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Charleston, South Carolina to Duluth, Minnesota

We are off for our first road trip for some time, headed from the shores of the Atlantic to one of Lake Superior’s busiest ports. It will be a three day trek that we will hit an average speed of 61.7mph. That means our first two days on the road will see us cover 493.4mph. This trip will definitely meander. Shall we?

A deep late spring trough is swinging out of the eastern United States and into the west Atlantic. Sunny skies are coming, and we will be able to make our way across the Piedmont and into the central Appalachians with no problem. The biggest cities that we will make our way through are Columbia and Knoxville, so even traffic won’t be an issue. Our day will come to a close in Renfro Valley, south of Lexington in Kentucky.

An area of low pressure is moving through Canada, and a dangling, weak cold front will attempt to sweep through the western Great Lakes. Driving through Kentucky and Indiana will mostly remain dry. The boundary will stall through northern Illinois, however. When we hit the Gary/Hobart region, we might begin to see a few showers and even an embedded thunderstorm. The remaining couple of hours to Rockford, the destination on Saturday, will be littered with scattered showers and storms. By no means will this be a washout, but it should be more than enough to lock up Chicago traffic for a while.

The low is going to slow down over the Ontario area. A dry slot will move through central Minnesota and northern Wisconsin, but it will be a pretty dirty flow through it. Rain is possible through Madison and then again just north of Duluth. The good news is, the flow will be off of the elevated terran outside of Duluth instead of off of the Lake. IT will be downright tolerable in Duluth upon our arrival. Nice!