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Eau Claire, Wisconsin to Saint Louis, Missouri

This is a trip that would lend itself to a scenic trip down the Mississippi, but the fastest route is actually through central Wisconsin and Illinois. Oh well. It will take just about a full day of driving, with a pace of 69mph allowing us to cover the 530 miles in under 8 hours. We won’t follow the River, but on the plus side, when we arrive, we will get a nice look at that Arch.

It is unusually warm through the center of the country, with 70s reaching St. Louis on Friday, and it nearly hitting 50 in Eau Claire. Something has to give. A weak surface perturbation will run from Missouti to northern Indiana through the day, but thanks to the elevated condensation levels caused by the warmer temperatures, there won’t be enough instability to produce any precipitation along our route. There will be plenty to produce some gloomy looking clouds, however, and we shouldn’t be surprised if there is widespread overcast for our drive, particularly for the last few hours, from Bloominhton onward. If there is a drip of rain, it would be from Bloomington to Edwardsville, but I would guess the threat is very low. Sunset in St. Louis will be visible, and the Arch will look very good at dusk.