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Columbus, Ohio

Back in the first days of this site, it seemed as though every week we came up with a new schedule, Columbus or Reno would be there every time. It’s all random, so this was just a weird quirk, but Reno and Columbus remain. old friends. Let’s see if we remember how to forecast for the capital and largest city of Ohio.

At 451PM, ET, Columbus was reporting a temperature of 66 degrees with overcast skies. At this point in the year, 66 feels a little bit cooler, and those slightly cooler temperatures are nothing compared to those found closer to Cincinnati, where clouds associated with the tail of a cold front attached to a low in the Canadian Maritimes have lingered through the day.
That boundary is being allowed to persist thanks to developing low pressure in the southern Plains. An associated warm front will emerge from the ashes of this old cold front and start to lift to the north. Guidance is circumspect on whether or not it will lift all the way through Columbus overnight tonight, but it does appear that, one way or another, there will be rain starting tomorrow morning. As the low shifts east towards the Ohio Capital, there will be a bit of clearing late Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning, but the associated cold front will arrive with more rain and thunderstorms my late morning Tuesday. The low will lose organization as it shifts away from the mountains, so expect widespread rain with only an isolated thunderstorm embedded within the activity, and no significant severe threat.
Tomorrow – Scattered rain showers, a bit of clearing late, High 61, Low 52
Tuesday – Rain and thunderstorms, High 72, Low 54

TWC: Tomorrow – Considerable cloudiness with occasional rain showers High 62, Low 49
Tuesday – Isolated thunderstorms in the morning, then mainly cloudy during the afternoon with thunderstorms likely.  High 74, Low 53

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with a shower in the area High 61, Low 48
Tuesday – Warmer with periods of rain and a thunderstorm High 71, low 54

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Cloudy High 64, Low – 48
Tuesday – A chance of showers and thunderstorms, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 11am. Cloudy High 73, Low 53

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms High 59, Low 49
Tuesday – Showers likely with a chance of thunderstorms, Not as cold. High 69, Low 54

WN: Tomorrow – Cloudy with Chance of Light Showers high 64, Low 48
Tuesday – Cloudy with Chance of Light Showers High 72, Low 54

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain until afternoon, starting again in the evening. High 63, Low, 51
Tuesday -Rain until afternoon, starting again in the evening. High 76, Low 55

It’s not often you see Weatherbug diverge this much from the Weather Service. Interesting to see especially given that there is a boundary moving through. There is this much uncertainty! Check out the satellite, showing the clouds to the southeast. There is rain embedded in this activity.


Columbus, Indiana to Gulfport, Mississippi

It’s Leap Day today! We’re going to travel from Southern Indiana down to the Gulf Coast, to a city appropriately named Gulfport! The journey is a 2-day, 739-mile trip. We could probably do it in one day, but that would be a LONG day, so 2 leisurely days it is!



A cold front breezed through overnight, bringing some rain and a couple surprise thunderstorms to the area. Luckily, they’ve shifted well off to the east as we depart in the morning, so perhaps just a few wind gusts will greet us. Broad but weak high pressure is found over the Ohio and TN Valleys for the day, so other than some partly cloudy skies in the wake of the aforementioned front, it should be a rather quiet day as we drive south through Kentucky and Tennessee, finishing the day in Birmingham.


A more potent are of low pressure is going to shift into the OH Valley today, trailing a strong cold front as well. Mostly cloudy skies are expected during the day as we travel southwest into eastern Mississippi, with some increasing southerly winds as well. There might be a stray shower through midday as we get closer to our destination, and as we pull into Gulfport, there might be an isolated thunderstorm in the region. The heavier activity should remain off to the north however, so we got into town at just the right time!


Splashes and stratus

A coastal feature was expected to get shunted off shore by the development of a weak ridge in the Ohio Valley. Instead, some extra moisture was drawn north towards Ohio, thanks in part to the development of a strong area of low pressure in the Plains. It rained on both Monday and Tuesday, while a thick layer of overcast filtered in on Tuesday as well, pinning temperature down in the 40s in Columbus, well off the pace prognosticated by our forecasters. Curiously, the clearer conditions on Monday in the early afternoon led to warmer highs than anyone had expected. Everyone except Forecast.io, who tied for the top forecast. The Weather Channel also registered the same score, but their value was added with overnight lows.
Actuals: Monday – .16 inches of rain, High 59, Low 30
Tuesday – .20 inches of rain, High 48, Low 44

Grade: B-C

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is an old favorite here. Back in the original years of the site, we would regularly grab, at random, Columbus and Reno. It was weird. But we should be experts at this point.

