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Denver, Colorado to Charlotte, North Carolina

We are destined for a nice three day road trip today, between two of America’s larger cities, a feat that doesn’t often happen. We also don’t get to cut through the heart of Kansas very often, so I hope everyone can relish that. It’s 1562 miles between the two cities, and we will cover that distance of a rate of 64.5mph. This pace will mean 516 miles a day, surely a manageable pace. Tally-ho!


We are preparing for the next wave to come out of the Rockies, and it might be preparing to bring some snow to Denver as we prepare to depart Denver. After a warm day today, Denver will enjoy a return to winter that won’t be able to chase us too far into the Plains. As we hit Limon, the precipitation will cut off, but I don’t think we will see the sun we would typically expect from a rain shadow. The system bringing the snow to the Rockies will be moving into the Upper Midwest and begin to organize itself enough to start spitting out a few showers in Kansas. There is a very slight chance we see a bit of a rain-snow mix after passing through Salina, Kansas, and will fight the sloppiness as we pull into Paxico, Kansas, though again, it’s not going to be very heavy precipitation.

Missouri is a bit hillier than many people anticipate, so it would be a little unpleasant to have to drive through with inclement weather in the area. Fortunately, as we sleep, the fast moving system that plagued us on our Friday drive will clear out, allowing us to traverse the Show Me State in peace and quiet and sunshine. Really, life will be good, and it will be a Saturday, so traffic in Kansas City and St. Louis will be pretty decent. The day will end in Reidland, Kentucky, which is just outside Paducah on the shores of the Ohio River.

A pivoting trough will swing south from the low now moving through Canada. I don’t think it will have enough juice to really bring us any problems, aside, perhaps, from some fog in far eastern Tennessee as we begin to climb through the Smokey Mountains. That’s how they got their name, after all, from the persistent fog at their peak. In any event, that fog will certainly lift by the time we arrive in Charlotte Sunday evening.

Denver, Colorado

Off to Denver we go today. When one things of Colorado, they think of mountains, snowing, winter… typically not temperatures in the 60s in January.

At 953pm MST, the temperature at Denver, CO was 42 degrees under a few clouds. A ridge of high pressure will be shifting out of the Great Basin over the Central Rockies tomorrow, with some downsloping winds warming things up in the Denver area. To what degree, however, will be the big question. Forecast models are differing by about a dozen degrees, but either way it should be a pleasant day! Clouds will be increasing later in the day as a system currently pushing into the Pacific Northwest will barrel over the Northern Rockies and into the Northern/Central Plains for Friday. The mountains off to the west will see some snow from this system, and the greater Denver area could see a couple light snow showers Friday morning as the bulk of the energy passes off towards the north. Temperatures will barely recover during the afternoon as colder air continues to filter in, with low temps for the day bottoming out towards midnight. Looks like a roller coaster couple of days for the fine residents of Denver!

Thursday: Increasing clouds. High 56, Low 30.
Friday: A few scattered morning snow showers. High 37, Low 23.

TWC: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 55, Low 31.
Friday: Morning snow showers. High 39, Low 29.

AW: Thursday: Partly sunny. High 51, Low 33.
Friday: Cooler with a bit of snow. High 42, Low 25.

NWS: Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 53, Low 28.
Friday: 30% chance of snow. High 39, Low 30.

WB: Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 52, Low 30.
Friday: 30% chance of morning snow. High 39, Low 31.

Here we see the system pushing into the Pacific Northwest, soon it’ll be heading towards the Central Rockies!

Where was the warm air?

Denver can be a difficult place to forecast for, as they were over the past couple of days. Things were about 10 degrees cooler than expected on Wednesday, and then didn’t drop much (1 degree) on Thursday. They avoided any and all precipitation, which made this all and all a very poor forecast. Actually, I’ll BE in Denver in about 6 hours with a layover! Hopefully the forecasts are better today.
Actuals: Wednesday – High 63, Low 41
Thursday – High 62, Low 35

Grade: D

Denver, Colorado to Gainesville, Florida

From the foothills of the Rockies to one of the biggest party schools in the nation, our drive is going to cover 1737 miles. Better hit the road!


