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Steubenville, Ohio to Carson City, Nevada

It’s a long drive from Steubenville to Carson City, much longer than i would have ever expected. We’re talking a 4 1/2 day drive covering 2378 miles. We will spend a lot of time on I-80, so our pace will be over 67mph, and we’ll be able to cover 539 miles a day for those first 4 days. That’s a heck of a drive. Let’s get going


Our first day in the car, which we will spend spanning the expanse of Ohio, Indiana and half of Northern Illinois will be extremely fortunate. There is a clipper moving through Canada that will bring some flurries to Michigan, and a massive system ramping up in the southeast before it shifts off the coast. Fortuitously, our route splits the gap between those systems. Of course, we just have to worry about whether or not I-80 is passable after all the snow northern Indiana and Illinois received earlier this week. The day will end in Malden, Illinois, which is just west of La Salle

The drive on Saturday will start pretty well, but, well, there is yet another storm system getting ready to roll through the country. This one is developing over the high Plains. By and large, this system will pass us by as we sleep, but it will begin to kick up some flurries across most of Iowa. Start to be on the look out for some snow as far east as Cedar Rapids, then navigate between them through Omaha. We will be in the weak warm sector of this system as we arrive in Gibbon, Nebraska, our Saturday night destination.

You better believe there is yet another system rolling into the west coast. It will be slamming into British Columbia and send moisture sliding down the Front Range. The storm in the Upper Midwest will have slid out of the region by the time we depart Sunday, but some of that funneled moisture will be creating some mountain snow across Wyoming after we get west of Cheyenne. Our day will end in Table Rock, Wyoming, amid some of those mountain flurries.

It is going to start snowing like crazy over western Wyoming as we sleep in Table Rock. Like, snowing to beat the band. There will still be some snow falling as we drive, and the snow will persist all the way through Salt Lake City, which combines the best of both worlds: snow in the mountains, snow in a city. After we get through Salt Lake, and the snow is finally going to abate we have…. no! No more systems! We will get to enter Nevada unmolested by other systems! The day will end in Valmy, Nevada, which, frankly, is in the middle of nowhere.

We will get from that nowhere to somewhere as we polish off the drive into Carson City. Temperatures will rise after we pass through Winnemucca, and really, it will be nice to finally have a sunny day without worry of another looming snowtastrophe.