At 1051PM, ET, Columbus was reporting clear skies and a temperature of 37 degrees. Surface high pressure will remain in place over the center of the country through the night tonight, as well as much of the day tomorrow. A weak upper level trough aloft is helping with the development of a surface wave centered over the southeastern US, which is presently producing a great deal of rain around Georgia and the Carolinas, and is the feature to be monitored.
The wave aloft isn’t terribly strong, and resembles something found more typically in the summer than in the winter. It will really only serve for a track guide, rather than an importer of cold air. Still, there will be some barclinicity over the Ohio area, and it will draw some moisture to Columbus. At the back edge of a loosely organized system laden with moisture, expect some scattered light with mostly cloudy skies on Tuesday, particularly early in the day to the fternoon, with some clearing coming just in time for nightfall.
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, but generally pleasant. High 56, Low 33
Tuesday – cloudy, with rain coming through the day, High 54, Low 44

TWC: Tomorrow – PM Showers, High 58, Low 32
Tuesday – AM Showers, High 54, Low 44

AW: Tomorrow – Some sunshine giving way to clouds with a couple of showers late in the afternoon High 55, Low 29
Tuesday – A little morning rain; otherwise, mostly cloudy High 53, Low 45

NWS: Tomorrow – A chance of showers, mainly after 4pm. Increasing clouds High 56, Low 35
Tuesday – chance of showers, mainly before 8am. Cloudy High 56, Low 45

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny in the morning,, then mostly cloudy with a chance of rain showers in the afternoon, High 56, Low 35
Tuesday – Mostly cloudy, a chance of showers in the morning, High 56, Low 45

WN: Tomorrow -Partly cloudy with isolated showers, High 57, Low 36
Tuesday – Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Showers high 55, Low 45

FIO: Tomorrow – Light rain starting in the evening. High 59, Low 32
Tuesday – Light rain in the morning. High 54, Low 45

Drizzly indeed. I’m delaying the start of rain compared to everyone else thanks to the lack of really good energy at the back end of the feature. You can see that vast area of clouds to the southeast, just getting ready to backbuild towards Columbus.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin to Columbus, Indiana

I’ve travelled many of these roads before, in those days that I was still in college, going to West Lafayette from Minneapolis. It’s a little bit different, of course, and one major difference is that Google thinks it’s an 8 hour drive. Experience suggests that it is a bit longer than that. We’ll say that Google knows all though, and prepare for a Sunday drive at a blistering 68mph. We’ll see how this goes.

Eau Claire

Wow… I wish I had something to tell you. But then, maybe I don’t? High pressure is building behind a cold front in the southeast, and at least through the day tomorrow, the western Great Lakes will be ensconced in fantastic mid autumn weather. The pattern is transitory, and by the end of the day, we may even get to enjoy a warming southwest breeze. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Columbus, Georgia to Bloomington, Indiana

Today we embark on a 603 mile road trip between Columbus and Bloomington. It will be a long trek, but we’ll be able to fit it in a single day. Have to get a moving though, gotta leave early if we’re gonna accomplish it!


It will be a cloudy morning as we head out of Columbus towards Birmingham, AL as an area of low pressure pushes through the Central Appalachians and intensifies off the East Coast into our Monday night/Tuesday blizzard in New England. Precip should remain off to the north for the morning, generally getting hung up over the Southern Appalachians as we dodge it to the west in Nashville. There might be some breaks in the clouds as we head through western Kentucky, but they’ll be short lived as another system starts to work in from the northwest. The remainder of the trip between Evansville and Bloomington should remain dry, but there is an outside shot of a few snow showers. They shouldn’t slow us down much as we wind down our long day in Bloomington.


Columbus, Georgia

Back to back days in the same state, but I can assure you that our outlook is going to be so much different than the one for Augusta.

