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Bismarck, North Dakota

It seems we spend a lot of time in Bismarck. I don’t know if this is accurate or not.

At 1052PM, CT, Bismarck was reporting a temperature of 69 degrees with clear skies. A weak low over northern South Dakota and a cold front inching in from Canada have made things dicey for the Dakotas today, particularly north and east of Bismarck.
The jet will run through the northern tier of states relatively unchanged for the forecast period. It’s not very strong, but a weak stationary front will line up along the international border, not able to dip south into Bismarck. A few weak surface troughs, borne partly of the heat in the center of the country will ripple through the Plains, generally south of town. The window between the two areas of disturbed weather will not be great, but if guidance is correct, the city will be dry through the period. Lately, guidance has been pretty unreliable, so thunderstorms will be left in the forecast.
Tomorrow – An isolated shower or storm, High 88, Low 64
Tuesday – Partly to mostly cloudy, High 90, Low 58

Tomorrow – Variable clouds with scattered thunderstorms. High 88, Low 63
Tuesday – Plenty of sun High 88, Low 61

AW: Tomorrow – Partly sunny and nice (Thunderstorm thru 1AM) High 88, Low 63
Thursday – Sunny to partly cloudy and seasonably warm High 87, Low 59

NWS: Tomorrow – A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms before 1pm. Mostly cloudy High 88, Low 64
Thursday -Partly cloudy, High 90, Low 59

WB: Tomorrow – Partly sunny, A 20 percent chance of storms in the morning, High 88, Low 64
Thursday – Mostly Sunny, High 90, Low 59

Looks like I get along best with the Weather Service. Here’s hoping we kick the Weather Channel’s butt! You can see some remnants of super cells on the satellite image east of Bismarck.