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Introducing Off The Grid!

We often focus on major (or notable) cities here at Victoria Weather, in order to capture a wide variety of spectators. But what about those areas that are less notable, hidden from the eyes of many or otherwise off the grid. We will be trying something new here in The Weather Blog. Occasionally we will look off the beaten path to reach areas of the backwoods, National Parks and other popular (even unpopular) domestic and international destinations, where forecasts are often either hard to come by or nonexistent.

Weather forecasts Off The Grid (OTG) are typically doomed due to the lack of observational data and thus poor model data. This is often the case within mountainous or wilderness areas, where terrain features change drastically over small horizontal distances and observational data (weather stations) can be over 150 miles apart. With that being said, detailed forecasts, while often flawed due to the aforementioned conditions, are possible in areas Off The Grid with an understanding of how terrain and other geographical features affect the weather.

In our first edition of OTG we will travel to one of America’s most iconic National Parks; Yellowstone. Established in 1872 as Americas first National Park, it is home to the world’s largest geyser (Steamboat Geyser; hurling a boiling column of water over 30 stories tall) and the world’s largest volcanic caldera (Yellowstone Supervolcano, which measures about 34 miles by 45 miles).

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

For this forecast we will focus on Yellowstone Lake, which sits at the center of the park at 7,732ft above sea level.Clear skies will be the name of the game over the next few days, as weak high pressure remains in place through Thursday. High pressure begins to retreat on Friday as a system pushes into the Pacific Northwest. This may cause a few high clouds to stream over the lake on Saturday; otherwise, dry conditions will be expected for much of Saturday as well. Light showers look to filter into the park Saturday evening as the system over the Pacific Northwest drifts into the Great Basin. By Sunday morning showers and perhaps a few thunderstorms are expected to envelop the lake and continue intermittently throughout the day.

Wednesday: Sunny. High 54, Low 23 .
Thursday: Sunny. High 56, Low 24.

TWC: Wednesday: Mostly Sunny. High 55, Low 21.
Thursday: Sunny. High 56, Low 22.

AW: Wednesday: Sunny. High 60, Low 16.
Thursday: Sunny. High 57, Low 17.

NWS: Wednesday: Sunny. High 57, Low 28.
Thursday: Sunny. High 58, Low 25.

WB: Wednesday: Sunny. High 53, Low 26.
Thursday: Sunny. High 54, Low 24.

OTG Rating (1-10): >>4<< While sitting miles from any major city, Yellowstone Lake’s northern and western fringes can be accessed via highway from any direction. With nearly 3,000,000 visitors a year, it can feel like city grid lock on the weekends.