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Altoona, Pennsylvania to Blacksburg, Virginia

Such a short trip, only 5 and a half hours and 327 miles between the two loci on this trip. Somehow, it’s a 4 state journey. It’s a 58.2 mile an hour pace, but might be slower given the weather we are expecting. Let’s pack up and head south.

It’s going to be drizzly and fairly depressing as we start to head south from Altoona. We should be expecting some rain to be falling everywhere north of the Winchester area, where we will then be south of the Appalachians. After that, we should be making our drive on dry roads, though some high overcast will be possible the rest of the way from Winchester to Blacksburg, which is annoying. Maybe a spit of rain out those clouds, but not enough to seriously alter our plans. That time in Pennsylvania will be a nuisance though, that hasn’t changed.

Blacksburg, Virginia

We are headed to the eastern time zone, like pretty much all of our forecasts this week. What’s it going to be like, all nestled against the Appalachians?

At 1135PM, ET, Blacksburg was reporting a temperature of 60 degrees with clear skies. A slow moving cold front ran astride of the Appalachians, and despite a weak upslope, Blacksburg was clear and warm. Behind the front and west of the Appalachians, cloudy skies and widespread rain indicated what may be to come in Blacksburg for Thursday.
An area of low pressure will develop and become well organized along the boundary and move to the northeast. The front itself will not find it’s way into Blacksburg, so cool enough air for snow will not be likely, as it will be in the higher elevations of New England. The organization will pull moisture away from Blacksburg, and by late tomorrow and through Friday morning, the area looks to be in good shape. A deep low developing over the Gulf Stream will change that though, funneling moisture north through Virginia east of the Appalachians, and Friday evening in Blacksburg will be a little damp.
Tomorrow – Scattered showers early, High 65, Low 45
Friday – Mostly sunny, with cold rain late, High 47, Low 34 (All non-standard)

TWC: Tomorrow – Windy with a few showers developing later in the day High 68, Low 50
Friday – Cloudy with a few showers High 49, Low 39

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly cloudy with occasional rain and a thunderstorm High 67, Low 47
Friday – Cooler with intervals of clouds and sunshine high 51, Low 33

NWS: Tomorrow – Showers likely, mainly between 2pm and 4pm. Cloudy, High 64, Low 47
Friday – A chance of rain, mainly after 2pm. Mostly cloudy High 47, Low 48

WB: Tomorrow – Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers High 62, Low 47
Friday – Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain…mainly in the afternoon High 51, Low 39

Ah yes, the season where I go through hourly forecasts to find max and min temperatures. My favorite. Satellite shows clouds over West Virginia, and less so over western Virginia. See what I did there?

Fayetteville, Arkansas to Blacksburg, Virginia

One day before I go on my road trip, it’s time for a forecast for another fictional trip, from the Ozarks to the Appalachians. This trip is about two days in the car and we’ll roll up 944 miles on the odometer. We’ll be able to cover 64.5 miles per hour, indicative of some solid interstate travel. Our first day we will cover 516 miles, leaving the rest for Wednesday.


The rain will begin picking up in the Ozarks tonight and last through the morning. This almost always leads to fog in northwestern Arkansas along 540, some of which could last right through noon as we leave. The heaviest of the rain will stay south of our route through Arkansas, but after we clear Memphis and begin our drive towards Nashville, we will stay much clearer, though some clouds may obscure the sun a bit. Our day will end on the west side of Nashville.

There is a decent enough chance that soe showers will filter their way into Tennessee overnight, and leave us in for another drizzly day as we push eastward. The fog we experienced at the outset will return when we hit the Smokies and the Appalachians. The drizzly conditions should leave us behind after we finally get into Virginia and begin working our way into Blacksburg. There will be a chance for some overcast conditions in Blacksburg, but hopefully it means no sunburn.

Blacksburg, Virginia

Our forecast is for the western reaches of Virginia and the Appalachians. Of course, tomorrow, I’ll be headed through the Rockies, so… I don’t know, symmetry or something.

At 1140AM, ET, Blacksburg was reporting a temperature of 46 degrees with clear skies. They were about 5 degrees off from nearby sites, though that was largely due to topography, as their skies have been clear for most of the morning. High pressure dominates the region, though a pair of jet troughs moving in from the west will bring somewhat more unsettled weather by midweek.
A sharp upper trough will swing into the Gulf of Mexico and begin to generate widespread rain and thunderstorms along the Gulf Coast. The moisture will struggle to work very far north, however, as another jet over the northern tier of states will begin to trough over the Great Lakes, allowing steering flow to redirect Gulf moisture towards the Carolinas and out of Blacksburg. Long story short, expect a fairly decent couple of days for Blacksburg.
Tomorrow- Partly to mostly cloudy, High 54, Low 30
Wednesday – Increasing clouds, High 56, Low 31

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies. High 54, Low 33
Wednesday – Chance of showers High 54, Low 34

AW: Tomorrow – Partial sunshine High 54, Low 30
Wednesday – Sun and areas of high clouds in the morning followed by clouds and occasional sunshine High 57, Low 28

NWS: Partly sunny, High 52, Low 32
Wednesday – A chance of rain after 2pm. Cloudy, High 50, Low 36

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, High 52, Low 32
Wednesday – A chance of showers in the afternoon, High 52, Low 36

It will be an interesting day weatherwise on Wednesday, seeing exactly what can come that far north.

Blacksburg, Virginia to Jackson, Michigan

Talk about consistency. The last road trip I did was 507 miles. This one is about a 5K jog longer, at 510 miles. Will this jaunt from Virginia Tech to Eastern Michigan University have sunny skies? It’s the famous Hokies/Eagles showdown, road-trip style!

Upon our departure from Blacksburg, only a few scattered clouds are expected as high pressure continues to build into the Eastern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. For pretty much the entire trip northward through WV and Ohio, clear skies will rule, along with some gusts of 15-20mph. Don the sunglasses and enjoy the trip!

Mobile, Alabama to Blacksburg, Virginia

We’re on for a nice little day and a half trek to western Virginia. If it weren’t for the fact that we are in the furthest corner of Alabama to begin our voyage, we probably could have done this whole thing in a day. As it stands, we’ll net the 744 miles between Mobile and Blacksburg at a pace of 64.1mph, which ain’t bad. The first day will thus cover 512 of the necessary miles.


An area of low pressure is slowly moving up the Appalachians from about West Virginia, it’s present location. It’s going to inch towards New England over he next 48 hours or so. Behind this front? High pressure and lots of it. Expect delightful conditions with northerly winds keeping temperatures from being oppressive in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. The day’s drive will end in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, leaving just a few hours of mountain driving for Thursday.

The low will break down over northern Virginia overnight Wednesday into Thursday and reform well away from our route for Thursday. This will end up being a perfectly timed little jaunt through the wilderness of the southeast. Virginia awaits!