A rather vigorous upper-level trough is digging into the Western US, with an area of low pressure intensifying over the Central Plains. This area of low pressure won’t move very much throughout the day, but strong low-level flow out ahead of it is going to make for some VERY windy conditions for nearly the entire route between Denver and Kansas City. A couple of light rain showers are possible in the Denver area during the morning hours as we head our way eastwards into Nebraska, but for the most part the trip today should be dry as the cold front makes its way out of the Four Corners and into the High Plains from Kansas to western Texas.


The cold front will continue to move through the Central Plains during the overnight into Friday morning, drawing closer to KC. However, most of the precip will remain right along the front, so showers should be of worry as we push eastward through Missouri during the morning hours towards St. Louis. However, winds will continue to be gusty out ahead of the front so keeping the car on the road will require a little bit of attention. By then end of Friday, the cold front will have made its way into Missouri, but winds will be lighter over central TN, where we’re parking in Nashville for the night.


Once again, it’s a race against the cold front. By morning, rain and thunderstorms will have made their way to Memphis, with a chance of a few spotty showers pushing as far east as Nashville.  Things should dry out as we head southeastward through Atlanta, as high pressure over the East Coast will put the kibosh on any significant amount of showers pushing too far ahead of the front. Winds will be a lot calmer today as well as we push towards FL, due to the high pressure. Mostly clear skies should greet us in Gainesville as we arrive in the late evening. Saturday night in a big college town, surely there will be a couple of parties to relax after a long trip!

Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Denver, Colorado

We’re heading west towards the mountains, perhaps to get in a final ski run for the year. It will be a two day trip covering 1155 miles. We’ll do it at a pace of about 65mph and try to put 520 miles behind us on the first day. We’re looking at a lot of Plains on this trip, but will we be dodging any rain? Let’s find out!


There is a good chance that we will drive for many miles without seeing a cloud in the sky. As we start hitting some wind, likely around Mount Vernon, Illinois, clouds will begin to increase as moisture from the Gulf picks up. We won’t have many problems with this trip, especially as we drive through St Louis where the 15mph winds will be blocked by higher walls around the interstates. We’ll get to Bates City, Missouri, which is just outside the Kansas City metro for our first day.

We’re in for a much longer drive on Thursday to make up the rest of the ground. Expect a drive unfettered by things like rain or precipitation. Temperatures are going to climb and perhaps be in the 80s as we trundle off through Kansas, with clouds on the increase and winds nearly constantly blowing at about 20mph. As we arrive in Denver, there is a slight chance that some light rain could be falling in Colorado’s capital. That means snow in the mountains!

Denver, Colorado

Denver is one of the more difficult major metropolitan areas to forecast for, what with their widely variable temperatures and the potential for a half a foot of snow in late March. We’ll see how it goes this time.

At 953AM, MT, Denver was reporting a temperature of 64 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. There was a degree of lee side troughing, however the real story was a broad, strong upper level trough digging into the west that would create it’s own weather news for the next couple of days.
A stout ridge in the east will prevent the system from shifting east, though with the low pressure aided by the Rockies in the lee side of the Rockies, a more effective southerly flow will develop over the coming days in eastern Colorado. Expect a continued warm up for Denver and an increase in the clouds tomorrow, with snow lurking in the mountains west of town by Thursday, with the clouds stamping out any warm weather in Denver.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny and windy, High 73, Low 44
Thursday – Overcast and cooler, High 57, Low 38

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly to mostly cloudy. High 69, Low 51
Thursday – Mostly cloudy. High 55, Low 45

AW: Tomorrow – Intervals of clouds and sunshine with a warm breeze High 70, Low 43
Thursday – Breezy and cooler with times of sun and clouds (PM Rain) High 54, Low 36

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 71, Low 46
Thursday – A 20 percent chance of showers after noon, chance of snow before midnight. Partly cloudy High 60, Low 38

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 70, Low 46
Thursday –
Partly sunny. A 10 percent chance of rain showers in the afternoon High 60, Low 40

I am completely dumbfounded by the Weather Channel. I triple checked to make sure that was actually their forecast, notably the low temperatures. Anyways, here is a look at the western US from space. Pretty good system over the northwest, and it doesn’t want to move!