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Providence, Rhode Island to Cheyenne, Wyoming

It’s a road trip! Or, should I say… a Rhode trip? No, I should not say that. It will take about 4 days to get from Providence to Cheyenne, covering 512 miles a day (or moving at 64mph). The 4th day will be a hair shorter. Let’s leave from one smallest state (in size) to another (in population)


The massive system setting up in the center of the country is going to play a huge role in this trip. Not on the first day though. It will play a large role, but not huge. The trip through New England into eastern Pennsylvania will be unremarkable. After we hit Lock Haven, PA, however, we will begin to encounter some scattered rain showers, which will carry us on to St. Petersburg, Pennsylvania, which is between Grove City and Clarion.

We will be in the warm sector for most of the day Sunday, and after a few morning showers in northern Ohio, things will clear out through Indiana. Seasonably warm temperatures will be ours to enjoy. Of course, we will arrive in La Salle, Illinois at about the same time as the nasty squall line. There is a chance for strong winds, hail or even a tornado near La Salle when we arrive.

It will be a stormy night in La Salle, but we can expect things to clear out and cool off by the time we leave Monday morning. There will be quite a bit of lingering overcast across I-80 west from La Salle. We will dodge a few drops of chilly drizzle, particularly crossing the Mississippi, and in eastern Nebraska. The day will end in Aurora, Nebraska, which is west of Lincoln, but not quite to Grand Island.

The final day, Tuesday, will begin and end drearily. There may be some of that persistent overcast in Aurora when we leave, but it won’t last long, and most of the drive through Nebraska will be dull. Weatherwise too. The next round of wet weather will be moving through the northern Rockies on Tuesday, and the initial batch of moisture will be spilling into Cheyenne (as rain) as we are making the final steps in the trip to the capital of Wyoming.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Off to Cheyenne, Wyoming for the forecast today. I was just there in October, for a weekend that ended with random snow.

At 253PM, MT, Cheyenne was reporting a temperature of 57 degrees with mostly cloudy skies, though that was a temporary affliction, with some high clouds presently blotting the sun. There was a weak ridge building over the Rockies and the front range at the surface, but a deep, inevitably dangerous trough was the overriding factor. A weak wave in the jet was the culprit for some strong storms today, but the deeper trough sweeping into the Plains will be the greatest concern going forward.
Tomorrow, an additional area of low pressure will explode across the central Plains as the mean trough descends into the center of the country. Cold air will be drawn into the area, as well as moisture, which will wrap around the system into Cheyenne. Most of the day tomorrow will be inundated by rain, though cooler temperatures overnight Saturday into Sunday will mean a distinct threat for snow in the early morning on Sunday. The precipitation will change back to rain, however, and no measurable accumulation is expected.
Tomorrow – Rain likely, High 46, Low 37
Sunday – Morning snow, changing to heavy rain, High 46, Low 32

TWC: Tomorrow – A few showers early then thundershowers developing in the afternoon. High 50, Low 37
Sunday – Rain and snow showers in the morning. A shower or two in the afternoon – otherwise, mostly cloudy High 47, Low 33

AW: Tomorrow – Cloudy with a shower High 52, Low 37
Sunday – Mostly cloudy, breezy and colder; rain and snow showers in the morning, then a few showers High 40, Low 33

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers likely, mainly after noon. Mostly cloudy High 51, Low 35
Sunday – Occasional snow. High 35, Low 31

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy with rain showers likely. Cooler. high 51, Low 35
Sunday – Occasional snow in the morning…then snow and rain likely in the afternoon. Windy…colder. Moderate snow accumulations high 35, Low 31

What a strange pastiche of forecasts. Someone is going to bust very hard with this forecast. I hope it’s not us! Here is the satellite as of now, with no sign of the trouble to come.

Summertime Swings

As expected, the front shifted through Cheyenne late in the day on Tuesday, bringing a few light showers Tuesday evening into Wednesday, with the stronger thunderstorms developing not too far off to the east of the city. However, what wasn’t expected, was the degree of the temperature drop-off on Wednesday. Most of us were pretty close on the low temperature Wednesday morning, but… it never recovered. Overcast skies kept Cheyenne particularly chilly Wednesday, never making it out of the mid 50’s, an impressive 27-degree drop from Tuesday. Victoria Weather nabbed the top spot, with WB and AW bringing up the rear with their relatively sultry and dry Wednesday predictions.

Tuesday: 0.02 in rain showers. High 81, Low 49.
Wednesday: another 0.02 in rain showers. High 54, Low 49.
Forecast grade: C

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Off we go to the capital of the least populous state in the US. For some reason, it’s totally opposite of what Wyoming is best-known for, Yellowstone Park. Perhaps they just like the nightlife in Denver better.

At 7:53PM MDT, the temperature at Cheyenne was 70 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. Most of these clouds were fairly high-based and will dissipate as the evening wears on. An upper-level trough has been very slowly pushing its’ way eastward over the last few days, mainly due to the overpowering ridge that’s parked itself over the eastern US with triple-digit highs. This trough will continue to slowly shift its way through the Northern Plains over the next couple of days as the mega-ridge breaks down somewhere. At the surface, a stationary front has set up shop from ND through northern WY back into ID. This front, however, will turn into a slow-moving cold front as it reluctantly travels towards the southeast. As the front approaches the Central Dakotas down into southeast WY, the base of the trough will be swinging through the Cowboy State as well. This influx of energy could set off some strong to severe thunderstorms around the capital late in the day into the overnight hours. A few lingering showers could last into early Wednesday, with much cooler weather expected as a cooler airmass settles in overhead. While there will still be a chance of some scattered showers/isolated thunderstorms on Wednesday, it’ll be significantly cooler. Gotta love these crazy summer months!

Tuesday: Increasing clouds, possible severe storms in evening/late night. High 78, Low 51.
Wednesday: Scattered showers early, slight chance of a passing shower/storm in afternoon. High 63, Low 49.

TWC: Tuesday: Scattered thunderstorms. High 74, Low 49.
Wednesday: Isolated thunderstorms. High 60, Low 46.

AW: Tuesday: 40% chances of thunderstorms. High 76, Low 51.
Wednesday: Cooler with clouds and sun. High 67, Low 48.

NWS: Tuesday: Severe thunderstorms possible. High 78, Low 52.
Wednesday: Slight chance of showers/storms. High 63, Low 48.

WB: Tuesday: 40% chance of thunderstorms. High 76, Low 52.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 66, Low 48.

Here we see a deck of clouds off to the north dropping some showers and isolated thunderstorms. These will be dropping southward tomorrow and affect Cheyenne by evening.