At 1151AM, ET, Columbus was reporting a temperature of 47 degrees with clear skies. There were still some lingering clouds in the wake of a strong cold front that swept through overnight over the southeastern part of the state, but cool, dry air was pumping into the western portion of Georgia. This cooler, drier air mass will remain in place through the day tomorrow.
The next major system for the country will start merely as a clipper swinging through the Midwest. It will charge through the upper Midwest tonight and really start to get organized over the upper Ohio Valley through the day tomorrow. Overnight Sunday into Monday, the system will reach its southernmost point in its journey, and will begin to begin to round the trough back to the northeast. The trough will be sharp, however, and the upper level segment of the feature will continue to drive to the southeast. A mostly inactive cold front will move through Columbus early in the day, introducing some cloudy skies. The low will explode as it hits the warm Gulf Stream, and will begin to wrap moisture into the upper levels of south Georgia, keeping things cloudy Monday evening, preventing a massive heat loss over night.
Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 61, Low 32
Monday – Early clouds thin a bit in the evening. High 53, Low 38

TWC: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 62, Low 32
Monday – Partly cloudy, High 50, Low 42

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 60, Low 32
Monday – Partly sunny and cooler High 52, Low 36

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 61, Low 35
Monday – Mostly Sunny, High 52, Low 39

WB: Tomorrow – Sunny, High 60, Low 32
Monday – Mostly Sunny, High 52, Low 38

WN: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 61, Low 36
Monday – Mostly Sunny High 52, Low 39

FIO: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy overnight. High 58, Low 32
Monday – Partly cloudy through the day (light rain early), High 51, Low 39

So FIO is the only outlet to have rain in the forecast. Interesting. You can see the remanants of the previous system right here on the satellite image.

Columbus, Indiana to Richmond, Virginia

We had been missing out some road trips for quite a while, but we’re back in action with our back to back treks. It’s only going to take us a day to cover the 632 hours, albeit a long day, lasting nearly 10 hours. The trip will be at a pace of 64.7 miles an hour, which, given the terrain, isn’t really that slow.

An area of low pressure moving to lie just north of Lake Superior will also move to an area that it can start to draw moisture north from the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately, we’ll be driving early enough in the day that we will be well be in eastern Kentucky by the time shower activity starts to develop west of Lexington. From there, it’s only about an hour or two to Charleston, and by then, we’re going to be out of the woods, ahead of any shower activity that may develop. We’re going to arrive in Richmond to find sunny skies and increasingly warm temperatures.


Grand Junction, Colorado to Columbus, Indiana

Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving! This is our first road trip in a while, and it will take us home after what was surely a luxurious Turkey Day feast. Our trip will cover 3 time zones, but only 1369 miles. Thet drive will necessistate about 2 1/2 days of driving, getting us back to Columbus by the afternoon on Sunday. Just in time to get back to work. To get there, we will need a pace of about 64.5MPH, meaning our first two days will involve 516 miles of driving.

DAY ONE (Friday)
Grand Junction
This time of year can be awful snowy in western Colorado, but much to our benefit, there will be a stout ridge building into the central Rockies and High Plains. This means warmer than normal temperatures across the region, some popping clear into the 70s over eastern Colorado and western Kansas. After the headlines of the last several days, not exactly what you were expecting, is it? The drive will end in Grainfield, Kansas, which is between Colby and WaKeeney, neither of which you have heard of either. I wonder how they came up with the name “Grainfield”?

DAY TWO (Saturday)
It will continue to be pleasant in Kansas as the weekend begins. Sunny skies and warm weather will be our escort as we continue into Missouri. Kansas City will be just fine as well, save for the traffic. An area of low pressure moving through the northern US, however, will be drawing moisture further north, and some of it will lead to the development of showers closer to St. Louis. Expect it to be mostly clouds, with very isolated storms, and for most of the activity to be well out ahead of us. It will start early in the day around Marshall, Missouri and drift west before really coming together over Illinois. We won’t reach Illinois before the day ends, so I think it’s highly likely we stay dry all the way to Warrenton, Missouri, which isn’t far from the St. Louis metro.

DAY THREE (Sunday)
The models don’t know what to think about Sunday. I think they want to hint at scattered thunderstorms, but they can’t, because the coverage and intensity will be minimal. Still, ahead of a cold, which will still be lying over the Upper Midwest, it’s not hard to imagine at least a few showers embedded with clouds over the course of our drive on Sunday Vacation’s over.

Calamity in Columbus

Well, the weather was a lot warmer in Columbus than expected, and really messed around with the forecasts. Temperatures were consistently 3-5 degrees higher in most of the forecast periods. But at least almost everybody got the rain showers right, so that counts for something, right? The Weather Channel won this round.

Monday: High 63, Low 29.
Tuesday: 0.03″ of rain in evening rain showers. High 67, Low 47.
Forecast Grade: C