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Johnson City, Tennessee to Chico, California

Last night, as you may have noted, I lost control of the Victoria-Weather/Rhino and Compass Twitter account. The last tweet that was sent out was the forecast for Johnson City. Hopefully this road trip forecast doesn’t run afoul of my attempts to get back onto Twitter. The trip will cover 2591.9 miles over 5 days. The fifth day will be shorter, and the first days will average about 535 miles a day, thanks to an average speed of 66.9mph. Let’s see where the road takes us #FreeRhino.

Johnson City
A stalled boundary without much motivation to continue advancing eastward will plague the early portion of our travels. A lot of the moisture in eastern Tennessee will be expressed as mountain clouds and fog, but there might be a little bit of drizzle until we reach Cookeville. The drive through Nashville and most of the trip through Kentucky will be dry, but a reinforcing trough will move into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes. There will be a chance for more chilly rain as we reach Paducah and make our way into southern Illinois. It won’t be much, but we will see an uptick in wind regardless as we stop for the night in Nashville, Illinois, which is about 20 miles west of Mount Vernon.

Sunday won’t be quite as drizzly as Saturday had been. In fact, the only real chance for precipitation will come with some ridge riding showers around Kansas City but really, the only impact we will see from the leading edge of this ridge is some clouds in KC. Before we get to Kansas City, it will be awfully cool for mid-May. As we head into Nebraska, we might finally see some seasonally appropriate conditions. The day will end in Waco, Nebraska, which is near York. These towns we are stopping at are all in the wrong state, aren’t they?

Our trip Monday will be the nicest to date. So long as you can tolerate the emptiness of Nebraska and Wyoming, we shouldn’t have many problems. Late in the day, likely not until after about 5 or 6pm, some isolated showers may begin to bubble up over the Colorado and Wyoming Rocky Mountains. I wouldn’t count on it, though, and our day should end peacefully in Fort Steele, Wyoming which is east of Rawlins.

Heading out for the day on Tuesday we will find that the atmosphere has been stabilized, and our drive will be sunny and warm through the remainder of Wyoming, passage through Utah, and eventually our stop in Elko, Nevada for the final stop before we finish this drive off.

We will finish off our drive without a problem. In fact, the closest thing we will have to an issue will be if our vehicle, unable to cope with the long miles we have been putting on it, struggles to ascend and descend through Donner Pass. Hot, sunny weather will be waiting for us in Chico.

Chico, California

We are off to northern California to start our weekend. How will it look in Chico?

At 753AM, PT, Chico was reporting mostly sunny skies with a temperature of 66 degrees. A sharp ridge has developed over the west cost, and despite the turmoil over the Rockies and a deep low over the north Pacific Chico found itself in good position for decent weather.
Southwesterly flow ahead of the cold front associated with the north Pacific low will continue to funnel low level moisture into San Francisco Bay, but also encourage a downslope flow into the central valley. Expect some toasty temperatures with sunny skies for the weekend in Chico.
Tomorrow- Sunny High 91, Low 60
Sunday – Sunny and hot, High 92, Low 59

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly Cloudy High 94, Low 62
Sunday – Mostly Sunny High 94, Low 64

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny and hot High 93, Low 59
Sunday – Partly sunny and very warm High 92, Low 62

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 91, Low 61
Sunday – Mostly sunny, High 92, Low 62

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny. High 91, Low 61
Sunday – Mostly sunny. High 92, Low 63

A look at the satellite shows the marine layer infiltrating SAn Francisco Bay. Prtty cool, if you ask me.

Chico, California to Burlington, Vermont

Oh, man, this is a long trip. It will be a 6 day trip, and I am laid up with the flu. I can’t imagine that I will be getting through this very quickly, but that’s appropriate. We won’t be getting through the road trip very quickly. It’s 2970 miles between the two cities, and we will move at a pace of 64.4mph, which means we will cover 515 miles a day. It’s going to be a long journey, so let’s get on our way.


It seems unlikely, because it’s been so quiet across the country, but an area of low pressure developing over the Pacific will move inland overnight tonight. Expect it to pull in some cold enough air that our drive through the Sierras will be accompanied by snow showers in the mountains. I think it will be just warm enough that the drive through Nevada will be rainy. We will stop at the Victory Highway, exit 373 in Nevada. Not much by way of towns in this part of the world.

Our problems again will be with the mountains, this time those in Utah and western Wyoming. There will be some rain and mountain snow at the higher elevations, but it will taper off after we reach Rock Springs. It will clear out and warm up until we reach the half way point between Elk Mountain and Laramie. Again, not much by way of towns in this part of the world. I hope you don’t mind camping.

The cold front will set itself up east of our route in Nebraska. There will be some remnant cloudiness in the Nebraska prairies, but we won’t have to worry about much rain. Maybe a splash of drizzle between Sidney and North Platte, but not any rain. After North Platte, we will make our way east through Nebraska to Lincoln, where we might actually be able to stay in a hotel.

Hey, the towns we encounter are getting bigger and badder. We will make it as far as Tinley Park, a suburb of Chicago. Unfortunately, the cold front that we have been chasing will stall across Illinois. Post frontal rain will be a problem across much of Iowa and all of Illinois. It will start in in Avoca, Iowa, and heavier rain will pick up in Illinois as we find our way to the front. Expect it to get really rainy east of Joliet. Pull out the umbrella as we get into Tinley Park.

The rain on Monday will be heaviest in the morning, beginning to lose some of it’s organization as we head east through Ohio, on into New York. It will just be generally rainy and cloudy all the way to Evans. New York, which is on the shore of Lake Erie, south of Buffalo.

