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Billings, Montana to Bismarck, North Dakota

Today we’re taking another one-day trip between neighboring states. Today, however, is a much further north trip as we head from Montana to North Dakota! Let’s see how this Northern Plains trip will go!

High pressure is settling in over the Northern Plains after a cold front worked its way through the Dakotas and into the Upper Midwest. The route between Billings and Bismarck tomorrow is expected to be dry and filled with sunshine, a most enjoyable day to see the wide open plains!

Bismarck, North Dakota

Today, we head off to celebrate our nation’s birthday in the capital of North Dakota! Let’s find out how the rest of the workweek is going to go… that is if anybody didn’t take a couple days vacation and turn it into a 5-day weekend.

At 1052pm CDT, the temperature at Bismarck, ND was 62 degrees under fair skies. An area of low pressure continues to lift into Ontario with a trailing cold front working its way through the Upper Midwest. High pressure is settling in nicely behind it over the Dakotas, bringing in much cooler air that had been seen over the region earlier in the week. This high pressure sticks around through Thursday before shifting towards the Great Lakes on Friday. There’s a slight chance of some morning activity in the region, but it should stay south of Bismarck before clearing out for the rest of the day.

Thursday: Sunny. High 81, Low 53.
Friday: Partly cloudy, warmer. High 86, Low 62.

TWC: Thursday: Sunny. High 82, Low 54.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 88, Low 62.

AW: Thursday: Sunny; delightful. High 82, Low 54.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 88, Low 62.

NWS: Thursday: Sunny. High 80, Low 54.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 88, Low 61.

WB: Thursday: Sunny. High 81, Low 55.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 86, Low 64.

WN: Thursday: Sunny. High 80, Low 54.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 88, Low 62.

FIO: Thursday: Clear throughout the day. High 81, Low 56.
Friday: Partly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until evening. High 86, Low 63.

It’s pretty quiet over ND tonight, whereas Iowa and Nebraska are seeing their fair share of nighttime storms.

Bismarck, North Dakota to Salisbury, Maryland

We will use up the rest of the workweek with this trek. It’s going to take us three full days, including a little extra on that third day, to cover the 1639 miles between orgin and destination for this trip. We are going to be slowed by the big cities, like Chicago, and the Appalachians, but we should still maintain a pace of about 65.6mph, good for a goal of about 524 miles a day. This is a good little trip, and the weather is looking good. Let’s be on our way!


DAY ONE (Wednesday)

High pressurre is sitting right in the middle of the country, keeping things pretty well in control, butt actually, tomorrow, there will be a wave rippling along the international border. Like almost everything this week, though, it will not have access to any moisture, and even if it did, we will remain ahead odd the attendant cold front, which will only reach the western Minnesota border by the end of our drive time. We’ll make it to Eau Claire to finish our day.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
That band area of low pressure scooting through the boundary region will not maintain its structure overnight, however a moisture will begin to fill into the trough, which will be squeezed between two areas of high pressure, one moving towards the east coast and another building in the central Plains. The shower activity will be light, but unlie on Wednesday, will actually outpace us. Expect things to be a little cloudier as we head east, as well as a bit cooler. We’ll stop in Delta, Ohio, just before Toledo.

DAY THREE (Friday)
Friday will be entirely without intrigue, at least in terms of the weather. Sure, we will pass through the rolling peaks of Appalachia, and we will split Baltimore and Washington, so a detour could be fun, but if you want to see anything but tranquility and the sun, then this is not going to be the drive for you. Enjoy the Eastern Shore!

Brutal Cold

Bismarck was our forecast destination Thursday, and boy did it turn out chilly. The clear skies under a dominant Arctic ridge made for some incredibly cold temperatures during the overnight. It was colder than forecast both Friday and Saturday, hitting -9 and -12 respectively. That’s pretty awful. The Weather Service had the top forecast.
Actuals: Friday, High 12, Low -9
Saturday, High 20, Low -12

Grade: C

Great Falls, Montana to Bismarck, North Dakota

This is probably one of the least visually stimulating road trips I’ve ever done. Granted we’ll be leaving the Rockies at the start of the trip, but after that, it’s hundreds of miles in eastern Montana and western North Dakota of little civilization and lots of sky to view. Luckily, this trip is only 545 miles and should be covered in a day’s time. So let’s get a move-on!

With the arctic airmass entrenched over the northern US, as mentioned in my earlier Bismarck forecast, some chilly air will be found throughout much of the region come morning. However, with a slightly warmer airmass pushing up over the Northern Rockies into Western Montana, this is going to kick up some snow showers over the Great Falls area later on Friday. There could be some patchy fog and some low clouds to start the day, but we should avoid the snow showers as we trek eastward along HWY 87. As we move into midday, the clouds should thin out as we move away from the mountains, leaving more sunny skies for us to enjoy. As we move into Eastern Montana, and eventually into Western North Dakota, clear skies and light winds will greet us and make for smooth sailing for the remainder of the trip into Bismarck. Hooray we made it!… Now what?

Bismarck, North Dakota

Today we head off to Bismarck, North Dakota for our forecast. Not sure why I’m doing this forecast, because I think the only residents there are 11 buffalo, 2 prairie dogs, and a missile silo. All kidding aside, let’s see what’s going on in the center of one of our northern states!

