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Battle Creek, Michigan

We’re well into spring now and temperatures are rising over the Northern US! Will Michigan be a lucky recipient of these pleasant temperatures?

At 1253pm EDT, the temperature at Battle Creek, MI was 65 degrees under fair skies. An area of high pressure sitting over the Great Lakes region the last couple of days is being pushed off to the east, but will continue to keep the weather very nice for the rest of today and tonight. A bit of a warm front is lifting through the Upper Midwest and has already kicked off a few showers over MN and WI. Luckily, this activity should remain over Upper Michigan and northern parts of Lower Michigan during the morning Friday as it lifts through, keeping the Battle Creek area dry. This will usher in some warmer temperatures into Saturday as well, along with some possible gusty winds Saturday afternoon/evening. Overall, should be a pretty nice weekend in Lower Michigan!

Friday: Mostly sunny. High 77, Low 45.
Saturday: Sunny. High 85, Low 54.

TWC: Friday: Sunny. High 78, Low 47.
Saturday: Continued sunny. High 84, Low 53.

AW: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 78, Low 48.
Saturday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High 84, Low 55.

NWS: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 80, Low 47.
Saturday: Sunny. High 83, Low 54.

WB: Friday: Mostly sunny. High 77, Low 46.
Saturday: Sunny. High 83, Low 54.

Here we see fairly clear skies over Lower Michigan at this time. The shower activity over central MN and northern WI should stay off to the north Friday and remain a nice weekend!

Battle Creek, Michigan to Charlotte, North Carolina

Oooh, two towns that take three words to say. We will be taking a day and a half to make our way just east of the area ravaged yesterday by tornadoes. It’s only 681 miles between the two cities, but we will move at the incremental rate of 59.6mph, which means we will only cover 477 miles of the trip on the first day. How will the drive treat us? Take a look below!


A combination being both on the back end of the system that moved through yesterday, and a weak clipper moving through the Midwest, we will be in and out of flurries all day. The most evident streamer is between Fort Wayne and Columbus, and that is likely where we will see some steadier snow showers. That said, I would be hard pressed to say we will be snow free anywhere else along our day one route, which will end in Crab Orchard, West Virginia (near Beckley.)

The snow will still be falling when we get up to leave on Monday, as the bundle of energy fueling the clipper will be moving through southern West Virginia at about departure time. The snow, and it will be snow, will be squeezed out by the mountains of the area, and by the time we get south of the Appalachians, near Wytheville, Virginia, we should be in pretty good shape for the drive into Charlotte.

Flagstaff, Arizona to Battle Creek, Michigan

The Desert Southwest. The Great Lakes. What do these two places have in common? Today’s road trip! It’s 1,803 miles between these 2 cities and it’ll take 4 days to cover it. Away we go!


While a trough digs its way into the Central US behind the intense front bringing severe weather to the Eastern US, high pressure is nosing its way into the Great Basin. Some high clouds are expected as we mosey along I-40 through Houck, Gallup, Albuquerque and eventually into Santa Rosa, our 1st stop after a rather uneventful day.


More of the same from yesterday! High pressure continues to build eastward, and combined with an area of high pressure that’s built over the Gulf Coast, is making for another pretty quiet day as we make our way through the TX Panhandle and through Oklahoma City to our eventual stop, Tulsa, for night two.


After nearly 2 full days on I-40, we start heading off towards the northeast so we can get to our ultimate destination! Our friendly high pressure system continues to shift eastward, keeping the weather along our trip fairly benign through St. Louis and onwards into central Illinois. We could see some fresh snow on the ground as we near Springfield from a possible system moving through the state during the early morning hours, but it will be A-OK by the time we arrive for the night.


The final leg! High pressure will have pressed eastward over the East Coast, and with an area of low pressure developing over Central Canada back over the Northern Rockies, winds will be on the increase for most of the Central US this day. We might have some low to mid-level clouds to contend with at the onset of the day, and could linger through the morning, but ultimately will break up as we continue towards Chicago and eventually into Lower Michigan. Should be a decent afternoon to finish our trip as we cruise past Kalamazoo into Battle Creek!

Winter arrives just after midnight

If you are a big fan of celebrating Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over, then Battle Creek was for you. After a rainy Thanksgiving, it dried up in time for midnight before a few flurries fell in Battle Creek, just in time for all those early morning sales. It was tightly bunched atop the forecast leaderboard, with the Weather Service taking the top spot.
Actuals: Thursday – .36 inches of rain, High 42, Low 28
Friday – Snow reported but not measured, High 32, Low 23

Grade: A

Battle Creek, Michigan to Ann Arbor, Michigan

Our all Michigan evening continues here on Thanksgiving, as we take an hour and a half jaunt from Battle Creek to Ann Arbor. Not a terribly difficult drive. It’s 80 miles between towns, and we will average about 60mph. Easy math.

The drive between Battle Creek and Ann Arbor tomorrow really couldn’t come at a better time. Winds will be blustery from the northwest, and we should keep both hands on the wheel, but any snow coming at the back end of a cold front pushing through Detroit will be taken off the roadways by the time we make it through town.

Battle Creek, Michigan

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which obviously means there will be a convoluted posting schedule tomorrow. I’ll figure it out, but I will be posting some forecasts, because THE WEATHER NEVER STOPS. And on to the place we had to mail in to win all those cereal box prizes.

At 1153AM, ET, Battle Creek was reporting a temperature of 30 degrees with clear skies. A developing, extremely troublesome system over the mid-Mississippi Valley extended a very active warm front across the Ohio Valley, and rain and mostly freezing rain was fallling across Indianapolis, and though no reports were filtering in yet north of there, clouds and verga were being detected on radar.
Fortunately, the sunny skies being seen in Battle Creek may be just enough to push temperatures above freezing this afternoon, and if precip begins falling it will be as rain. The warm front will stall over central Indiana overnight, so the bulk of the wet weather will remain to the south, over Indiana, however an occluded front or inverted trough will arrive overnight tonight, and bring about a rather heavy dose of rain. Fortunately, for most of the day on Thanksgiving, all precipitation will be rain, as temperatures aloft will be quite warm, and they will be just above freezing at the surface. Expect a change to snow to wait until Friday morning, when any lingering moisture will fall to the earth as snow. With all the rain expected tomorrow, be prepared for any moisture on roadways to freeze and make conditions slick.
Tomorrow – Cold rain likely, mixing with some slushy snow late, High 46, Low 30
Friday – Scattered snow showers, High 30, Low 22

TWC: Tomorrow – Cloudy with occasional rain showers High 40, Low 32
Friday – Windy with snow. High 33, Low 23

AW: Tomorrow – Rain and drizzle High 41, Low 26
Friday – Mostly cloudy with snow showers, accumulating a coating to an inch; windy and colder High 31, Low 19

NWS: Tomorrow – Occasional rain (snow late High 43, Low 32
Friday – Snow showers likely. Mostly cloudy High 32, Low 23

WB: Tomorrow – Occasional rain until midday, then rain and snow in the afternoon. High 43, Low 32
Friday – Numerous snow showers, High 33, Low 23

All of those lows tomorrow are non standard, as are some of the highs (including mine) on Friday. My predicition is for an accumulation of up to 2 inches. Lots of moisture, but a lot of rain mixed in. We shall see. A look at the radar shows the nasty mix filtering from the south.