Finally, the trip is almost at it’s end. And the rain is also at it’s end. We will be able to enjoy some blustery, cool conditions, but it will be dry and *gasp* sunny as we finish the drive into Burlington.

Chico, California to Muskegon, Michigan

Three days, three road trips! This one takes us to the Great Lakes over the course of 4 days and 2248 miles. That puts us at a clip of 67.1mph. How fast is that, exactly? Fast enough that we cover almost 537 miles a day. Let’s go check out Muskegon.


After what has been an active pattern across the country, especially out east, where more forecasts tend to happen, it’s been nice to have high pressure all over. Another ridge will set up over our route, and the drive from Chico, over the Sierras and into Nevada will be harmless. The day will end in Deeth, Nevada.

There is a big old Gulf of Alaska system moving into Western Washington right now, but we should be able to out run it, and the moisture will be hung up in the higher elevations of western Wyoming. I only mention this, because it will be the closest we get to significant precipitation for this leg of the journey. We will end the day in Elk Mountain, Wyoming, which is named after Elk Mountain, which is in Wyoming.

Nebraska is one of my favorite states to drive in. It’s flat, it’s empty, it’s mostly truckers who understand the rules of the road. Pretty great. That said, I’ve never dealt with Nebraska with ugly weather. And we won’t have to this time either! Smooth sailing between Elk Mountain (which is located just east of Rawlins) and Lincoln, the final stop on the way to Muskegon.

The nearest development to our persons at this stage will be in eastern Canada, well ahead of where we are. Another nice day of travel as we make our way through Iowa, Chicago, part of Indiana and then north along Lake Michigan to Muskegon, which will be surprisingly pleasant, and not even snowing.

Charlotte, North Carolina to Chico, California

/emits low whistle. This is going to be a 5 day road trip, and will take up every second of those 5 days. It’s 2716 miles between the two cities, and our average speed will be 66.2. Our first 4 days will cover 529 miles, and the 5th will be the remainder, which is a bit more than the first 4 days. There is a lot of ground to cover, so we had best be on our way.


We will depart Charlotte with California in mind and sun in our eyes. Well, in the rearview, since we will be headed west. Whatever. The sun won’t last us all the way through the mountains, though, because a clipper moving through Canada will swing a little bit of light rain towards the Smokeys. It will be a really quick shot of rain, along with some blustery winds between Knoxville and Nashville, after which point we will drive with sunny skies. The end destination for the first day in the car will be Reidland, Kentucky, which was a stop on yesterday’s trip TO Charlotte.

Day two, and it’s high pressure all the way! Warmer air will even begin to build in as we hit western Missouri! Exclamation points! We will turn north from Kansas City towards I-80 before the day ends, and stop for the night in Country Club, Missouri, which is pretty much the north side of St. Joseph.

More high pressure! Monday will be as easy as Sunday, and even perhaps more so as the largest city we encounter will be Lincoln, Nebraska as we make our westward turn. The day will end, after a whole lot of problem free Nebraska driving, in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, right along the state line with Nebraska.

Tuesday and not much will change. There is a bit of a system that will be working it’s way through the Northern Rockies, but for our purposes, it will only bring precipitation to the peaks of Wyoming, and there aren’t many in the middle of I-80. Still, we should be wary of the mountain passes. What often doesn’t look like much in the models can sometimes be brutal in real life when we are talking about mountain driving. Barring a catastrophe in Wyoming, we will make it to Delle, Utah, on the southwest shore of Salt Lake City.

Hey, almost there! And not much in store for the 5th day either. There is a system over the Gulf of Alaska that will pump moisture into the Pacific Northwest, and may cause some high clouds to spill into Northern California, and even then, that won’t be until the end of the day. Chico awaits!

In Chico, we’re the man

When you think of California, unless you are thinking of maybe Tahoe, you don’t often think of sub-freezing temperatures, but this was the case in Chico the past two days. Yesterday, the morning dipped all the way down to 19. The more incredulous forecasters, those who kept forecast lows a bit to warm, ended up way off, whereas Anthony’s forecast was spot on.
Actuals: Monday – High 48, Low 26
Tuesday – High 48, Low 19

Grade: B

Chico, California

Off we go to California’s Central Valley! Surely this Golden State getaway will bring warm temps and sunny skies right?… right?!

At 7:15pm PST, the temperature at Chico, CA was 43 degrees under fair skies. A cold front has dropped through Northern California earlier today, and with a broad trough moving over the Western US, temperatures are expected to be on the chilly side for the next couple of mornings. In fact, a Hard Freeze Watch is in effect for Monday night into Tuesday morning as temperatures are expected to drop into the low to mid 20’s. Precipitation was pretty much absent as the system moved through and only a few high clouds remained, predominately over the Sierra Nevada. Temperatures will rebound nicely into the upper 40s each of the next couple of days, well, nicely for people living in colder portions of the country. I’m sure the residents of Chico aren’t big fans of having to scrape off their windshields before they go to work.

Monday: Sunny. High 48, Low 28.
Tuesday: Sunny. High 47, Low 22.

TWC: Monday: Sunny. High 50, Low 26.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 50, Low 22.

AW: Monday: Intervals of clouds and sun. High 49, Low 30.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 49, Low 27.

NWS: Monday: Mostly sunny, morning frost. High 47, Low 28.
Tuesday: Mostly sunny, another frosty morning. High 47, Low 23.

WB: Monday: Mostly sunny. High 50, Low 29.
Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 50, Low 26.

Here we see some high clouds off to the east of Chico, but much of the rest of the region is fairly cloudy free, esp the Central Valley. Wear an extra layer next couple of mornings!