tomorrow. Another trough sweeping through Canada may bring the threat for a sprinkle late on Monday, but attempts at fireworks tomorrow night will be dry and successful.
Tomorrow – Early AM showers, otherwise cooler and pleasant. High 80, Low 64
Monday – Pleasant for most of the day, with a very light bit of drizzle, High 81, Low 59

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly to mostly cloudy (early AM T-Storms). High 84. Low 67
Monday – Partly cloudy. High 84, Low 62

AW: Tomorrow – Breezy in the morning; otherwise, less humid with clouds breaking for some sun High 84, Low 65
Monday – Intervals of clouds and sunshine High 83, Low 69

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy (Rain thru 6am) High 81, Low 63
Monday – Mostly sunny, High 82, Low 57

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny. A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning High 81, Low 63
Monday – Partly sunny High 82, Low 57

A look at the visible satellite shows that not much is ready to blow up over eastern North Dakota…. yet.