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Corvallis, Oregon to Danville, Virginia

This is going to be a full blooded journey, I tell you what. It’s going to push into it’s 6 days, covering 2815 miles. That’s a long ways. We’ll be able to move along at 64.8mph on average, which means each of those first 5 days we’ll cover 518 miles, leaving the rest of the drive for day 6, which isn’t until Friday. Yeesh.


A system is charging going to slowly develop over the southwest, as all the best systems do. As this western trough digs over Arizona, an inverted trough will angle it’s way back northwest into Oregon, the site of most of our driving on day one. We will likely avoid any and all rain in central Oregon, but the best chance will be from Bend to Burns. Expect cloudy skies to fill in as we pass through Boise on our way into Bliss, Idaho, which is between Mountain Home and Twin Falls.

I’m hard pressed to say that day two will be particularly rainy or snowy, but something will certainly happen, particularly after we’ve entered Wyoming. Expect some isolated showers and thunderstorms, but more prevalently, expect snow in the high mountain passes on our Mother’s Day. Just when you expect snow. Our day will end in the awesomely named Fort Steele, just east of Rawlins in Wyoming.

The low will get better organized overnight, and rain will pick up as we stay in Fort Steele. We will in some murky weather as we head east into Nebraska, though temperatures will be on the increase. Fortunately for our purposes we will trail the actual cold front and will endure cloudy skies and light, post frontal rain instead of a squall line, which will be about 200 miles to our east. We will end the day in Henderson, Nebraska, which is west of York.

Wow, Day Four. You don’t see that much, and there is still more to come! We’re going to continue the same luck as we saw on Monday, trailing the front through the Plains. Expect some good clearing for us behind the front, with cool crisp weather in the wake of said clearing. We may encounter some cloudy skies and drizzle very late in the day as we approach O’Fallon, Illinois, which is in the Saint Louis metro. Other than that, good times for the drive on Tuesday.

The front will stall through Kentucky along an east-west angle, and will put down a LOT of rain over central Kentucky. Of course, our route takes us through southern Indiana, north of the. There is a decent chance we will stay out of the rain until we reach Lexington, after which we will dodge some hit or miss showers right on through to our Day Five destination, Pax, West Virginia, in the hill country of that particular state.

The last few hours in the car from Pax to Danville are more than likely going to be dry, but there is still a chance that we could see some light showers out ahead of the next rapidly moving system in the Ohio Valley. That said, I don’t expect problems upon our arrival in Danville, but just know, we may see a shower or two.