At 852PM CST, the temperature in Bismarck, ND is 14 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. Winds are starting to settle down a bit now after the passage of a cold front that moved through earlier in the day. Some high clouds are found over the region associated with the front, but will continue to slide on down to the south and east as the night progresses. Sunny skies should emerge over ND tomorrow, but a frigid arctic airmass will descend into the Upper Midwest. Temperatures won’t rebound very much Friday afternoon, only creeping their way into double-digits. Tomorrow night into Saturday morning, clear skies and light winds will cause the temperature to drop pretty quickly, with temperatures nearing 10 below in some areas. Luckily for the region, there’s virtually no snow on the ground, which means temperatures will actually be 10-15 degrees warmer than what it would be if there was a healthy, fresh snowpack on the ground. Still, going to be a cold morning on Saturday for Bismarck, but it will warm up into the upper teens for the afternoon. With high pressure overhead, it will be dry both days, so at least they have that!

Friday: Sunny. High 10, Low -1.
Saturday: Continued sunny. High 19, Low-9.

TWC: Friday: Sunny. High 13, Low 0.
Saturday: Sunny. High 19, Low -8.

AW: Friday: Mostly sunny, much colder. High 12, Low -2.
Saturday: Sunny to partly cloudy. High 18, Low -9.

NWS: Friday: Sunny. High 11, Low -4.
Saturday: Sunny. High 19, Low -8.

WB: Friday: Sunny. High 14, Low 0.
Saturday: Sunny. High 19. Low -5.

Here we see the high clouds associated with the front passing through the Upper Midwest. That will descend southeastward tomorrow, leaving the Dakotas and MN high and dry (and cold).

Hope the gas bill is paid

Forecasts of lows in the mid-20s were chilly enough, but on Saturday in Bismarck, clear overnight skies led to radiative cooling that was more effective than anticipated. The low on Saturday morning was 17 degrees, something almost nobody saw coming.A trace of some sort of precipitation came late Sunday, I assume it was snow because it has been snowing in Bismarck all day today. Victoria-Weather had the top forecast, thought it wasn’t terribly well executed, especially since the we were off by 11 degrees in total on the Day 1 of the forecast. Oh well, we’ll take it and do better next time.
Actuals: Saturday – High 34, Low 17
Sunday – Trace of precip, High 45, Low 24

Grade C

Bismarck, North Dakota

I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be our first truly wintry forecast of the season. How does THAT make you feel?

At 1052AM, CT, Bismarck was reporting sunny skies and a temperature of 39 degrees. They found themselves in the wake of a cold front that is getting new life from a developing low over Oklahoma. Along the cold front, which is gradually turning into a warm front, or even an inverted trough, a large shield of clouds looked to back its way into North Dakota.
The deep but fairly weak upper trough will instigate a northward motion from the low developing in Oklahoma. The system isn’t strong enough to advect it’s cold air, so it will have to use the temperatures in place already, which will likely mean a mix of rain and snow over Minnesota. Were this February, this would likely mean a dusting for Bismarck as well, but it will likely just mean an increase in clouds until late on Sunday, when a strong system over western Canada may begin to introduce some flurries to southern North Dakota.
Tomorrow – Increasing clouds, High 37, Low 25
Sunday -Mostly cloudy, with a flurry before midnight, High 41, Low 22

TWC: Tomorrow – Partly cloudy skies. High 43, Low 25
Sunday – Mix of sun and clouds. High 45, Low 23

AW: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny High 42, Low 20
Sunday – Partly sunny (late flurries) High 44, Low 18

NWS: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny high 41, Low 23
Sunday – Partly sunny High 39, Low 23

WB: Tomorrow – Mostly sunny, High 41, Low 21
Sunday – Partly sunny, High 40, Low 22

Temperatures are all over the place, and it will probably be dependent on what happens with the clouds. They are pretty evident on the satellite.

The definition of isolated

For Monday, everyone had the threat for thunderstorms in their forecast for Bismarck. I had even mentioned that they would be isolated in my forecast. On Monday evening, one cell popped up northwest of Bismarck, taking with it a tornado warning and rolled right through North Dakota’s capital. There were 40mph winds at the airport, and the city received a quick quarter inch of rain. The forecasts were tightly clustered, but The Weather Channel nosed the rest of us.
Actuals: Monday – .25 inches of rain in a heavy thunderstorm, High 86, Low 65
Tuesday – High 83, Low 62

Grade B

Fort Wayne, Indiana to Bismarck, North Dakota

I have lived in Lafayette, Indiana and Minot, North Dakota, but I have no record of either end point on our trip. That said, this two day, 994 mile trip will cover a lot of familiar ground for me. We’ll travel at a rate of 61.9mph and we’ll split the mileage nearly in half, going 495 miles on the first day.


This is road trippin’ weather if you ask me. I’m used to the long drives with temperatures in the 90s, humid with either the windows down or the AC blasting. It’s going to be hot through Chicago and parts of southern Wisconsin. Temperatures will begin to cool down with increasing clouds in the center of that state. By the time we reach Eau Claire, we may see some light showers or one of the isolated thunderstorms that will go up in northern Wisconsin, but we won’t have much further to go. Menomonie will be the stop Monday night.

The Tuesday trip may be a little long if we get a thunderstorm overnight in Menomonie, but we shouldn’t have issues because of the weather. The drive through Minnesota will be down right enjoyable. It always seems unfair that you have to drive for about three more hours when you hit the North Dakota line to get to Bismarck, but such is life. It will be hot and dry in North Dakota’s capital when we arrive.